Due to a misunderstanding and false memories, Drusilla undergoes surgery, claiming a new identity as Maura.

She stares at her image in the bathroom, today as well, shes unable to apprehend how her disoriented face was easily restored, unknown to the secrets shes oblivious to. Ignorance is indeed bliss to her.

With a new identity, she wears a new fragile look, her deep blue eyes as bright as the night sky, her lip rosy and soft.

All alone in the bathroom, she grabs a hairbrush, gently stroking her hair allowing the teeth of the brush to sink in, sliding down until it reaches the edge.

Its Friday and today is the day shell finally be discharged, she just couldn wait.

Unfortunately, her plans are cut short when Bernard appears before her as soon as shes set to go home and has her take a seat.

For some reason though, it seems Maura doesn like him that much, she has a brow up, and repeatedly taps her finger on the bedside and her feet on the floor.

Neon enters right after Bernard stands near her, his stern expression worse than the oppressing look Maura gives him.

”Whats your name? ” He asks, almost breaking down in cold sweat.

”Maura. ” She answers swiftly.

”Your last name? ”

”Neon. ”

”Age. ”

”26. ”

Bernard takes out a handkerchief and begins to dab his sweat as his hands start shaking. ”Nationality? ”

At once Maura makes a ninety-degree turn, facing Neon who looks away. ”Neon, whats going on? ” She grumpily asks, demanding answers that Neon is unable to provide.

”Pay no heed to him. ” He says as he puts an arm across her shoulder.

”We were just about to leave, I believe thats enough questions for todays doctor, as you can see my wife is perfectly fine. ”

”Yes yes, I can see that. ” Bernard answers nervously as he stands up to take his leave, ”well I won stop you then, have a good day. ”

Leaving Neon and Maura alone, Neon takes the first call as he squats on one knee, picking her shoe by the corner and holding up one foot, gently he dusts the sole of her foot as he slides her foot in, his fingers tickling the skin of her foot that sends butterflies in her stomach.

”Lets go. ” He calls for her attention, snapping her back to reality as she realises shes been drooling over his seductive act.

”Your friends are waiting outside for you. ” He calmly tells her, giving her an arm to cross hers over.

”Friends? ” She questions, as once again, her memories begin a race, searching through all her memory files to find what she believes as friends.

Then another memory shoots up, with a delighted voice, she hears the woman say insides her head, ”so this is Camila, Abigail and Jesse. ” She hears a woman say, holding her phone towards the shadow figure as she sweeps across the phone.

”One time, we went to this craaazzzy park, and I didn know Abigail was scares of the dark, because she never mentioned it. ”

At once the names administers itself as part of a precious memory, with so many

”Why didn you let them in earlier? ” She asks in confusion.

Neon chuckles lightly, and his deep voice echoes his laugh; it sounds dangerously dominant and yet seductive at the same time. ”They were late, imagine coming to see their friend on the day of their discharge, that sounds cruel and unnecessary, so I ask them to wait for me to bring you out. ”


The elevator sounds as they reach the grand floor and stroll into the waiting area.

As they approach, the couple notices three ladies sitting in the waiting room clouding the air with anxiety as they wait for Maura.

As soon as they see Maura and Neon getting close, they stand up at the same speed.

Each lady has their unique appearance, and yet, theres a look on their face that is oddly similar to the others and that happens to be the look of confusion.

One after another they exchange glances unable to believe their eyes.

Maura stares at them, but only for a brief moment, suddenly she remembers the photos in her memories, and new memories begin to come to mind.

”Camila, Abigail, Jesse, ” Maura with open arms calls out to them in excitement as she hurries towards them.

The three women look at themselves, Daura and then peek at Neon who gives them a signal to contain their questions and act like nothings wrong.

”Oh my goodness…. ” Jesse gapes in awe, quickly gaining her composure. ”Its so nice to see you alive and kicking. ”

”Its good to see you too Jesse. ”

The two ladies behind look at themselves once again, finding it hard to comprehend anything.

Not only did this Maura know who is who, but she also calls them by their names, and yet they could not ask as Neon keeps a watchful eye like a hawk.

