”No! I have no prejudice against them at all.
On the contrary, I am grateful to the country people.
Without them, where would the rice, noodles, and vegetables we eat come from? How could I be biased against them? It was a slip of the tongue just now.
Comparing that fat man earlier to country bumpkins is an insult to the countrymen!” Yin Ba exercises his silver tongue to argue.
If he annoyed this Little Ancestor, and his master found out about it, he would definitely suffer!

  ”Oh…it’s good if you don’t have prejudice.” Gu Ye finally moved her foot and walked up step by step.
“Let’s go.
Take me, this country bumpkin, to see the treasure of your store.”

  Although Gu Ye didn’t know why this sketchy shopkeeper treated her differently… Judging from his attentive attitude and implicit respect, at least he wasn’t a bad seed.
Perhaps, she was riding in the coattails of the Jun or the Chu family, no?

  While meditating, she unknowingly followed the “Shopkeeper” up the stairs to the third floor.
Chu Muhua, who was wandering around on the second floor, took a look and then turned away.
He thought that his cousin had already paid the deposit for the third floor, and secretly praised Jun Qicheng for his thoughtfulness.

  Meanwhile, Jun Qicheng also saw Gu Ye and Gu Ming climbing up to the third floor.
He thought that his cousin was so polite that he even preemptively paid the deposit for the third floor.
This beautiful misunderstanding happened just like that.

  Gu Ye, who was confused about the deposit rules of Yinzhen Pavilion, was led by the “Shopkeeper” to the glass tea set. 

       There were few people on the third floor, only three people to be exact, and all of them were gathered around the glass tea set, clicking their tongues and issuing sighs of appreciation non-stop.

  Although the ceramic glaze tea sets of the Dongling Kingdom were brightly colored and radiant, their translucent texture affected the beauty of the tea and tea forms.
The glass tea set in front of them, on the other hand, consisted of a teapot bigger than an adult man’s fist, paired with four exquisite teacups that looked exquisite and unusual.

  Yin Ba ordered a shop assistant to fetch boiled water and tea leaves, and used the glass tea set coquettishly on the spot, preparing to perform his crappy tea ceremony. 

       The rightful owner has already been lured, and this tea set could also be withdrawn once his task was completed.
The Treasure of the Town Shop or whatever was just a gimmick.
The glass workshop production technology is maturing day by day and when the time comes, it will become a hen that lays golden eggs!

  Yin Ba’s tea ceremony was indeed crappy.
His movements were stiff and his heat control was evidently disappointing. 

       However, no one couldn’t care less about it.
Everyone was attracted by the bright color of the tea water and the green color of the tea leaves.
When the boiling water was washed down, in particular, the tea leaves unfolded up and down during the brewing process, and then gradually stretched, all of which was visible at a glance. 

       It could be said that making tea with a glass tea set was a dynamic art appreciation.

  Yin Ba used the most famous alpine cloud mist tea in Dongling Kingdom.
The gap was crystal clear with a light mist, clear and green, and the buds and leaves were blossoming.
It looked pleasant to the eye and interesting to watch.
The five guests on the third floor, except for the Gu siblings, all had fiery rays of light in their eyes, accompanied with frenzied flashes of determination to win.

  ”Shop assistant, ask your shopkeeper to come up.
Let’s discuss the price.” The person who spoke was an elegant middle-aged man.
His outfit looked inconspicuous, but they were actually low-key luxury.
Every piece of sheepskin jade jewelry on him was priceless.
The jade hairpin atop his head was cut from the same piece of jade as his jade pendant, and the carvings in them were both exquisite and exceptional.

  The young shop assistant standing next to him smiled wryly and apologized, “I’m sorry, Third Master! Our tea set is not for sale, not for any price! It’s not only once or twice that you talked to the Shopkeeper.
You still haven’t given up!”

  ”How could you talk to our client like that? Our store has always adhered to the principle that customers come first.
Our livelihood depends on them, so your attitude towards them should be as warm as spring.
You, go down and receive your punishment.
Let someone replace you on the third floor!” Yin Ba’s position in the Hidden Soul Hall was in the top four beside their master, and he still had the right to deal with a shop assistant.

  The shop assistant wanted to argue some more, but after receiving Yin Ba’s stare, he went downstairs dejectedly.

Not long after, a boy in the same costume as the shop assistant came up.
He has a round face, crescent eyes, and he maintained a smile that looked like a smile even if it wasn’t.
He looked quite pleasing.

  The elegant man repeated his request just now, “For the past three days, we, tea lovers, have come here every day.
Except for eating and sleeping, we spent all our time here 12 hours a day.
That shop assistant just now annoyed the three of us.
Are you by chance… the boss of the Yinzhen Pavilion?”

  ”In any case, you are honored guests and he is at your service.
If you don’t have the patience, how can you do a good job?” Yin Ba gently smiled and continued, “I am not the boss of Yinzhen Pavilion and I just run errands for him.”

  ”I don’t care about your status, just give me the word.
Can you call the shots of Yinzhen Pavilion?” A slightly fat elderly man in a scholarly outfit asked impatiently with expectant eyes.

  Yin Ba replied with a smile, “If I can’t call the shots, no one else in the entire Yinzhen Pavilion can make the decision!”

  ”Make the decision then!” Another tall, thin, white bearded old man squeezed in front of Yin Ba and asked anxiously, “Tell me, how much will you sell this glass tea set for?

  Before Yin Ba could speak, Fine-clad Grandpa interjected unhappily, “Zhang-laotou[1], everything is a first come first served basis.
I obviously took a fancy to this tea set first.”

  Tall and Thin Grandpa was about to argue, but was interrupted by Scholarly-clad Guy, “You all have to line up behind me.
I was the first to find this tea set, and the first to ask for the price.
You all stand back!”

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