Chapter 24 There Was No Savior.

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I decided to join Mana later as it would take some time for her to change her clothes.

As I was finishing my own business, I was informed that Mana was waiting at the carriage ahead of me, so I hurried to the carriage, but—

“Good morning, Edward-sama.”

“Y-Yeah…Same here…”

I stuttered as Christa smiled gracefully like a young lady.

Why is she here?

Instead of a tight-fitting dress, she was well-prepared in a one-piece that would blend in with the normal folks in the city.

Mana was wearing an Astraea dress, then just as she had declared earlier that she was going to embarrass me I couldn’t but think, just like in my previous life.
I was about to say, “You’re so cute! I love you!” as I did in my previous life, but Christa's presence prevented me from saying it.
(Tired: FKING SIMP!)

I don't know if it was because I didn't say what I thought or because of Christa's presence, but Mana seemed to be in a bit of a bad mood.

No, because, you know, if I compliment Mana, I have to do the same to Christa, right?

But I'm not very good at that sort of thing.

“I was wondering if I could have a few words with Edward-sama, but… It seems like I was barging in.”

My question seemed to be on in front of me because Christa answered without asking, but it was particularly troubling that she said it with an embarrassed smile on her face.

I don’t know how to react to that…

I have no choice but to stand on like a stick while demonstrating the power of a pillar praised by Lucas.

“Ed, why don't you sit down?”

“Eh? Ahh…I guess so.”

I nodded in response to Mana's quieter-than-usual words, but…this is…

Crista was on the left side of the seat facing the carriage while Mana was on the right.

I had a feeling that something was about to be decided depending on which side I sat next to.

Is this a Gal game turning point or something!?

“Why don’t you sit down, Edward-sama?”

“Yuno, I think I'm going to suddenly awaken to my talent as a coachman, So can I sit in there in front with you?”

“Please don’t, and don’t take away my work.
Why don't you get over it quickly? I'll be right here behind you, so please escort the two of them.”

Yuno knew why I was hesitating, but he was pressuring me to go quickly.

You're a little amused by the fact that you think it's a personal matter, aren't you?

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I racked my brain, something I don't do very often, to figure out which side would be safer to sit next to.

Since my regular position was where Mana was sitting, should I sit next to her, prefacing that I would sit in my usual spot?

Wait no, Should I just ask them one of them to move and sit side by side…?

I could probably just get desperate and sit upright on the floor in the carriage…

“Edward-sama, please come sit next to the Saint.”

Christa called out and chuckled at me as I stared at the carriage.

Is she helping me out?

I'm not sure, but I gratefully took the offer and sat down next to Mana.

Then I silently let out a sigh…

I didn't realize I'd break out in such a cold sweat just sitting in the carriage…


I thought I felt eyes on me, but I saw Krista sitting in front of me, looking at me with a smile plastered on her face.


“It’s nothing.
Just sitting in front of you allows me to see Edwards-sama’s dignified face.”


Miraculously, I had a pretty and beautiful girlfriend named Mana, but I was surprised by her attack, which I, a non-attractive person in both my previous and current lives, could not withstand.

“U-Unlike my handsome brothers, I’m sure you don't enjoy looking at my plain face.”

I then asked Yuno to depart, flushing as if I didn't think anything of it.

My voice was a little flip, but I was not upset.

I’m really not.


So, Mana-san, stop sending me that silent pressure.

I didn't do anything!

“Ara, Edward-sama is calm, but you have a fine face.
If you would allow me, I could look at you for hours.”


The only way to follow up on this Krista was to pull out the family heirloom of those with poor communication skills, which was the “Forced Smile.”

Can someone tell me what the correct answer is?

Should have I said, “Sure, but I’ll charge you for that?”

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I really don’t know!

“Me too! I could watch you for the rest of my life!”

Mana raised her hand straight up as if she was competing with Christa.

Her face was also interesting, but I don’t need this tense atmosphere!

“Fufu, my and Saint-sama’s gaze, might make a hole in Edward-sama’s face, you know?”

“Please don’t put a hole on my face, haha….haaaa….”

What was with this space where I feel as if I am being strangled with cotton?

