e Rogue Mountain.”

The Guardian Knights explained other intricate rules.

But to Bikir, it’s just annoying nagging.

‘It’s been a while since I’ve seen you.’

He, too, has often been to Le Rouge Mountain.

As a student in his childhood and as an instructor in his old age, the places he frequently visited were Le Rouge mountains.

It was a strange and scary place when he was a student, but when he came as an instructor… … .

‘It’s an even more scary and unfamiliar place.’

Because he had to search outside of his comfort zone.

The area where the children of the Baskerville family survive is actually more like a cozy cradle.

The real danger is the area outside the boundary guarded by the Guardian Knight instructors.

Forbidden zone.

Outside the ridge called ‘Cradle’, and beyond a few mountain ranges, powerful monsters and barbarians swarm.

Since the Baskervilles declared this place as their territory, they have steadily pioneered the fights against enemies beyond the Le Rouge Mountains.

It was also because there was the emperor’s order and full support.

The expansion of the territory of the Baskerville family was the expansion of the territory of the empire, and for this, various tax benefits and autonomy of military facilities were guaranteed.

Before regression.
Bikir also spent a very long time here in the Le Rouge mountains, passing through his days as an examinee, his days as an instructor, and his days as a hunting dog.

So the environment here was very familiar to him.

Not to mention it was not in the ‘Undiscovered Zone’ beyond the ridge, nor in the ‘Cradle’.

… … but.
Most children seem to feel unfamiliarity and fear in the environment they are seeing for the first time.

The dry, crumbling dirt cliffs, the pungent wind blowing from the burned forest, the dry ashes, the unpleasant eyes and cries that can be felt from somewhere.

“… … Ugh, this is the first time I’ve ever been in such a bad weather.”

“It has become more barren than when I came last year.”

“You want me to stay here for a month!?”

8-year-olds cry.

The 9-year-olds are pretending to be indifferent, but their expressions are not good, perhaps because of bad memories from last year.

In fact, this test is a battle between 8-year-olds who want to keep the badge and 9-year-olds who want to steal it.

For today’s 8-year-olds, who will turn 9 next year, this experience will be very important.

And in this situation, 8-year-old Bikir stood still, waiting for the bell to signal the start of his exam.

Nearby, 9-year-old children aiming for Bikir’s badge were laughing sinisterly.

“Is that child? A seven-minute dive in the River Styx.”

“Does that make sense? Well, rumor has it that he strangled two poisonous snakes while he was in the cradle.”

“You say that the guy with the perfect writing score? Let’s see if I can do well.”

A buzzing sound all around.

But there is one strange thing.

“… … .”

“… … .”

“… … .”

The three strongest and fiercest 9-year-olds in the class, Hivero, Mivero, and Lovero, are somehow silent.

The other 9-year-olds just tilted their heads as they were always eager to show Bikir a lesson.

Soon, some of the children who were noticing came forward and began to quarrel with Bikir.

“You cheeky bastard.
As soon as the practical evaluation begins, I will stone you to death.”

“A guy who isn’t so great gets smug.”

“You’re going to feel like hell here for the next month.”

Then Bikir finally responded.

“I don’t think I’m great.
Not really great.”

Unexpected humility makes 9-year-old children look puzzled.

However, Bikir’s words soon made the guys’ faces frown.

“… … You guys are just too low level.”

Immediately after that, fresh curse words flew in and stuck.

“You, you, I’m the real fighter here!”

“Come to the place where the old tree is later in the evening, you son of a bitch!”

“Get out of the way! I’ll beat that bastard! Even if I die, I won’t know!”

The children of the Baskervilles are easily drawn into even low-level provocations.

Small puppies that hadn’t been weaned were baring their fangs that weren’t ripe yet.

As an old dog who has gone through all of the prenatal battles, he doesn’t even smile, so he’s just indifferent.

Right then.


Pavlov van Baskerville, a guardian knight and instructor in charge of the “leading dog,” rang the bell.

The practical test has begun.

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