Chapter 12 Life in the Castle

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The usual meeting about the Saint began inside the Queen's private chambers.

My father, Clive, the Knight Commander, was present today for the first time.




“It's been a long time since we've had a family gathering like this~!”



Father was sitting next to Mother, dressed in a shirt and trousers instead of his usual tight knight's uniform.

It was unusual to see Father sitting next to Mother because he prioritized his position as Knight Commander over that of a husband.




“Though, It's not exactly a relaxing family reunion.”




The sight of the two of them standing side by side made me a little nervous, but as soon as the discussion about the saint began, the atmosphere changed.



“Ethan and Edward reported to me today.
The Saint has been given a mission by the Goddess regarding blessings, but she was not willing to fulfill it, correct?”



I thought the queen would have heard about it even if I didn't report it, but I reported it today as soon as I returned to the castle.

Ethan, who had arrived at the castle before me, also reported before me, but he seemed to have told her that everything that had happened today was his achievement.

Ethan had done nothing but… being an obstruction, and how brazen he was!


I didn't protest or correct Ethan's report, but the queen seemed to have her facts straight.

I said, “As expected of Elder Brother Ethan,” because it would be convenient for me if he would take care of all the saintly matters, but she asked, “Are you okay with that?”

I was already completely exposed.

I'm sorry, Ethan.


“Hey, Edward.
You talk first!?”

“Eh? Was it me? I thought it was Elder Brother…”

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You reported it as your accomplishment, so at least talk about it yourself! I thought, but then I remembered that I had talked about the Goddess before Ethan came.

Well, you don’t get it?

Oh? You can’t talk about your own accomplishments? I wanted to smirk at him, but I'll hold back here in order to have a peaceful life without the Saint.



“I asked the Saint if she could help us, but she said, ‘No.’ I haven't asked them why she doesn't want to do it.”

“You’re so useless, If you start talking, you have to get everything out o—!”

“I can say the same for you, Alvin.
As the crown prince, I had the highest expectations of you.”

“T-That’s…I’m very sorry, Mother…”



FUHAHA! You deserve that sucker!



I'm a little sorry, though, because he must be under a lot of pressure to be called the “Crown Prince.”

Just a little bit, though.

That doesn't mean he can't hit me.



“Anyway, I'm glad the move from the temple to the castle is complete.
It will be easier to make contact with her.
I would like to see the saint tomorrow, so Edward, please talk to her.”

“Eh, me…?




I looked at Ethan.

He was looking at me with his thick arms crossed and his eyes wide with disgust.

I told you I didn't do anything!



I've been giving you freedom all this time, haven't I?”

“Eh? Yes…”



I nodded maturely because I can't say I've been given freedom but rather left alone…

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“You want to remain free, don't you?”



Was this perhaps a trend of being threatened with freedom…?



“Then you'd better obey me now.”



I thought so…



“I understand.
I will speak to the saint.”

“I'll talk to the saint, and I will take Alvin with me.
Please tell her that, too.”



Alvin's face lit up after hearing it.

Does this mean that she was going to push Alvin to the Saint?



“Mother! I—”

“Ethan will train with me~”



The father smiled briskly with his white teeth shining brightly.

Ahh…when he looked like this, it was going to be bad…

He would be a demon rather than a father…



“Ethan, come on, a complaint came from the temple? How many times have I told you to mind your position? If you've got the energy, come sweat it out with your father!”




Was he angry about the flirting in the temple instead of the saint-related stuff?

Whatever it was, have it your way!

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The day after the Saint came to the castle.

It was not a cloudless, clear day; but she managed to keep it cloudy.

I'm concerned about the black rain clouds, but it was not raining, so we were just barely safe.

It was much better than yesterday's snow.



I had been visiting the Saint-sama’s room since this morning, because I had to make an appointment as requested by the queen.

When I went to the front of the saint's room with Yuno in tow, I found two women standing in front of the door.


They were a female priestess who had come with her from the temple as a caretaker and Saint-sama’s personal maid who had been prepared at the castle.

They had come to prepare for the morning, but the room was locked and there was no answer.

Was she really going to be a shut-in inside the castle…?



“I've called on her several times, but this is what I found under the door…”




After saying so, the maid held out a sheet of paper.

It was a piece of paper provided in the room, with words that appeared to have been written by the saint.



[No visitors allowed! (Except for the third prince!)]



Was this an ICU or what?

I'm both happy and annoyed that I'm the only one allowed in there…

I chuckled, and Yuno tilted his head.



“Is this a letter from Saint-sama’s world? Does Master Edward understand it?”

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It was indeed the Japanese that I had missed.

I had read letters written in this world's language, so I assumed there were no obstacles as far as letters were concerned.

 that was close, I'm glad I didn't read it out loud….


I didn't think there was a trap here.

Can I read but not write?

Was this a correction by the Goddess? I wonder how the tuning thing works…

Anyway, let's get through this now.



“No, I don't know.
I just thought it was funny because I thought the 'letter' was an imitation of mine from yesterday, but I wonder what it says~”



I laughed as if to fool him, then I knocked on the door and called out to her.



“Saint-sama, Good morning.
This is Edward.”



A click was heard, and the door opened about ten centimeters.

Mana, who seemed to be on the lookout, peeked out through the gap.

I smiled at her, as if to reassure her.



“Good morning.
Saint-sama, what does it say here?”



I showed her the paper after saying so.



“…No visitors allowed.
The Third Prince is welcome.”



Ah, that was a little different…

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