Rack His Brains

“Surnamed Song, do you know how to respect the elderly? If we must talk about it in detail, I am also your wife’s maternal uncle’s cousin, one generation older than you.
This tea set should be mine!” Fine-clad Grandpa extended a hand and pushed Scholarly-clad Guy away.

Tall and Thin Grandpa also joined the fray to drag him away.
From the looks of the three guys who each held high status in Yan City, they were about to start a fight on the third floor of Yinzhen Pavilion.

Yin Ba flexed his hands lightly and separated the three of them.
He smiled kindly and said, “This tea set is a sample in the store and is not for sale.”

Seeing the disappointment in the eyes of the three men, he continued, “However —— the second batch of glass items will be delivered to Yinzhen Pavilion soon.
You three can settle the deposit for the time being, and when the second batch of tea sets arrives, I will reserve them for you.”

Once the three heard this, there was no point in hounding any longer.
Besides, there was only one glass tea set in the store.
Without enough pieces, they would only hurt each other’s feelings if they continued making trouble.

They paid the deposit according to Yin Ba’s wishes, looked at the glass tea set with nostalgia, and left together.

On the third floor, only Gu Ye and Gu Ming, the maid Dong Xue, Yin Ba and the shop assistant were left.

Gu Ye said to Dong Xue and her elder brother, “It’s a rare chance to come up to the third floor.
Go and see if there’s anything that catches your eye.
Since we can’t afford any, we might as well let these treats satisfy our eyes.”

Yin Ba’s forehead was filled with black lines.

Is it really okay to say that you‘re only window shopping in front of the shopkeeper and the shop assistant?

After dismissing the idlers, Gu Ye walked to the glass tea set, held a cup by the slender handle, and picked up the glass for a closer look.
That festive-looking shop assistant just wanted to step forward to stop her, but Yin Ba gave him an eye signal to withdraw.

The craftsmanship of the glass cups was simply not comparable with those exquisite glassware in her previous life.
Still, it was good enough for a syringe or a saline bottle.

“Shopkeeper, may I ask if your glass workshop accepts private orders.” Gu Ye expressed the purpose of her trip somewhat apprehensively.

Her master has already conveyed Eldest Young Master Chu’s request.
She was fine with teaching surgical suturing to military doctors.
However, it was important first and foremost to coordinate sterilization and postoperative infection prevention work.

Antibiotics like penicillin and streptomycin were naturally easy for her to make.
However, administering intramuscular injections and intravenous fluids to the wounded required such necessities as syringes and saline bottles.
There were also those research equipment in her space, which must be replenished from time to time.

However, if a set of glass tea sets could be regarded as the Town Store Treasure, any glass product must cost sky-high prices.
Even if the store undertook a private order, it was estimated that the cost was beyond her bearable range.

Nonetheless, holding on to a test-the-water attitude, she still asked her question.

“What does Miss want to order? If our technology can handle it and customize it, we can negotiate a deal.” Yin Ba pretended to be hesitant, and spoke unhurriedly while Gu Ye was waiting anxiously.

Gu Ye took out a piece of paper from her sleeves, on which the appearance of test tubes, syringes and saline bottles were drawn.
The size and some detailed requirements were noted on the side as well.

Yin Ba studied the drawings for a long time, pretending.
His master warned him.
No matter how strange the utensils Miss Gu asked them to make, he would accept them all.
He had already looked after the glass workshop that had been working on for more than a month, all in preparation for this Little Ancestor.

“I wonder… Miss, what is the purpose of customizing these? Can you tell me?” Yin Ba was very curious.
What was the purpose of these strange bottles and jars? Even if his master warned him to listen more and ask fewer questions and keep his mouth shut, his curiosity got the best of him.
He could not help but ask.

Gu Ye thought for a while and pulled up the banner of her Master once more, describing him as a national hero who contributed untold secrets for the people and for the nation.
She also exaggerated the use of surgery in the army, which could benefit millions of wounded soldiers, painting it short of a miracle.
Finally, she pointed to the blueprints and concluded, “These glassware are all necessities and very important.
Also, please help me keep it secret, Shopkeeper.”

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