Chapter 23 Mourning

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Oh, I’m having a lucid dream.

I calm down and wondered if I would have another stupid dream.



It was Saturday, the day when I have a date.

When I went to pick her up, I was astonished by Mana's cuteness as she came out of their house.

She was dressed in a fluttering blouse with an unknown name and a long skirt.

I thought it was really nice.

It was the outfit she had bought when we went out together last week, and it was heartbreakingly cute, even though I'd seen her try it on before.

『I feel embarrassed that your cuteness a greater than last week.』

『You feel embarrassed?』




Because I would never get used to it.

I can't execute the cool me plan as envisioned if you were this cute.

『Do you hate me if I keep doing it like this?』

『No way.
Not even in death.』

『 see.
Then, I going to keep you feeling embarrassed from now on!』

Mana-san then crossed our arms while I was glad that I said that.

Mana-san, It’s touching me.
(Tired: He was talking about her huge breast.)

But, I won't say that to her, and I won't remove my arms.

『Fufu, this is going so well.』


『It’s nothing, now let’s go!』

“No way, was I subtly flagged?”

I muttered as soon as I woke up.

I can only laugh dryly at the line, “I'm not going to hate you, even if I’m dead.” from my dream – or should I say my past self.

Well, I don’t hate her though…

I'd be more accurate if I said I don't want to be involved with her anymore.

I went back to my room from the queen's private room and started preparing to move to the temple.

I can come back soon even if I move to the other side of the country, so I don't have any particular problems, but I was staring at the documents to make some kind of decision, and I fell asleep.

It was probably because of all the engagement stuff going on that I had a bad dream today.

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It was only a five-minute or ten-minute nap, but I had a very clear dream.

Mana in my dream, she was so cute…Why was it that I am being poisoned by my previous life?

“All right, time to check on Mana in real life.”

Most of the preparations on my end were done, but since we were going together, I had to check on the progress of the other side as well.

I then moved my drowsy body and headed for Mana's place.

“Saint-sama…Saint-sama…What should I do about this…”

As I approached Mana's room, I heard a voice as if they don’t know what to do.

I looked in front of the door, thinking it sounded familiar and saw another scene that reminded me of something I'd seen before.

The number of people had decreased, but the woman who was entrusted with Mana's care had been locked out.

It was Hannah, the priestess, who was repeatedly knocking with reserve.

“Good morning, Hannah.
What happened to Sheena?”

“Edward-sama! Oh, thank God….I heard she has been moved.
She won't even follow us to the temple…”

The queen saw it too without reading the report that she had run from Ethan's place.

That was probably why they rearranged the placement.

I'm glad it was just that.

Well, it was Ethan who was at fault.

“Did you give her the cookies I left for her yesterday?”

“Yes, I did give it to her yesterday.
But, she locked herself in her room as soon as she got them.
Then this morning…I got it again…”

“Is it a letter…?”

I then received it from Hannah after saying so.

T-This was…

“I don't know what she wrote, but it's kind of scary…”


Two kanji characters were skillfully written on the paper.


It looks as if it was ingeniously written with a brush even though there was only a pen, and when people in Astraea who don't know Kanji characters see it, they feel something like an obsession.


Wait, what did she mean?

Was she waiting for a Tsukkomi?* Or was this a trap?

I almost uttered, “I don't get it!”

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Anyway, I have to confirm the true meaning of this.

I was a little nervous because of what happened yesterday, but that went away.

I then knocked strongly on the door.

“Mana-sama! Good morning!”

“Ed! Good morning and congratulations on your engagement, baka..”

“Why did you curse at the end?”

Her voice was becoming increasingly quiet, but I could still hear her.

“Open the door, please.
We're moving back to the temple.
You heard me, right?”

“I don't know what are you talking about.
I'm busy and It's written there!”

“That’s the reason! I can't read the letters in Mana-sama's world, please tell me what it says!?”

“It says, ‘It's hard to live!’”

No, it says that you’re mourning!

Do you mean someone died…Was it me…?

