a country and an era that did not exist in her history.
The world was dictated by three equally powerful countries, they were Yian, Sen, and Chongwu, each of them having dozens of vassal states.
And Dongling, where they were currently, was one of Yian’s vassal states.

There were theories of parallel universe in her previous life; perhaps she was sucked into a parallel universe right at the moment that she died and arrived at a time and place that did not exist in her history.
She did not, however, expect this Compendium of Materia Medica was so sought after here.

“It not only precious.
To an apothecary like us, this was practically priceless.
Look, my disciple, it didn’t only record the herbs’ physical appearances, their origins, the method of collecting and preparation, it had also detailed description of their smell, taste, utilities, method of consumption, and interaction with other herbs, etc.
Look at these prescriptions that was included at the back of the book… having these, as long as one is not an idiot, given enough time any one could become one of the top 5 master apothecaries in the world!” The sage apothecary got more and more excited as he talked and was just short of putting the book up on a podium and bowed down to it.

“Oh!” Gu Ye’s calmness contrasted greatly to sage apothecary’s reactions.

The sage apothecary gave her a stare as though she was the most unappreciative person on earth.
His old face turned beet red and his pitch heightened, “Oh, you child, how are you so unappreciative? Do you know what it meant to be in possession of this book?”

“Master, you are overreacting.
We don’t want to elevate your blood pressure and bring about a stroke.
C’mon, follow me, breeeeaath iiin… breeeaaathhh ooooout….
Breeaaattth innnn… breeaatthhh ooooutt…” Gu Ye was genuinely worried that he’d have a stroke just from this.
Surely, she has medicines that could stabilize his blood pressure, but how’d she explain it away after she had produced it?

The sage apothecary followed her rhythm breathed in and out with her a few times and started to calm down a bit.
Looking at her nonchalant look, he felt defeated and asked, “Disciple, are you listening to what I am saying at all?”

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