”Trust the process my darling. ” Drusilla hears her husband say.

Instantly she clenched her fists, digging her nails into her flesh so badly that tiny droplets of blood leaks down her arm, staining the milky glass marble tiles. Luckily, she already received a total makeover before returning home, otherwise, it would have left a worse impact.

”Who do you love the most, me or that witch you call a wife? ” Jane asked.

As if her words had been filtered and she was patiently waiting for the right time to drop a light bomb, Jane successfully angers Drusilla with each passing second, just by talking.

”I love you, much more than you can imagine. ” He swears.

Drusilla, who stands frozen behind the door, slowly sinks to the floor and buries her head between her legs, sobbing as she listens in on the gruesome conversation.

”Marry me then, ” Jane begs. ”Lets run away together ” …

”Not while shes still alive. ” Ethan interrupts. ”You saw how sick she was, Im sure she won survive it. ” The delightful husband publicly declares.

”What about her son? ” Jane says with a pause.

Drusilla however, raises her head with great speed at the mention of her son, like a remote controlled doll. She leans closer, doesn want to hear more but she finds it difficult to stop herself.

”Oh wait, its not only her son, ” Jane says, sounding as vicious and cunning as a snake with a poisonous tongue. ”Hes your son as well… ” Jane seductively reminds him.

”I don have a son. ” He scoffs.

”That woman has always been a cheat, you should see the way men flock around her when she walks, even in college, she always had scandals here and there.

That boy isn mine, I had to play along to get what I wanted.

Drusillas eyes widen as the urge to tear them apart continues to grow.

Filled with rage, she springs up at full speed, reaching for the doorknob, only to stop as she debates with herself what the best action will be.

She knew her heart was the obstacle, just standing outside and hearing the harsh words the very first man she gave herself to say was more than hurtful.

Her heart was stinging, it was hurting as it shattered into a million pieces, her shirt drenched in a pool of tears, washing the make-up she had worked so hard to wear just for the sake of pleasing the man she loves.

Drusillas patience was starting to climb over the chart.

”We could just send him out later, Im sure his grandparents will be glad to have him, ” Jane whispers with a peal of devilish laughter.

”Whatever you want my love. ” The man replies.

Within a few seconds after their discussion, she hears the bed creaking once again.

An image of nightmare flashes before her eyes as she pictures a scene she detests.

Their moans, like tormenting words, haunted her.

Finally, her patience has gone past its elastic limit, and she decides to put an end to the relationship at once.

She barges in, throwing the door open with a loud, ”BAM ”.

The two culprits caught in the act froze in bed.

Ethan stares at her in awe, Jane too gaping while grabbing the sheets to cover up her naked body.

”If its just me then Id simply overlook this, but Im afraid I can allow you to drag my son into this. ” She says to them. ” Ill pretend I didn hear anything, Im getting a divorce, youll hear from my lawyer tomorrow, Ethan. ”

Right on the spot, she makes the biggest mistake of her life.

As soon as Drusilla turns, the cheating duo stare at each other.

They could not allow their big catch to leave just like that, at once Jane rushes out of bed, and her hand stretches towards Drusilla as she pulls her by the hair, delivering scratches and slaps to her face.

Desperate to save herself, Drusilla fights back and knocks Jane over. The tables turn as she sits upon her, paying Jane back ten folds for the beating she earlier received.

Ethan on the other hand tries pulling Drusilla away but she has her grip strong on Jane. He had to act fast as Jane was calling for help underneath Drusillas tight grip.

”Argh! ” Ethan grunts as he hits her on the head from behind with a lamp which he grabbed from the bedside, causing her to faint. Jane immediately grabs the half-destroyed lamp and whacks it across her face a couple of times, as revenge for the injury Drusilla inflicted upon her, knowing full well that the fault was hers.

After two minutes of consistently ramming her face and shattering the lamp, causing the lamp pieces to dig into her face she begins to bleed from her face.

”Thats enough ” Ethan pulls Jane away.

”Shes dead already! ” He says, pointing at her body full of scars. Drusilla lying on the floor flinches like a fish out of water, coughing out blood, her face all swollen and coloured black and blue.

The two stare at her almost lifeless body.

Ethan frowns, spitting next to her face as he turns away.

”Open the third drawer in my wardrobe, underneath it is some papers, get me some ink, well need her thumbprint in those papers. ” He orders and at once Jane races to do as she was told.

Finally, when her thumbprints were gotten for the necessary documents, Ethan hisses, caressing his temples as he says to Jane. ”Get dressed, lets get rid of her immediately. ”

He knew they had made a mistake and could go to jail for murder, and if she gets out of this alive, what awaits him is nothing less than a trial for attempted murder and fraud.

He paces around the room thinking of how to move the body out of the mansion.

As if luck was on his side, he looks out the window and sees the day grow darker by the minute. Immediately, he runs to the wardrobe and brings out bundles of cash and he looks at Jane.

”Get dressed. ” He says with a grin while making one final call. ”Its time to end this, once and for all. ”

As a team the two clean up the scene in a hurry, patiently waiting for the night to draw near.


Its 1pm in the morning, the duo cautiously hurry towards the garage where a series of cars are packed.

Drusilla, carefully wrapped in a black bag, is thrown in the trunk before Ethan and Jane get into the car and hit the road.

Just as they drive out with full speed, about ten minutes later, a black SUV with tinted glass revs up the engine, a man dressed in black from head to toe takes out his phone and dials a number.

The phone barely rings for a second when someone picks up.

”Sir… ” The man says.

”Its me. Hes on the move again, and it seems its something serious. ”

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