”No, your master’s body is much stronger than yours.
After a night’s rest, I can play two sets of Five-Animal Exercises[1] again tomorrow morning.
You little brat, can you stop worrying so much? Your Uncle-Master said that the most important thing for you right now is to rest in bed.” Sage Apothecary looked at the little flesh that his apprentice had managed to grow, but had thinned again and felt terribly distressed.
How could he ask her to give him a massage?

  The maids of the Jun Manor brought tea and snacks.
Gu Ye’s big eyes gave off a wolf-like blue glow — Wow! The desserts are so delicate, they look delicious…

  When her claws were about to reach the dim sum tray, her Uncle-Master Medical Sage crushed her: “Stop! These desserts are made of glutinous rice, which is not easy to digest.
You have a weak stomach now and can’t eat them.
Miss Dong Xue, remove the dim sum in front of her.”

  Seeing the dim sum that nearly reached her mouth but was just taken away, Gu Ye leaned forward, stretched out her right hand, and made the “Nostril Kang” signature move: “Don’t…my dim sum!” But she still couldn’t stop the dim sum from gradually leaving the table farther and further away.

  ”Uncle-Master, did you do it on purpose? You are taking revenge! Master is the one who refuses to teach you Hua Tuo’s divine skills and the principles of formulating Mafeisan, so you should seek him out! Why are you messing with me? Giving me medicines that are terribly bitter, forbidding me to eat meat, and now you’re not even letting me eat snacks! I’m not doing it.
I want to eat meat.
I want to eat snacks.
I refuse to take bitter medicine!” Gu Ye clenched her small fists in protest.

  Hearing her complaints, Sage Apothecary stopped eating snacks, looked at Medical Sage suspiciously, and said, “Don’t tell me my disciple is telling the truth, is she? Medical Sage, old chap, don’t be doing something like this.
If you have any complaints, come at me.
My apprentice can’t afford to your tortures.”

  ”Sure enough, Master is still the best!” Gu Yet did not expect her Master to defend her.
She felt somewhat ashamed for betraying her loyalty to him earlier.  She decided that when she felt better, she would take out the prepared prescription version of the anesthetic and donate it in the name of her master.
Of course, a small profit was a must.

  Medical Sage glared at the master and apprentice angrily, and scolded them, “You’re gauging the heart of this gentleman with your own mean measures! You two are indeed a flock of the same feather!”

  ”Exactly, no doubt about it! You are right in everything you say, Uncle-Master! We’re just villains, right? However, you’ve got to pity your Apprentice-niece and stop the three times a day of bitter medicine, right? Okay or okay?” Gu Ye shed whatever was left of her integrity, clasped her hands together devoutly, and earnestly pleaded.

  Medical Sage sighed deeply, stretched out his hand to check her pulse, and said while stroking his long beard, “Well, not bad.
Your body is recovering faster than ordinary people.”

  ”Can I skip drinking the soup medicine?” Gu Ye’s eyes were sparkling, emitting nothing but hope.

  Medical Sage coughed a few times, and after keeping her in suspense for a while, he parted his lips and said, “No.
I’ll give you another prescription.
Take it for another ten days, and you can change into pills later!”

  Gu Ye’s face sagged in an instant, as if struck by lightning.
She stubbornly retorted, “What? Ten more days of drinking medicine? ! Uncle-Master, you might as well drown me in the medicine jars!”

  ”Watch your tongue!” Gu Xiao lightly patted her on the head, changed his mind and rubbed it instead.
“Your Uncle-Master is doing this for your own good.
You even ignore how Medical Sage personally treats you and urges you to take your medicine.
This is an unprecedented treatment that the princes and nobles never had, yet you don’t know how to cherish it.”

  ”Whoever wants this kind of treatment can take it!” Gu Ye puffed her cheeks up.

  ”Sister, didn’t you often persuade Brother Li Hu to follow the doctor’s orders? Now that you are a patient, you should also listen to the doctor’s instructions carefully, and don’t make us worry.
Once you have fully recovered, no one will stop you from eating whatever you want in the future.” Gu Ming also chimed in to persuade this stubborn girl who was arguing with all her might.

  ”Fine! I get it! One to four, I’ve lost! With you guys watching, can I not obey? Wooo… What a miserable life!” Gu Ye covered her fake crying.

  ”Be content, little girl! If you were someone else, they would have fallen into a critical state.
Without taking medicine for the first half of the year, you will never recover.
You should be thankful that you are in good spirits and are recovering rapidly!” Medical Sage looked at her with a half-smile along with a playful brilliance in his eyes.

  Gu Ye thought deep inside: I’ve been taking potions that nourish me every day.
It would be a wonder if I’m still in low spirits. If it wasn’t for the fear of being taken as a monster, she would have taken the enhanced version of the potion long ago. Ugh! I have to drink ten days of medicine and suffer ten days of this torture.
Oh misery…

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