Chapter 16 Trouble

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“You should apologize as soon as possible, Edward-sama.”

“I know…”


The letter of misfortune did indeed say that I would be cursed, and because of my previous life, I'm not comfortable apologizing honestly.

But it was frustrating that I couldn't explain that to anyone.


I would feel better if I could say back to her, “I'm going to make out with a younger pretty girl in this life!”

But since I couldn't read Japanese, I couldn't say that either.

I can't say that either because I'm set up to not read Japanese.

I'd suddenly become a guy who was embarrassed to make out with her.


I must have appeared to those around me who didn't know what was written in the letter as a narrow-minded guy who can't let a joke about cursing slide and makes people cry by interrogating them.

From my point of view, it was unreasonable to be seen that way! But since I couldn't explain, I had no choice but to apologize!

I don't want to be called “the guy who never apologizes.”!


Besides, it was not my fault! On the other hand, I felt so guilty.
(TL: Don’t.)

I've committed a terrible crime to make Mana cry…I'm almost depressed, but I told my heart that she was a stranger now, so I don't have to worry so much about it.

The heart was a really difficult thing to understand.


Whatever it was, the fact that I had made her cry did not change.

Just as I was about to knock on the door of the saint's room to apologize, multiple footsteps approached.




The meeting seems to be over, and the queen and Alvin are coming toward us with their guards.

They arrived at an inconvenient time.

I wish they had stayed a little longer at their meeting…

I wanted to apologize to Mana right away, but I couldn't just ignore her when I saw the queen.

I straighten my back and wait for Mother to arrive.


“Did you get through to her about the meeting, Edward?”


She asked as soon as she saw me.

I told her what happend, but it was hard to report it because she refused with a single word: “No.”


“That's what she told me…”

“I see she still refused, after all”



After all?

You mean you expected that I wouldn't be able to arrange a meeting?


I had wondered why she came to me out of the blue, but I guess she knew I couldn't get an appointment, so she came directly to me.

I thought I had more success than Alvin and Ethan in relation to the saints, but my expectations were so low!

This sucks.


“You’re utterly useless.”


Alvin glanced at me and sighed.

What’s with that look? It’s annoying!


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“Edward, the most impressionable of you guys, couldn't do it.
You had been turned away before, weren't you? It is not that I did not expect Edward, but that the Saint would have refused to meet with us no matter who told her.
That's why I went out to her in person like this.”


When I saw Alvin, who had shrunk as a result of the queen's admonition, I felt better.

Apparently, she was not expecting me to persuade her.

But the next question made me feel even smaller.


“Edward, is the rain right now natural or is influenced by the Saint?”



It was difficult to say, but I couldn't help but explain.


“I think it's the influence of Saint-sama, I've made her displeased with me…”


I didn't miss the way the corners of Alvin's mouth turned up for a second as I said that!


“…I See.
I've had enough of this.
We'll take care of the rest.”



As I was told, I turned my back to Mana's room and started walking away.

When I glanced back at a distance, my eyes met Mana's, who was looking at me with the door slightly open.

I stopped in my tracks, but Mana's gaze shifted to the Queen as she put her hand on the door.

The queen and Mana were discussing something.


After a moment, Mana invited the Queen and Alvin into the room.

Alvin looked at me and smirked as he entered the room.

Gosh, I want to drop-kick that handsome face of his…!


“Edward-sama, what are you going to do after this?”

“Well, it's raining, but I think I'll go back to my room and…then we'll go to the orphanage.|

“I understand.”


The rain had stopped by the time we left the castle.

The skies were cloudy, but the air was calm.

I'm not sure what they talked about, but perhaps her meeting with the Queen went well.

I suppose I should say I'm glad, but…I'm not in the mood for that right now.


“Isn't this carriage too small, Edward-sama? Shouldn't you have a more regal carriage if you're royalty? After all, it is the duty of a Royalty to spend money wisely.”


I was on my way to the orphanage in my usual carriage, however there were two countesses sitting across from me.

How did this happen…?


As I returned from Mana's room to my private room to get ready to go to the orphanage, I heard very loud footsteps.


It must be Ethan, the sexual harrassing muscle head, not  because he has no fat, but because his muscles are so heavy that he walks with such a thumping sound that I thought he might break the floor because of it.


Why was he wandering around the castle today when he should have been captured by Father, the Knight Commander, and forced to do his training?

I wonder if he was going to snatch me out?

Well, he has no use for me, so best not to get involved! I thought I was at…

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The door opened with a bang as if it was about to break.


“Hey! Wimp! I know you're in there!”

“…Elder brother, it's bad for my heart, so please knock.”



I had been caught off guard that he would not come here, so Yuno and I were both startled by the sudden loud noise.

Yuno was so angry that he blurted something out with a straight face.


“It's your own fault because you have a weak heart.
You just need to train it.”


