This young man was assigned to Chu Muhua by the Jun family to serve him.
A few days ago, Gu Ye asked him to find an injured person who needed stitches, as the subject of her demonstration.
Talking about it on paper was not enough.
Practice must be done, right?

The injured person was a resident in the west of the city.
Taking advantage of the good weather, he climbed onto the roof to repair the house, so as not to be damaged by the heavy snow.
He stepped on air and fell from the roof.
The sharp end of a bamboo pole cut his calf to more than 20 centimeters long and two fingers wide.
It was so deep that even his bone was peeking, making him bleed profusely.

As soon as the medicine was applied, it was washed away by his blood.
The doctors in the Chengxi Medical Center couldn’t stop the bleeding after treating him for a long time.
The doctors couldn’t do anything about it.
The patient was sent to Jimin Pharmacy by his family, and as luck would have it, Gu Ye entrusted finding a suitable wounded person to Jimin Pharmacy.

The wounded was then transferred quickly.
He was in his thirties.
Due to blood loss, his dark face turned purple gray, and his lips turned white.
It was his left thigh that was injured, and even with the thick bandage on it, blood was still oozing out.

”Quick, get him in!” Gu Ye yelled in a deep voice.
She then turned to Sage Apothecary and said, “Master, disinfect your hands and prepare for surgery!”

”Miss Gu, what about us?” Several military doctors have spent more than an hour on boring theoretical knowledge, and now they have the opportunity to witness the miraculous suture technique.
How could they miss it?

”You? Naturally, you’ll be watching from the sidelines!” Gu Ye casually threw the command and entered the temporary operating room.

The mournful and weeping woman nearby grabbed Doctor Si’s sleeve as if grabbing the last straw: “Doctor, please cure my man.
There are old and young in our family, and he is the sole laborer.
Please think of a way…”

The woman’s grip was too strong.
Doctor Si struggled a few times but couldn’t break free.
Aiya, this woman was really delaying things.It was rare for him to observe the suture operation with his own eyes, so any delay was out of the question.

”Tell me, woman, do you want me to save your man, or do you want him to die? With you pulling me like this, how am I supposed to save your man? If you delay me a while longer, your man’s blood will dry up.
By then, even the gods will not be able to save him.
Let go!” With a vigorous shake, Doctor Si finally got rid of the woman’s entanglement and quickly entered the operating room.

”All set.
First of all, give local anesthesia to the injured!” Gu Ye took out a syringe, injected anesthetic near the wound, and introduced the amount of anesthetic in detail.

”Wait a minute! Isn’t Grand Sage Apothecary the one who is going to stitch him up?” While Doctor Si was engrossed in taking notes, he suddenly realized an anomaly.
How did it become this little girl who was going to perform the suture technique and Sage Apothecary became the assistant instead?

Gu Ye squinted at him, snorted coldly and said, “How can I use my master for such a simple operation? Master, the toothed hemostat…”

Sage Apothecary responded and handed her the tools she needed.
Gu Ye stopped the wound from bleeding first, then absorbed the blood on it with gauze.
She continued explaining, “See this? This is yellow adipose tissue.
When you see such tissue, or exposed bone, or large areas of exposed flesh under the skin, with a wound depth of more than half a finger, stitches are required in either cases.

While Gu Ye was explaining, her hand movements never stopped.
She quickly cleaned up the wound and added, “It is best to use interrupted stitches for wounds like this.”

She held the tweezers in her left hand and clamped the curved suture needle with the tweezers in her right hand.
She quickly lowered the needle vertically and pulled out the needle vertically.
Each stitch was tied with a separate knot.
The skillful technique and astonishing speed didn’t seem like she was doing sutures, but rather like an experienced embroiderer embroidering with needles and threads.

”This suture technique is generally used for stitching skin and muscles, especially for stitching infected wounds or wounds that may be infected.” While Gu Ye was speaking, she had already stitched more than ten centimeters of the wound.

The military doctors watched intently, forgetting to take notes with the charcoal pencils in their hands.
They did not blink their eyes, for fear of missing an action.
Even so, they still didn’t fully see her operation.
They just felt that the needles and threads were flying in front of their eyes, and in the blink of an eye, there were only a few stitch marks left in the hideous and bloody wound.

The last step was to apply golden sore medicine and bandage the wound.

The wounded lying on the operating table could still feel the pain of the wound at the beginning.
Later, he only felt a few needle pricks, and soon the pain disappeared.
He was unsure and became nervous, so he asked repeatedly, “Doctor, what happened to my leg? I can’t feel anything.
I’m not crippled, am I?”

At one point during the operation, he tried to sit up, but was pinned down by the military doctors.
When his emotions almost collapsed, Gu Ye announced that the operation was completed.
The whole procedure took less than half an hour.

”It’s done! You can go home.
Remember to change the medicine after three days!” Gu Ye cleaned the blood on her hands with a small brush — Alas, there were no disposable medical gloves.
It was really troublesome!

”Uh… Will I be fine now?” The patient moved his leg gently.
His leg was still there, and he could still move.
He didn’t become crippled, right?

”Recuperate at home.
Don’t use too much force on your injured leg for the time being, so as not to crack the wound.” Gu Ye continued without raising her head while instructing the military doctors to clean and sterilize the postoperative equipment.

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