Chapter 15 Letter of Misfortune

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I told the maid who was still standing outside the door to bring breakfast, and she cheerfully started preparing it.

I expected Mana's personal maid to be older, but it was a girl named Sheena who was the same age as Mana.

Sheena was overjoyed that she could finally do her job.

Because she had only been waiting until now.


“Now, I'm going to report to Mother”

“Have you done your job?”

“I tried to…”


It was probably impossible to get Mana to meet with the Queen and Alvin, no matter how much time I spent trying to persuade her to do so.


“I believe Her Majesty the Queen is currently in her morning meeting.”

“Oh, she is? But it should be over by now, don't you think? I'll just wait in her office.”


I proceed to the Queen's office with Yuno in tow when,


“Excuse me! Mr.


I turned around and saw the female priestess who was taking care of Mana.


“Hmm, Hannah-san, what's the matter?”


I was nervous because I vaguely remembered the name, but it seemed to be right, especially since there was no reaction.

Hannah apologetically lowered her eyebrows into a figure eight.

Wait, she had this expression all along?

Was that a troubled face to begin with?

Perhaps she was a person with pity traits because she was made to care for Mana, who appeared to be a problem child.


“Um…Saint-sama wants to have breakfast with Edward-sama.”

“I've already eaten, though?”

“Oh, I see…But please join us at…”

“Please inform the Saint…Mana-sama that I will pay her a visit later if I have time.”

“I understand.”


Hannah bowed her head and hurried back.


“I wonder if the saint told her to call you here, she seems to be very attached to Master Edward, doesn't she?”

“Don't ever say that in front of my Elder Brothers.
They don't take jokes well.”


If  They hear such stories, they are bound to make a fuss about me seducing the saint.

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“A fake nobleman and sexual harassing muscle head, was it? Pfft…!”


Yuno seemed to like the name Mana had given to my Elder Brothers

I never thought He’d keep laughing at the same stuff like that…


“…Cough, Aside from the amusing name, wouldn't it be better for you to back off from Saint-related matters if you don't want to sully your relationship with your Elder Brothers? Since you addressed her by name, it appears you have become friends…”


I don't know if he was stunned or chilled, but Yuno gave me a meaningful look.

He was trying to say something.


“I told you I was going to back out of this.
What the heck, you're so eager to talk to me about Saint-related matters…Ah!”


Are you jealous because I only care about the Saint? Just as I was about to tease him by saying something like that, I suddenly thought of something.


“Don't tell me you're a Bokukko*!? Are you actually a beautiful girl!?



(TL: young woman who uses the usually male first person pronoun “boku”)


I remembered that there was such a character in a romantic comedy manga I called in a previous life.

If Yuno were a beautiful girl,Her level would be quite high-standard.

She would have a core fan base and her figurine would be sold at a very high price.


“Well, I thought it would be more fun if you were a girl.”

“Edward-sama, thank you for everything you've done for me.”

“No, wait! I'm just kidding!”


I hurriedly grabbed Yuno, who was about to turn on his heel and leave in a spectacular manner.


“I was just messing with you! I'm sorry!”


“Stop clicking your tongue! I'm really sorry.”

“Never say that again; it's extremely offensive.”

“Yeah, I promise.
But still, to be so angry about it…”


I was joking…! How about I get you a maid's uniform tomorrow…?”

“You're so persistent!”


It began to rain furiously as soon as Yuno yelled.



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Our voices leaked out as if we were on the same page.

There was only one possible explanation…


“Maybe Yuno was annoyed too much that it rained?”

“Sure, Edward-sama was very persistent and annoying, but I don't have the power to affect the weather.
I thought only one person could do this…”

“I guess it’s…”


It was not a heavy downpour, but more like a “Hicc, Hicc” in terms of crying.





It was Hannah again who appeared, though the weak voice coming from behind in the darkened hallway as it began to rain was eerie and shocking…

She appeared even more troubled than before and depressingly unlucky.


Hannah was  holding a white paper in her hand as if it was very important.

I had just seen several similar papers just a few minutes ago.


“The saint has been lamenting the fact that Edward is not coming back…[I'll curse you for making me think you're coming back and then not coming back!], is what she said when I took this from under the door, after she then locked herself inside her room.”