Was this hell disguised as heaven…?

Then as the carriage moved in a slight motion, Christa looked at me again as she put her body back on a slight tilt.

“I don't mean to be rude, but Ethan-sama wasn't really my type of man, to begin with.”

“Is that so?”

He had some personality and womanizing issues, but he was good-looking and strong.

He was a prince, so I think he was a pretty good candidate…

“I prefer gentle people like Edward to powerful people like Ethan.
Karina and I are the exact opposite, and to be honest, we don't really talk to each other.
So, I would love to be friends with the saint.”

“Eh? Ah…Un.”

Mana, who was perplexed by the sudden question, nodded her head.

I feel indescribable too.

Christa stated that she will not come forward, but in Japan, she was like a mistress greeting the wife.

No, I know Astraea recognizes bigamy, so saying it was the same as Japanese culture was very disrespectful, but I still feel that way because I still remember my previous life.

Speaking of which, I wonder if Christa has been informed about the pending engagement?

“What was it about Edward that attracted you to him, Saint-sama?”

“Hey, Christa…”

It was a topic I couldn't stop listening to while I was thinking about a lot of things.

No more public executions, please!

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I sent Christa a straight-faced pressure to “change the subject,” but she just smiled at me as if she didn't want to.

“…My boyfriend, he looks just like my boyfriend…”


I was surprised when Mana, who was sitting next to me, blurted out these words.

This topic…could it possibly confirm a lot of things?

The moment I thought that I felt happy and scared at the same time.

I'm not sure if it was okay to keep listening to this.

Should I forcibly change the subject?

…No, This was my chance to confirm the suspicions that are smoldering inside me.

My heart was beating very fast, but I kept my mouth shut and listened.

Christa had heard about Mana from Ethan, so she apologized for taking the liberty of knowing what was going on and then waved the conversation off.

“I heard that you lost a loved one.
It must have been very painful for you….But, what was he like?”

“Well…He was cute and attractive.”

Wait? Me…?

I don't have either of those elements in my previous life.

That rich handsome guy would be good looking and girls would say he had a cute smile.

So, it wasn’t me…?

“But, he says stupid and weird things sometimes.
Even when he grew up, he still act like a kid, you know?”

Huh, so it was me?

Or was it the gaping side of the handsome guy?

Mana then giggled, perhaps remembering something.

“I never get tired of looking at him all the time, and most of all…”


I felt her eyes on me, so I looked to the side and saw Mana staring at me.

“He loves me.”


I almost reacted when she said that.

That's….that's definitely me!!

I've been chasing her around since I was a kid.

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So, There was no way I could lose to that handsome guy!

I mean, why was she looking at me while saying that?

I don't know whether to be embarrassed or not by being told about my previous life, but I desperately tried to stop my face from getting flushed about it.

Let’s just count the prime numbers.

“And, you know, he looks like a Shiba Inu.”

I was relieved when Mana suddenly turned her attention back to Christa.

“Shiba Inu, is it? Ah, you must mean the cookie dog that I made with Edward-sama yesterday?”

“You made it together yesterday?”

For a brief moment, I was at ease, but Mana's low-pitched voice startled me.

Was it bad that I gave her something I made with another girl?

No, when she said together, she meant we made them in the same place, and I made the Shiba Inu cookies all by myself! That was what I wanted to say, but I was panicking that I couldn't come up with the words.

I wondered if this is how husbands end up in this situation after being caught cheating on their wives.

“Oh, Shiba Inu was made by Edward alone for the saint!”

Christa then followed up as if noticing my impatience.

She’s so thoughtful, thank you.

First, it was the seat, and now this? She’s a real-life saver.

I think she’ll make a good wife, but she is too good for me.

“Edward-sama made the Shiba Inu cookies by himself with great enthusiasm! We just learned how to make cat cookies.
Right, Kuuga-sensei?”

“Yeah, I made it all by myself…!”


I was taken aback by Mana's mutterings as if interrupting my words.

Eh? What?

Why is your eye wide ope—ah.



I was suddenly caught in a trap.

Christa wasn’t a savior after all.

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