Does it mean I'm dead and she was mourning?

“I woke up and became sad that…his not here after all, and…Ed is getting a wife! My heart wouldn’t be able to recover again!”


So you mean your heart was the one who was mourning?

I don’t know what you were thinking about anymore!

“That kid is a good girl…Hmm…? Good girl? Good girl!? A good girl is no goooooooooooood!!”


With a sudden exclamation, the door opened with a bang.

“That was close! Can you not open the door so fa….Ah…”

I was surprised to see Mana’s Mourning face when she came out.

Mana was still adorable, despite the fact that her eyelids were swollen from crying so much.

But she was in terrible shape.

I believe the rain stopped last night, but I'm curious if she was crying while controlling it?


“Good girls are dangerous! You never know what they're thinking! You'll be fooled! There are even demons in the skin of angels!”


I tried to ask her if he was crying, but the mysterious momentum was too great to ask.

“Haa…Anyways, you’re in danger! It’s not too late for you to fooleeeeeeeeed! Uwaaaaaaaaaah…!”

“P-Please calm down, and don’t cry!”

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I said so as I was shaken by my collar.

If I had been a baby, I would have had shaken baby syndrome for sure.

“That’s right! Because it's crazy to support someone you like and another girl getting along! They must be up to something!”

“That's because bigamy is allowed in this country…That’s why I'm prepared to have multiple spouses in advance…”

“Eh? I-Is that right?”


“Then did I say something really bad about that good girl? I’m such a jerk! Uwaaah….”

“As I said, please don’t cry…! You're trying so hard to control it, aren't you?”

I grabbed Mana's shoulders and turned her face toward me, but she just bowed her head a little.

I waited for a little while, and then she seemed to calm down, so I let go of her hand…

I really don’t why we were talking so loudly in front of the door…

“Is that how it is with Ed? Are you okay with it?”

Mana asked me fearfully as I was about to tell her to get ready because we were about to leave.

“No, I'd like to get married where it's just the two of us.
Also, I'm not engaged yet, it's on hold.”

“On hold…?”

If I don't bring in another candidate in the near future, Krista and I will be engaged.”

“I see…”


She looks mysterious with her eyes downcast, but I wonder what she was thinking.

What would her reaction be if I told her I had to choose between Her and Christa?

That thought crossed my mind for a split second…But I decided not to try it…

What kind of reaction am I expecting?

This was ridiculous.

“We have to move to the Temple, but would you like to stop by somewhere?”

More than that, Mana needs a breather right now.

She has been confined in the temple and the castle for so long that she was probably under a lot of stress.

That probably explains why she cries so easily.


“You haven't shopped at Astraea yet, have you?”

“Shopping? A date?”

“I said shopping.”

“Just shopping?”

“Would you like to have lunch outside? Or would you like to go to the orphanage that I often visit?”

“Let’s go! Shopping, lunch, and your favorite place too! It’s a date, after all!”

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I don't think she was listening to me, but she seems to be having fun, so that was good.

“Ah, clothes…”

I look down at the clothes Mana was wearing.

Come to think of it, she always wears a pure white priest's uniform provided by the temple during the day.

The material was nice and well-made, but it was not suitable for going out.

“If its clothes, I have some available…”


Mana's eyes lit up when Hannah comes to her and offered so.

“Wait for me! I'll make you feel embarrassed that you’ll say that I'm too cute!”

『Then, I going to keep you feeling embarrassed from now on!』


I was startled that she overlap with Mana from the dream I just had.

“Well then, See you later…A-And one more!”


Mana returns in a hurry after going into her room to change her clothes.

“Thanks for the Shiba Inu cookies! They were so cute and delicious.
I love Shiba Inu because they look like someone I love! …Ed looks like him too…”

Mana smiled as she said so and closed the door.

Hannah also went inside, leaving me standing outside the door by myself.

“…Looks like a dog…?”


Someone, you love…?

I don’t really know anymore…

“What the heck is this…?”

For some reason, I could my blood rushing to my face.

(Tired: SIMP!)


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