Summer, the perfect season for vacation.

The airport is crowded, buzzing with active lives and trolleys stocked with boxes.

”Announcement please, the next flight to Sheldon city will be departing in ten minutes. ”

In the rush hour, the people hurry with their luggage to the gateway, preparing to begin their vacation; however, for some, the vacation ended already.

Drusilla patiently sits near the exit, waiting for Ethan for over an hour.

Out of boredom she takes her time to carefully identify new details in the airport, she stares at the digital decor clock in the walkway of the airport.

”12:34 pm, what could possibly be keeping him this long. ” She says with a sigh.

Everywhere seems different than she remembers, like the airport staff who have ditched their boring and out-of-fashion blue and black that she was familiar with for more suitable and smart uniforms.

Its been over an hour since she flew in from the hospital, and shes already losing hope that her husband will arrive.

Suddenly it dawns on her.

”I never informed him of my return. ” She pams her forehead and shakes her head in disappointment.

Though not a forgetful person, the trauma from her experience while battling brain tumor did a number on her, Drusilla became afraid of dying, and now more than ever shes glad to have a second chance.

The thought of leaving the world, her son and her husband scares her more than losing her company.

Perhaps she was beyond overjoyed when she received the news that she forgot that she had never informed him.

She could see the smile on the doctors face when he said to her, ”Mrs Drusilla…weve got good news. ”

That day she couldn contain her joy, tears of happiness left her eyes and she wore a big smile when her results came back saying.

”Your brain tumor is gone. ”

After the news, she tried calling her spouse a couple of times to break the news but he never responded.

”Ethan must be busy. ” She would soliloquize, and in time forgot to tell him.

In the sprint of happiness, she makes a promise to herself not to be uptight, so she picks up her luggage and slowly walks to the main entrance of the Airport, after spending two months recuperating, she finally returns home.

”Fresh air of freedom. ” She mutters to herself as she inhales. ”Its good to be back. ”

She stands still outside under the sizzling hot sun waiting for a taxi to alight, after making the decision to go home on her own.

Nothing annoyed her more than the clean taxis that just kept driving past her whenever she waves at them, soon she notices a blue Mercedes parked across the road.

Though in not such a bad condition, it gave an impression that it was also a taxi, and in delight, she flags this one down as well only to be ignored as the car speeds past her as if to annoy her on purpose.

”Ive got one of these at home. ” She says with a knitted brow.

”Taxi! ” She flags down a mini yellow car behind it, luckily this one stops as she hurriedly, gets in the vehicle.

After many hours on the road, she arrives before a big turnstile gate late in the evening.

Even while the sun sets, the environment is calm and serene, the air around it reeking of wealth, which leaves even the driver speechless.

She gets down from the taxi and walks towards the entrance of the gate. Drusilla had almost forgotten how the gate works, she stops herself midway from pressing the button by the side like a visitor, then begins to rummage through her bag, searching for…

”Im sure I brought my key card along. ” She keeps looking through the objects in her bag, turning her bag inside out without rest.

”Ah ha! ” She exclaims, raising her black key card in the air as though she had found gold. Without hesitation, she swipes her card across a tiny space in between the gate, automatically the gates indicator light switches from red to green granting her entrance.

The environment hidden behind the gate is beautiful to behold, decorated with lovely flowers that gives the place a sweet smell of perfume nectar, a water fountain is found in the centre of the garden and a clean driveway that leads to the entrance of the house. She holds her key card closer because she still needs it to get in.

But, that wasn quite the case, as the door was already left half-opened.

At once she was certain that her husband was inside.

As soon as she gets in, Drusilla throws herself on the sofa, kicking off her shoes one foot at a time. Her arms and feet are stretched out as she eased herself onto the sofa, her bones making a cracking sound.

Nothing could beat the comfort of the sofa, especially since shes been deprived of it for more than two months.

”Honey…. ” She calls while removing the scarf she tied around her hair and running her fingers through her short hair, and although it wasn as long as it used to be, the growth was quite remarkable.

Hearing no answer, Drusilla worriedly stands up to search for him.

Heading towards the hallway leading to the stairs, she stumbles upon their family portraits hanging on the wall. A large smile appears on her face as she sees her sons image for the first time in four months.

”How much Ive missed you. ” She cries to herself.

Finally, she reaches Ethans office, the very first place Drusilla always checks when searching for her workaholic husband.

To her chagrin, she did not find anyone inside, save her husbands phone on the table, his phone unlocked with several images continuously popping up.

The very first thing she sees is the phone log, and her name is in red, showing the number of times he ignored her calls.

”Did something bad happen? ” She asks herself with growing worry but shakes her head vehemently refusing to believe the negative voices. Convincing herself that he was too busy to pick up the phone.

Finally arriving at the last step, she became too tired to keep searching for him, her last option was their bedroom. Her face became reddened and her eyebrows furrowed.

With each step forward, Drusilla was a second away from finding her husband.

Drawing close to the master bedroom located at the right end opposite the office, she starts hearing some disturbing noises.

Her walking pace decreases, as she begins to shake. At first, she thinks someone broke in, and she tiptoes closer.

But then, she meets with another unpleasant sound, one that causes her heart to skip a beat.

”Oh, Ethan! ” She heard a feminine voice moaning louder as she drew closer. ”Oh yes.. ” the voice gave an outburst, she could tell whatever was going on, happened at a fast tempo.

”I love you, Ethan. ”

That voice, she knows, belongs to her husbands secretary, a woman shes known ever since Ethan took over the company in her place even before her sick leave.

”I love you too Jane. ” Says Ethan in a calm, caring voice, almost as if he was comforting her. It was a kind of voice shes never heard in years.

At once, transparent beautiful tears that glitter in the light begin to overflow from her eyes.

Her legs lose their strength, yet she fights to stand strong, slowly approaching the door with a profoundly drooling nose.

As she gets to the door, she stands behind it, traumatised by the wicked imaginations in her head that her hand freezes just inches away from the handle.

With a racing heart, Drusilla carefully listens, her mind set to get to the bottom of things today, until she hears him say, ”itll be much easier if we just kill her. ” At that moment, she freezes, and her entire world goes blank.

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