”Mr Neon, if youd please come with me. ” A nurse says exhausted after chasing Neon ever since he left the ward with Maura.

Neon looks at the four women, debating on whether or not it is a good idea to leave Maura with them.

After debating on the topic for too long he sighs, pushing Maura forward as he leaves her in the care of her friends. ”Wait here, Ill be right back. ” Neon says as he excuses himself.

An awkward silence clouds them as they stare at each other, unsure of what to say when suddenly the receptionist increases the TV volume.

”News coming in now says, Ethan Alexander is set to marry his second wife tomorrow being Saturday, just six months after his wife Drusilla Alexander dies while undergoing cancer treatment.

”Dru…si…llas dead? ”

Maura asks with a horrified expression, paying close attention to the news. Slowly she takes a step forward drawing near to the TV in the waiting zone.

Camila and Abigail carefully approach her, their eyes looking like they seem to understand each other as they walk closer to Mauras side. ”You know Drusilla? ”

”I do. I met her a couple of years ago while I was on a company retreat, we lost contact and now I can believe shes dead. ” Maura says with sadness in her eyes as she stares at the screen.

”Well, shes quite unfortunate, ” Jesse says out of the blue as she pats Mauras shoulders. ”Marrying a guy like this who can easily move on, did you know he started dating his fiance just a week after her passing. ”

The two ladies can help but wonder what went on in their scheming mind of Jesse, but at the same time, they understand that Jesse would not act out for no reason and decide to join in.

Abigail giggles mockingly as she covers her mouth with one hand. ”So I heard, I wonder if he ever loved his wife.

”Maura?.. ” Neon calls her from behind.

The three women flinch as they turn around before Maura could. Their faces have guilt written all over that could easily be spotted and quickly reverts to playing innocent as they chuckle.

Neon of course does not buy their look.

As if his rage is filled with power, the ladies begin to step away from Maura one after the other until Maura stands by herself.

”Whats wrong? ” He asks when he finally reached Maura.

He takes her by the shoulders and slowly turns her to face his direction.

Mauras face is red as if she just received a slap, tears roll down her cheek while she stands there staring at Neon.

”I just found out my friend passed away recently, and rather than mourning her death her husband is moving on so quickly. ” Maura answers while weeping.

”Thats sad, you can always pay her a visit but only after youve recovered. ” He says, leading her away from the ladies who follow.

Since the drive from the hospital to Neons house is such a distance, the five of them decide to call it a night at a hotel.

The four ladies sleep two in a room, leaving Neon to sleep by himself, as they expect to embark on their journey tomorrow.


”Good morning, ” Abigail says with a yawn as she sees Camila awake.

”Good morning to you too. ” Camila answers.

The two come out of their room at the same time, expecting to meet with Daura and Jesse when Jesse comes out of her room, stretching her arms and swaying her hips.

”Men I haven slept like that in years. ” She says with glee.

The last door remaining opens and Neon walks out. ”Good morning Ladies. ” He says, meeting with the ladies in the middle of the passage.

Suddenly Neons eyes begin to move around swiftly.

”Whats up? ” Jesse asks, sensing his confusion and his eye movement.

”I don know. ” He says, still his eyes searching for something as he walks inside his room and out, panic now written all over his face, with cold sweat dripping down his face. ”Where is Maura? ”

Jesse slightly tilts her head. ”Hmm, I thought she was with you. ”

The eyes of all four of them widen as their worries grow, at once they dash into their rooms, grabbing their phones as they start making calls.

Suddenly, Neon finds a note by his bed side, being weighed down by the pen.

”Don be upset honey, I would have told you I was leaving, but you made it clear that I shouldn leave until Ive gotten better, and Im afraid I can wait.

Im sure you know where to find me. ”

”What did the note say? ”

Tired Neon sits down, caressing his temples as he sighs. ”That fake Maura is probably going to crash a party. ”

”What? ” The ladies shout in unison.

Meanwhile, a couple of miles away, a lady gets into a car.

The driver looks back and catches the face of his customer, satisfied he smiles and faces the road. ”Where to miss? ” He questions drumming on the steering wheel.

Daura leans forward, showing a paper as she taps on the address written.

”This location, and step on the gas. ”

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