The Minister of Imperial Academy was a close friend of Jun Yonglun, and their two children have known each other since childhood and were childhood sweethearts.
Mo Jiaxuan has a gentle temperament and loved Jun Shanshan deeply.
The two were a match made in heaven.

  The Old Madam was both happy and somewhat at a loss after gaining a grandson-in-law, and she couldn’t adapt to it for a long time.
In her words, without her granddaughter, the yard seemed to be missing dozens of people, rendering it unusually deserted.

  Meanwhile, Gu Ming, who was helping his sister to organize her belongings asked, somewhat puzzled, “Sister, why did you give that momo medicine?!” The medicine that his sister concocted must be worth a lot, proven by the Heart-reliever Pill that they sold to Landlord Ding.
Just those few bottles of medicine alone cost more than a thousand taels!

  Gu Ye saw through his reluctance and smiled: “Brother, favors are always more valuable than money.
Niu-momo has been busy for most of the day for us.
Look at this courtyard, whether it’s the quilts, the curtains, and furniture, they’re all new.
The fireplace heats the house as warm as spring, and tea and snacks are readily available.
Taking her considerations into account, what’s a bottle of medicine for her?”

  Gu Ming pondered over it for a while and issued a laugh.
“Sister, the current you feels like you’re two different people compared to two months ago.
Look at you, you’re talking in a certain way and acting like a little adult.
However, you are right! From now on, I will listen to you!”

  Dong Xue made the bed and smiled when she heard their exchange.
“With that bottle of medicine that Miss gave, Niu-momo will definitely be more attentive when serving you.”

  ”Speaking of which, I should thank you the most, Sister Dong Xue.
Sister, you braved the wind and snow and traveled with us the entire journey.
You planned everything for us.
I really don’t know how to repay you.
All I have in my hand is medicine, but it would be inappropriate to give medicine to someone for no reason.”

  Gu Ye remembered that in her previous life, she read in a novel about house fighting and palace struggles that if you want the maid by your side to be loyal, you must temper them with both rewards and penalties.
After all, she was someone else’s maid, and establishing her power was yet needed.
Hence, it was still necessary to give a little favor.

  ”Did you hear yourself, Miss? This maid is a servant of the Duke of Zhen’s son.
Your kindness to our Young Master makes you equal to the great benefactor of this servant, and serving you is my due.
Repaying me with anything will only kill me.” Dong Xue helped Gu Ye to the side of the bed, put a soft pillow behind her, and let her lie down and rest.

  Gu Ye stuck her right hand into her sleeves, and with her consciousness, she picked out a string of gold bracelets from the messy pile of supplies in the corner of her space, and then put it into Dong Xue’s hand: “I bought this bracelet at the jewelry shop just for the sake of it.
If you don’t mind, take it with you.”

  Dong Xue stared at the bracelet in her palm.
Although it was too light, it has exquisite workmanship, especially the star decoration on it.
The three-dimensional design made it mirror the stars in the sky, shining with dazzling glitter.
Dong Xue fell in love with it at first sight.
Even in the palace of the Duke of Zhen, she had never had such exquisite jewelry.

  As a general rule, it was very common for servants who served their masters well to receive rewards.
However, seeing the semi-new jacket with rough workmanship and ordinary fabric on Gu Ye, Dong Xue was a bit hesitant.
She pushed the bracelet back and said, “Miss, it’s this servant’s duty to serve you.
How can I ask for rewards from you?”

  ”Sister Dong Xue, do you dislike this bracelet?” Seeing Dong Xue shaking her head while explaining, she continued, “Since you don’t dislike it, just keep it.
It’s not worth a few taels.”

  ”Then… this servant thanks Miss for the reward.” Dong Xue carefully put away the bracelet.

  ”Ming’er, Ye’er—” Gu Xiao’s voice echoed from the courtyard.
The curtain was swept aside, and he strode in.
Seeing the warmth and comfort in the simple interior, Gu Xiao nodded with satisfaction.

  ”Grandpa, why did you come alone? What about Uncle-Master and Master?” Gu Ye sat up straight and asked with a smile.

  ”Elder Master Jun hosted a banquet for Medical Sage and Sage Apothecary.
I’m a boorish fellow, and I don’t like the entertainment, so I shied away.
I excused myself, saying that you two might be feeling uncomfortable in the new environment, and escaped.” Gu Xiao sat down on a chair, carefully checked the dim sum on the table, and said worriedly, “These dim sums are not easy to digest.
Xiao Ye’er, you can’t eat any, let someone remove them.”

  ”Grandpa, if I can’t eat it, then just leave it for me to look at and relieve my cravings!” Gu Ye had long been craving for the plate of pastry, but before she had time to steal one, they were about to fly away again.

  Gu Xiao recently discovered that after his little granddaughter gradually relaxed, she would exhibit a touch of her roguish side.
She said she wouldn’t eat any, what rubbish! Withdraw, no questions allowed!

  ”Elder Master Gu, Young Master Gu.” Niu-momo came in with a few little girls and a food box.
She first greeted the grandfather and grandson of the Gu family, and then said, “Do you want to have lunch in the inner room or the outer room?”

  ”There are no outsiders here, so just serve it here.” Gu Ye pointed to the old-fashioned square table for eight people in the inner room.

  ”The house prepared this precious guineafowl specially for you, Miss.
It is the most nourishing for the qi and blood.
There is also this bird’s nest porridge, which serves as a tonic.” Niu-momo took out a bowl of dark soup medicine from another food box, and said, “However, Medical Sage said you must drink this bowl of tonic before eating.”

  ”Tonic again! Isn’t it said that food cures better than medicinal tonics? This chicken soup, bird’s nest, aren’t they healthy? I’m not going to drink that soup!” Gu Ye started acting the rascal again.

  In terms of taking medicine, Gu Xiao couldn’t give in to her.
He picked up the medicine bowl and said, “Didn’t Medical Sage say it? With your current situation, you have to take ten days worth of medicine before you can stop.
Tonic is something that comes after stopping taking medicines.
Come on now, drink it obediently.”

  ”I’m perfectly fine! I feel that Uncle-Master Medical Sage is deliberately picking on me, forcing me to drink so many bitter medicines!” Gu Ye realized that her most loving elder brother now doesn’t take her side and speak for her.
Thus, she still drank the medicine in one breath.
How bitter! Her small face was wrinkled into a ball, and she almost spit the last sip of medicine.

  ”Miss, drink the bird’s nest porridge and rinse your mouth!” Dong Xue quickly picked up the bird’s nest porridge and scooped a spoon to her mouth.
There was rock sugar in the bird’s nest.
After Gu Ye took a bite, she took the porridge bowl and gobbled it down.

  As for the precious guineafowl, due to her weak spleen and stomach, none dared to let her eat more than necessary, and so she was only half full after the meal.

Seeing her grandpa and brother eating deliciously, Gu Ye kept gulping — When will this miserable kind of life end?!

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