ut of three die.
Do you think it’s heartless?’


‘Of course not.
Because the owner also trains with the preparedness to die from being bitten by a dog.
Owners should always be prepared.
You never know when you’ll die from being bitten by hidden teeth.’

It was a fact that Hugo himself was aware of.

Maybe that’s why Hugo didn’t trust anyone in this world.
Even himself.

“… … .”

Bikir shook his head to clear his thoughts.

Then he took one of his beans from a sack hanging from his waist.

Blood Bean.
Dark red soybean with a huge cocoa concentration.

Bikir tossed a pea into the fire.

The stinky and other odors are removed from the plump fat rat meat, and the faint scent of cacao permeates.

‘Cacao beans, especially thick blood beans, are the best for removing meat odor!’

It was a recipe learned from a late sergeant in the same platoon when he was drafted into the war against the demons.

“… … Camping makes me think a lot about the past.”

Bikir looked around him.

All the eyes that had been watching were now gone.

Perhaps the guide dogs, who found their behavior uninteresting, moved elsewhere.

… … If so, now is the time.

Bikir reached out to the pile of firewood.

Then he took out a dagger from his waistband and started cutting down trees.

wooden spear.

Bikir began planting these pointed wooden spears upside down all over the pit floor.

The tips soared high as if to pierce the sky.

Dozens or hundreds of them are embedded in the bottom of the pit.

Like the lower jaw of a beast with fangs.

Even Bikir himself hadn’t thought about what these teeth would bite into.

Outside the boundary between the Le Rogue, in the Forbidden Zone, there are monsters that are so big and powerful that people in this world can’t even imagine.

… … Well, most of them were familiar to Bikir who had passed through the age of destruction.

“The tree has fallen.”

Bikir discovered that all the trees he had cut were exhausted.

It was not enough to sharpen a wooden spear or toss it into a bonfire.

Bikir moved his body out of the pit to fetch the wood.

The gaze of the Guardian Knights has also disappeared, so now you can cross over to the forbidden land and cut down trees.

Before long, Bikir crossed the border with a stealthy spirit and entered the forbidden zone.

* * *

The sea of red and black trees is incredibly dense.

The stems and roots that grow horizontally and vertically made the entire forest into a huge labyrinth, a jungle-gym.

If you look at the dark caves poking through the roots of trees that have been burned by the forest fire, you might doubt that they are passages leading to hell.

Any normal young hound of the Baskervilles would avoid this gloomy and foreboding place without saying anything, but Bikir rather walked straigh in.

‘Let’s see.
I guess this was the right habitat?’

Bikir wandered through the sea for a long time.

When he was an instructor or skirmisher, he roamed around this place as if he were eating, so his eyes were clear as if he was going in and out of his house.


Bikir found something.

Sizzle sizzle… …

It’s the sound of a ember burning in the ashes.

After following the smell of something burning, I finally found what I was looking for.

It was a pile of shit.

A fire that has not yet been extinguished burns in the blackened pile of dung.

As far as Bikir knows, there is only one monster that matched.

He lifted his head and moved a little further through the the trees, and before long he saw the owner of the dung.

A large body, sharp teeth and claws, and two eyes that glow like phosphorus.

Grade: B+

Size: 3m

Discovery Location: Le Rogue Mountains Ridge

-Aka ‘the dog from hell’.

It is a being that unconditionally brings a terrible disaster to those it encounters, and if they are ever bitten they can never survive.

The bright fire spewing out from the eyes and mouth comes from the embers of the depths of hell, and does not go out until the life force is used as firewood and is completely burned away.

Even in the encyclopedia, there was not much information about this dangerous monster.

However, Bikir has faced quite a few monsters of this type through the age of destruction.

“Finally found you.”

The reason he had come to Le Rogue Mountain is to meet these fuckers.

Bikir turned quickly.

As soon as the Hellhound saw Bikir, and attacked.

kong! kong! kong!

The roar of a hound pursuing closely behind.

As soon as he got out of the way, he threw himself into a burrow on the side.

Chow ah-

Hellhound took several vain steps, unable to stop.

“As expected, you’re an idiot who only knows how to go straight.”

Most beings who have climbed up from hell can do nothing but go straight.

Even elite monsters like Hellhound show weakness in such a sudden change of directions.

Grrrrr… …

The hellhound turned around and started pursuing.

Bikir prepared the following pattern.

Chow ah-

Drinking water made by collecting two days of dew was sprayed and drew a long line on the floor.

… flinch!

Hellhound came to a sudden stop with the same momentum as it was running.

This hellhounds do not usually, cross water spots.

No matter how thin and shallow the water is, that is the case.

Since it is a monster that is not good at anything other than running in a straight line, it had to stop water spots scattered on the ground and go around.

It is a fact known to all hunters who have passed through the era of extinction, but it is a habit that is not well known in this world due to lack of research.

‘Well, it will inevitably come to light later when the Pandemonium Gate opened and Hellhounds swarmed all over the continent.’

Bikir faced the hellhound.

Although the speed of the Hellhound running back from the water station has decreased, it is still terrifying.

The hellhound is a monster that even knights of expert level or higher have a hard time fighting it.

Even before returning it was also a monster so powerful that he was able to catch it alone only when he was 18 years old.


Bikir did not come all this way without taking any measures.

“Canine monsters always open their mouths when running.”

Like any seasoned hunter who had lived through the era of destruction, he brought out a secret weapon prepared for this situation.

The most effective weapon for catching canine monsters.

… har!

The sound of beans hitting each other in my hands.

Blood Bean Cocoa Beans.

It was chocolate.

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