f I accept the gift and the matter falls through, won’t your Yinzhen Pavilion lose such a precious tea set in vain? Shopkeeper, aren’t you afraid that your boss will blame you?” Gu Ye raised her eyebrows and smiled.

  Little Ancestor, if you accept this gift, not only will my master not blame me, maybe he will even praise me for my ability to accomplish missions! 

      However, he could only swallow this response.
How could he dare say it out loud? If he scared the little girl, his master would most definitely skin him off.

  Yin Ba replied with absolute determination, “In the entire Yan City, who doesn’t know that your master saved the young Major General and brought him back to life? I’m sure he has some weight in front of Old General Chu and the Major General.
Besides, this is a good deal that benefits the country and the army.
It shouldn’t be too much to ask for a mere title as a royal merchant, right?”

  Yin Ba once again used his silver tongue, which spread like a lotus flower, and finally coaxed the little girl to accept the tea set. 

       The moment he sent the Little Ancestor out of the building, he wiped the sweat from his forehead, and sighed inward;y: Master, fortunately, this subordinate has lived up to the task you entrusted me.


       Against all odds, he, one of the four Great Shadow Guards, has been reduced to pleasing a young lady on behalf of their master.
If Yin Mei were to find out, he would definitely make fun of him.

  Everyone who visited Yinzhen Pavilion had their own gains.
Jun Qicheng found calligraphy and painting treasure from a famous calligrapher of the previous dynasty.
Young Master Chu bought a long lost art of war with a fortune.
Gu Xiao bought a sharp dagger for his grandson in the weapons area for defense… When they saw that the gift box held by Dong Xue contained the treasure of Yinzhen Pavilion, their chins almost fell to the ground and hit their feet.

  Gu Xiao was afraid that his granddaughter was swindled so he hurriedly asked, “When you bought this tea set, what did the other party say? Did they make any strange demands?”

  Royal Merchant, can this be considered a strange demand? 

       It is indeed strange to put forward such a request to a little girl! 

      Gu Ye couldn’t say that, so she blinked her big innocent eyes a few times and whispered, “The shopkeeper said my master onced saved their boss, so this tea set was given to me for free.”

  When she was discussing cooperation with the “Shopkeeper”, she dismissed her brother and Dong Xue, and only she knew the content of the deal at this time.
Except for this glass tea set, Dong Xue did not see her pay when she came out.
The lie she fabricated was reasonable and did not arouse suspicion.

  Young Master Chu also sighed.
“The Sage Apothecary is benevolent.
Everywhere he goes, others benefit.”

  Ninth Young Master Jun took everyone to the most famous restaurant in Yan City for lunch.
Gu Ye, who had enjoyed the stroll, continued wandering around the streets.
Even when the sun was setting, her interest remained undiminished.

  She was walking on the street, interested in everything, but the young and old who followed her felt miserable.
From ancient times to the present, there were very few men who were willing to go shopping with women.

  The number of pedestrians on the streets gradually dwindled, but Gu Ye was still walking.
She soon found a shop not far in front with a constant stream of people going in and out of the front door.
The business seemed to be thriving. 

       She walked a few steps and came to the door of the store.
The store looked magnificent, the building was exquisite and majestic, and under the exquisitely carved door eaves, there were three big golden characters —— “Chrysanthemum Appreciation Pavilion”.

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