Hanna, holding the paper carefully with both hands, held it out to me.

I hesitate to accept it because I have a bad feeling about it.

I heard her say that she was going to curse me…

I would like to pretend that I didn't accept it and that I didn't see Hanna, but I feel sorry for her, who looked so distressed.




With a sigh, I opened the letter to discover that only my name, “Edward,” was written in Astraea's letters.

I frowned as I read the Japanese at the top of the letter.


[Letter of Misfortune.]


“That’s scary…”

“…Are you able to read it?”

“Ah, no…Look, you can only read my name, right? I was kind of scared that it was my name.”


I reacted again.

Yuno had a puzzled look on his face, possibly because I did the same thing over and over again, but I pretended not to notice and continued reading the Japanese text as well.


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[If Edward doesn't see the saint within ten minutes, he won't be able to flirt with a girl for the rest of his life.]


“Yuno, let's go back to Mana-sama's room right now.”

“Eh? Yes, sir.”



Yuno followed me back to Mana's room at a quick pace, tilting his head at me.

Hannah was the same.


What an utterly outrageous curse…!

I know it was a joke, but the other party was a saint who could affect the weather.

Even if she doesn't really intend to curse, there might be a chance that her power will work.

If that happens, I'll never be able to make out with a girl for a stipend again in this life!

That would be too much!


“Mana-sama! It's Edward!”


I went back to Mana's room and banged on the door.


“I heard you said you would curse me, what do you mean by that!?”


Mana immediately opened the door and poked her head between the two.

The way she did it was so adorable that I wish I had a video of it etched in my mind, but that wasn't the point right now!


“Mana-sama, we need to talk to you…!”

“Ed, welcome back! Do you want some milk tea?”

“No, thank you! And I don't put milk in it! I mean, I don't…”

“Hmm, You don't put milk in it? I thought so.”

“But that doesn't matter, what does this letter say?”


I'm not supposed to be able to read.

So, look!

Confess in front of everyone that it contained a big problem for me!

I held the letter of misfortune out in front of Mana's eyes with a gulp.


“I-I just wrote a little something about how I wish that would happen…”


Mana was getting a bit flustered by my pressure, but…

Would you really like that to happen?

Dp you want me to be lonely for the rest of my life?

It's not funny, even as a joke.

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“…I-I'm the exception to the curse, okay? That's why you and I are…”


She was fidgeting and saying something, but she looked like he was enjoying himself, which made me ticked off.

I wanted to make out with Mana in my previous life.

But I couldn't do it because she cheated on me.

I want to redo my youth in this life that I couldn't do in my previous life, but Mana, the source of my previous life's suffering, was interfering with my happiness once again! Because of that, I couldn't keep my cool any longer.


“What is it? Don't be vague.
Tell us what you wrote.”



I was surprised at how cold my voice sounded.

Mana's eyes widened as she looked at me.


“I'm sure you wrote curse words, aren't you? Do you want to make me unhappy?You're a saint, but you're always cursing people and causing trouble…”


“Hmm? Ah…”


I noticed it when Yuno interrupted me.

Mana was biting her lower lip tightly and tears were welling up in her eyes.

She appeared to be trying to hold back tears, and the drops were trembling, as if they were about to spill out at any moment.


Ah…I said too much (TL: No, it’s not enough.)

It was because you wrote it…that I just had to…!


“Um,no, I'm sorry.
I just  heard that you curse me, so I just…”

“I don't really curse people.
I'm sorry for all the trouble I've caused you…” 


Mana muttered something like that and quietly closed the door.

The door seemed to have been locked, because there was a clunking sound.

Suddenly it became quiet, and only the sound of the rain was audible.


“I thought he was only joking when she said she was going to curse you.
The way Edward-sama spoke to her just now, it sounded as if you were accusing Saint-sama of being a vile person who cursed people.”

“I never said anything like that! I didn't mean that…”

“She's the type to be swept up in her joys and sorrows, but she doesn't seem like the type to curse anyone, does she?”

“I know…”

“Edward-sama should apologize.”

“…I know…”

“That was so terrible, poor Saint-sama.”

“I know!”


It was because she wrote it!

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