How do you train your heart?

Please don't put me together with you, whose brain and internal organs are all made of muscle, with us normal people.


“So, what can I do for you…?”


As far as I'm concerned, I want you to leave my space as soon as possible.


“I have a special guest for you today.”



Two young ladies in dresses emerged from behind Ethan.


“My name is Karina Ahrens.”(TL: カリーナ・アーレンス)


Her voice was full of confidence.

Her hair was rich red, and her eyes were golden.

She was as lovely as a rose and a gem.


“My name is Crista Bernette.” (TL: クリスタ・ベルネッ)


Her voice was as gentle as a stringed instrument.

Shiny green hair and water-clear light blue eyes.

She was a young woman who gave the impression of a forest goddess.


Although they were different from each other, they are both very beautiful.

Both Karina and Crista were Count’s daughter, and had seen them around Ethan several times.

I believe their names were mentioned as potential fiancées.

I don't know if “potential fiancée” was worth it, though, since Ethan will probably take several concubines.


“What are your thoughts? Karina and Crista are both stunning, aren't they?”

“Huh? They are, indeed.”

“They're the same age as you.”


“Then, see you later.
they’re in your good hands.”

“What? Elder Brother?”


Ethan left with the same thumping sound as when he came.

Everything about him was so loud…but now was not the time for such impressions.

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He said “please,” but I don't even know to whom he was addressing, so what the hell!

I turned to the two countesses, but they just looked at me with smiles on their faces.

…What does he want me to do…?


“Anyway, please have a seat.”


I was already planning to go out, but I couldn't leave them alone.


“With all due respect…Ara, it's hard.”


Karina took a seat and stroked the sofa.

She appeared to be speaking to herself rather than to me, but I could clearly hear her.

It was for visitors, but it wasn't particularly elegant or comfortable.

It was a plain and hard sofa, probably not suitable for a young lady.

I am sorry about that.


But you know, this room was not designed for a lady's visit.

I'm only trying to make it comfortable for me.

So if you have any complaints, please talk to Ethan!


Krista began to gracefully drink the tea Yuno served her.

She was quiet, not opening her mouth except when she introduced herself.

Kalina, on the other hand, looked around without sipping her tea and began to scurry around busily.


“This is not right, Edward-sama.
It is bad that the Prince's room is in such a shabby state!”


Ain’t it too much calling that it was shabby?

I like it despite the lack of decoration because I only want it to be functional.

I know it was unpopular with women, soo leave it alone!


“Anyway, what can I do for you two…?”


Ethan brought them here.

He must have some kind of a plan.

I want to get this over with and get out of here.

I want to go to the orphanage!


“We would like to be friends with you, Edward-sama.”



I replied in a very languid manner.

What do you mean?

I wasn't looking for a friend, you know?


“Ethan-sama was very concerned that you don't have many female friends.”



No way, That sexual harrassing muscle head was concerned about me? That was simply not possible.


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“Therefore! He asked me and Krista-san, who were the same age as you, to be good friends with Edward-sama.”



All I could let out was a sound that they were out of my mind.


My sweet Elder Brother was going to share his girls with me?

You are so kind, I'm going to cry.

As if I would say that!!!!


How old do you think I am!

I'm not old enough to have friends provided for me, and I don't need you to mediate girls for me!

I don't want any charity from you!


“I appreciate your concern, but I prefer to find my friends on my own–”

“It’s so sad to hear that, Edward-sama!”



I was taken aback by Karina's strong gaze on me.

The eyes of a beautiful woman were too frightening for a genuine mob, like me.


“Do you have a place to meet people? Even at social gatherings, I don't see you for long…”


I am often dragged to social gatherings because I am royalty, but I don’t feel good with such glamorous places.

So I showed my face only as much as necessary and fled as soon as an opportunity presented itself.

I didn't realise they knew that…!

I'm embarrassed that they noticed I've been sneaking around trying to get out!

Please don't say any more about it because I feel sorry for myself!


“Anyway, I don't need your help! I'm going out.”

“We'll accompany you then.”


Please no,  neither of them seem to be bad kids, but what would happen if the girl who said that the couch was hard went to an orphanage?

It was too much trouble to even imagine.

And it was inconvenient for me because I'm supposed to be a Kuuga, the third son of a wealthy aristocrat.


“It's not a fun place for the two of you to go.”

“I'll go with you!”

“…Me, too….”


Crista, who had been quiet for a long time, wanted to go with me….


“Would you like to cancel it for today?”


Yuno asked me secretly, but I want to go to the orphanage and know how the city was reacting to the recent weather.

She was an upper class young lady, so if she saw an orphanage, she might say, “I'm going home!”


“No, I'm going.
So get ready.”

“I understand.”


I had no choice but to take them with me.

Ahh~ this was troublesome…

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