”Grandma, don’t say that.
It’s Xiao Xu who is very lucky that the medicines I brought are just right for his symptoms.
If he takes medicine for another day, he can get rid of his fever the night after.
As for the syrup for moistening throat and relieving cough, he can drink them for a few more days.” Gu Ye didn’t take credit, and she exhibited a modest and polite attitude.
The Old Madam, the Madams and several other ladies treated her more intimately.

  Gu Ye came out of the Old Madam’s courtyard and went directly to her master’s place in the outer courtyard.
She wanted to discuss with him the popularization of surgical suture in military doctors. 

       When Sage Apothecary heard her proposal, he felt somewhat sorry for her.
His disciple wanted to impart this unique secret technique without any secrecy.

  ”Master, don’t we learn medical skills to save lives, heal the wounded, and cure the sick? The soldiers at the border guard their homes and defend their country, all at the cost of their blood and life.
As a doctor, I can do something for them to minimize their suffering and sacrifice.
What’s the worth of this minor medical skill? Isn’t the reason why many unique secret arts get lost due to self-preservation?” Gu Ye thought of the decline of traditional medicine in her previous life and couldn’t help lamenting with a few sentences.

  Sage Apothecary looked at his disciple with relief and said, “I’m really proud of you, having this kind of understanding.
Now that you’ve decided, as your master, I will support you unconditionally.
Just tell me what you need to do.
I will help you achieve it even if it means letting these old bones work.”

  ”Master, with your old bones, you’d better make more medicine to save more people! Later, this is what you’ll need to do…” Gu Ye whispered in Sage Apothecary’s ear.

  In the afternoon of that day, Sage Apothecary found Major General Chu and asked him to transfer several military doctors from Junlang Pass for them to learn the suturing technique.
Chu Muhua was overjoyed.
He said that his grandfather would definitely submit a memorial and ask for credit for Sage Apothecary and Gu Ye.

  ”Let’s discuss asking for credit later.
But…if the technique of suturing is spread in the army, a large number of bottles, tubes, and needles for the infusion fluids will be needed, Major General.
Otherwise, wounds will be prone to infection, and can be life-threatening.” Sage Apothecary frowned tightly with a regretful expression on his face.

  Chu Muhua had carefully studied the infusion sets and also felt worried.
“Hollow needles are fine.
I have inquired, and many skilled craftsmen, jewelers, can basically produce them.
However, the hardness and thickness still need improvement.
The difficulty lies in the hoses and bottles.
I don’t know what material they are made of.”

  ”The tubes can be temporarily replaced with sheep intestine, which we can specially order.
The bottle is made of glass, which can be a bit of a hassle.
However, I heard of a glass tea set for sale in Yinzhen Pavilion.
Such a simple bottle shouldn’t be troublesome to them.” Sage Apothecary stroked the messy beard on his chin.
The task assigned by his apprentice was almost completed, right?

  The moment Chu Muhua heard this, he immediately stood up and walked out.
After taking a few steps, he traced his steps back and dragged Sage Apothecary, and they headed towards the Yinzhen Pavilion.
As they passed by his courtyard, Chu Muhua gathered the infusion tools, carefully wrapped them in cloth and brought them along with him.

  ”Elder Master, where did you get this set of tools?” On the way to Yinzhen Pavilion, Chu Muhua finally asked the question that had been bothering him for a long time.

  Sage Apothecary had long cooked up a good answer with his apprentice: “When I was traveling in various states, I met a doctor who claimed to be from the far west.
That person has snow skin, blond hair and green eyes.
I treated him kindly, so he then gifted the art of suturing, as well as this set of tools to me.”

  Someone with green eyes and blond hair? 

       He sounds like a monster. 

       However, there are mountains beyond mountains, and skies beyond the sky.
There might be existences beyond the Three Kingdoms and Sixteen Vassal States that they didn’t know about… Chu Muhua felt a little regretful.

        “It would be great if we could invite that person to our Dongling Kingdom.”

  Sage Apothecary’s beard shook, and he muttered deep inside, That person is right by our side.
She is none other than my precious disciple.
Hehehe, I’ve accepted such a capable apprentice because I have vision!

  Before Chu Muhua and Sage Apothecary arrived at Yinzhen Pavilion, someone passed the news to Yin Ba.
He personally greeted the two.
Chu Muhua promised to do his best to facilitate and fulfill the conditions he put forward. 

       As for whether the pavilion could become the royal family’s supplier, it depended on whether their products could win the favor of the nobles in the palace.

  As for whether they could become the imperial merchant, it was just a means to dispel Gu Ye’s doubts.
Yin Ba didn’t take it too seriously. 

       However, the advent of glass products soon became popular all over the kingdoms, and they were sought after by the rich and powerful.
Ladies in the palace also expressed strong interest in the new crystal-clear and translucent item. 

       In addition, Yinzhen Pavilion would supply medical equipment to the army at a price that was only 10% higher than the cost price.
With a reputation in front of the Emperor, the royal merchant title naturally came to fruition.

  Yinzhen Pavilion also built a glass workshop on the outskirts of Yan City and cited transportation inconvenience as the reason.
Shortly after, the glassware on Gu Ye’s drawings and some experimental equipment were produced one after another.
To Gu Ye’s surprise, even the leather tube problem was solved by Yinzhen Pavilion.

  From a special kind of grass, they extracted a latex leather tube.
Although it was not transparent enough, it was barely usable.
This kind of grass was only available in the south of Yan Kingdom, so it was all produced in Yan City and then shipped to other places.

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