oth Elder Brother Alvin and the saint, you know?


Well, he didn't say it in a place where other people are listening, so I didn't pay attention to it.


I also support his words one hundred percent.


“Maybe you should go,you know? being the most beautiful boy in Astraea?

“I've never been one of those things.”

“That's what you think.”



You're looking at me like I'm looking at trash, but that was just embarrassment, wasn't it?


Yuno was only fourteen years old, but he was taller, slender, and more mature than a Japanese junior high school student.

But he still retains the childish characteristic of a young boy, which will appeal to those who like younger people.


If Mana were the saint, I thought she would definitely like Yuno more than my older siblings.


His eyes were green, but his hair was brown, a common color in Japan, so he should be easy to relate to.


“Hey, if things don't go well for my Elder Brothers and it's my turn, can yo—”

“I’m not going.”


He said no, before I could finish my sentence .
I thought it was a great idea, you know?




A ray of light came into the darkened room.


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I looked out the window and saw a crack in the black clouds that had been covering the sky.


“The rain weakened?”

“Is Alvin-sama’s persuasion successful?”

“I hope.”


I naturally sighed.


So Mana was this easy, huh?


…Wait, why am I disappointed?

I’m definitely not disappointed.


Definitely not!


I am happy that I am now out of the picture.


Right, I'm just really glad.




As I was shouting excuses in my mind that I didn't know to whom I was addressing, I noticed that the vase by the window was making a rattling sound.


Why was it shaking…?




The room began to shake violently the moment I noticed it.



The furniture moved, and objects that were high up fell to the floor.



Sounds of something breaking and screams could be heard from the hallway as well.



It was a big earthquake.


“Yuno, stay under that desk!”

“But Master Edward…!

“I don't care, just do what I say! It's okay! And Stay where you are! That's an order!”


After giving instructions to Yuno, who tried to follow me, I went out into the hallway where I heard the screams and saw the maids crouched near the window.


“Hey! Get away from the window! If the glass breaks, you're in danger! Don't even go right under the ceiling light or near anything that might fall over!”

“W-We understand!”


I looked out the window and saw the gardeners nearby.


“Get away from the building and keep your distance! The walls could collapse and the glass on the upper floors could break and come down!”



Remembering the disaster prevention lesson I had taken in his previous life, I warned those who were close to me.

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While doing so, the shaking lessened…


“It stopped…?”


I went back and looked around the room and saw that the objects that had fallen were scattered about, but they were not shaking.


I was relieved and helped Yuno, who had come out from under the desk and was trying to stand up.


“Edward-sama, the shaking we just felt…”

“Looks like an earthquake.”

“An earthquake, sir?”


I have experienced earthquakes in my previous life, but this was the first time in this life.


Earthquakes were rare in this world.


Astraea doesn't have earthquakes, so Yuno had never even heard of the word earthquake.


“It's a natural disaster that shakes the earth.”

“Could it be related to the saint?”

“Very likely, also we have to make sure there won't be a tsunami.”


“Yeah, the earthquake will cause high waves to come in.
I'll contact the coastal areas as soon as possible to warn them.”

“I understand, I'll make the arrangements.”


I don't think a tsunami of this magnitude would be strong enough to engulf people, but it would be dangerous to approach the sea recklessly.


I'm probably the only one who had a sense of urgency about tsunamis, so I'll deal with this as best I can.


However, if this earthquake was also related to the saint, it was not a good situation.

“I think it would be better to have my brother Ethan go there tomorrow.”

“…I have a feeling that it would be better for Edward-sama to go.”

“Really? I don't think it would end well if I went.”

“I think you underestimate yourself, Edwards-sama.
Just a few moments ago I was reminded how lucky I am to have you as my master.”

“Being dere won’t do you any good, you know?”


“Anyway, I'm going to check on the earthquake damage and the orphanage, before going to Mother.”


We will have to have another discussion about the saint today.


Should I go to the saint as Yuno said?


Brother Ethan was very forceful, so I don't think he would be very compatible with someone in a delicate state.


But if I told him I was going, he would probably lose his temper.


Scratching my head, I let out the biggest sigh of the day.






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