“By the way, Young Master Bai,” Gu Ye suddenly remembered that the delivery time agreed with Jimin Pharmacy this month was less than ten days away, and hurriedly apologized, “I just suffered from a serious illness and have only recovered a bit in the past couple of days.
I’m getting better now, but can you give me some time for the medicinal materials to be delivered to Jimin Pharmacy this month? I’ll double it next month.”

  Bai Ji studied the little girl’s slightly pale face, nodded and said, “Your health is the most important thing, Miss.
Let’s put aside the matter of medicinal materials for now, and when you have fully recovered, it will not be too late to process medicines again.”

  Young Master Bai was so agreeable, making Gu Ye feel even more embarrassed.
She remembered that in her space she also collected a small packet of medicinal materials that her master concocted when he gave her a demonstration, so she stuffed her hand into her sleeves. 

       The wide sleeves of the ancients could hold a lot of things, no wonder the saying “the world is hidden in your sleeves[1]”.
This was just a cover for her space.

  Gu Ye took out a package the size of a fist and handed it to Young Master Bai.
She smilingly said, “Thank you for your understanding, Young Master Bai.
Take this medicinal material as an apology for the delivery delay.”

  When Bai Ji received the package, the burlap wrapping the medicinal materials outside was loosened, revealing the corner of the contents inside.
His pupils immediately contracted. 

       Wasn’t this extremely familiar concocting method the model used by the family to teach the clan’s children how to distinguish the authenticity of medicinal materials from Sage Apothecary? These medicinal materials seemed to have just been processed, less than two months old. 

        (Gu Ye’s red lotus space was stationary, and any concocted medicinal materials would not change after being stored inside.)

  ”W-What’s this?” Bai Ji’s breathing became rapid, and the way he held the medicinal materials became more cautious, for fear that he might damage the medicinal materials if he did not use proper strength. 

       Sage Apothecary is still alive! This is his hand-made medicine, there’s absolutely no mistake!

  ”This was made by my master when he taught me how to make medicine.
My pharmaceutical skills are not a tenth as good as that grand old man.
I don’t have many medicinal materials, so please don’t mind, Young Master Bai.” 

        Seeing that the young man immediately recognized her Master’s techniques, Gu Ye mentally lamented the great reputation of Sage Apothecary.
When would she, like her master, become the object of admiration of all pharmacists?

  ”I don’t mind it.
I dare not dislike it at all! ” Bai Ji was on the verge of shedding tears.
He stared at the thin and slender girl in front of him for a long time, thoughts surging in his mind.

  Sure enough, as he guessed, this little girl was the disciple of the Grand Sage Apothecary.  Besides that old man, who could teach such a talented and brilliant disciple? 

       The little girl was only in her teens, but she had reached the realm of an apothecary master, and even minutely surpassed that of a master, reaching a higher level! He was tremendously fortunate that he went to the pharmacy in that small town on a whim that day.
This was God’s great love for him, and an opportunity for Jimin Pharmacy from the Heavens!

  Seeing this scene, Yi Ba upstairs couldn’t help feeling a sense of crisis in his heart.
This blue-clad young man was staring at his master’s beloved with such “affection”.
This was the rhythm of grabbing the woman of the Hidden Soul Hall’s Hall Master, known as the “Living Yanwang”!

  He inspected the young man once more and found that he had delicate features and didn’t look that bad.
His dress and demeanor were pretty good, and he gave people a warm feeling when he smiled, the type that little girls liked. 

       Although his master was known as the most beautiful man in the Yan Kingdom, his face was ice-cold all year round.
His eyes could kill people, deterring people from approaching him.
They could only dare to look at him from afar.
Comparing the two men, there was no certainty as to who the little girl would choose!

  Besides, his master only had an unrequited affection with Miss Gu.
It was even more uncertain if Miss Gu could still remember him.
Even if she did, the fact that they were separated thousands of miles away from each other might not withstand…

  No, this is no joke.
I must send a letter to my master. 

       When a love rival appears, his wise and powerful master must plan ahead, lest he and his brothers would all suffer.

  ”Miss Gu, can I have the honor of treating everyone to a meal?” Bai Ji finally calmed down the excitement in his heart.
He carefully put away the medicinal materials, as if they were peerless treasures.

  They were precisely priceless treasures.
The capital Medicinal Materials Association organized a medical exchange conference a year ago.
With these medicinal materials, Jimin Pharmacy would certainly shine in this exchange meeting! There was less than a month left for the conference, and he had to set off overnight today to send this treasure there quickly.

  Upstairs, Yin Ba, the eavesdropper with his ears perked up, was so angry that he broke off a piece of the window.
This damned juvenile actually blatantly invited his future mistress.
Should he send someone to kill him once and for all?

  ”Forget it.
I’ve been out all day and I’m a little tired.
Don’t worry, Young Master Bai, next month’s medicinal materials will be handed over to Jimin Pharmacy in Nameless Town on time.” 

        Although it would be pleasant to dine with the handsome guy, Gu Ye was a guest at the Jun Residence.
It was quite inappropriate to go back late.
She was also afraid that if she stayed out for a long time, her master would worry about her, so she rejected Bai Ji’s invitation.

  Yin Ba breathed a sigh of relief.
Fortunately, his future mistress was wise and mighty, and saw through that young boy’s tricks. 

      Hmph, I’ll spare this little boy for now, and wait for what Master has to say. 

      In between a few breaths, Bai Ji’s little life teetered on the edge of peril without his knowledge.



↑1 A metaphor also translated “ace up one’s sleeves”

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