Chu Muhua was in tip-top physical condition, and he looked in good spirits when he woke up.
Only then did Old General Chu put his heart back into his stomach completely.
Hearing that his savior’s disciple, the granddaughter of Grandpa Gu, fell ill because of his injury, if everyone hadn’t stopped him, Chu Muhua would have gone to visit her while enduring his wound.

  ”Old General, Sage Apothecary, Medical Sage, the medicine is ready.” It was the military doctor named Si Linhai who came in.
After seeing Sage Apothecary’s medical skills, this guy wished he could grow by his side, earnestly hoping to learn a bit of knowledge.
In particular, the suturing skills of wounds; he wondered, could it be used to treat soldiers’ trauma? If it hadn’t been for Sage Apothecary’s disciple’s illness, he would have hounded him long ago.

  ”Give it to me!” Gu Ye heard the tiredness in her grandfather’s voice.

  Then, bitter soup was poured in her mouth, almost scaring her into holding her breath.
Master, did you add half a catty of Chinese goldthread to your soup, it tastes more bitter than bile.
No wonder my pills at the drugstore are so popular.
Gu Ye closed her mouth subconsciously.

  ”Ye’er, you’ll be fine after drinking the medicine.
Your big brother is still at home, waiting for us to go back for the Lunar New Year.
Nothing must happen to you!” Gu Xiao’s eyes reddened, self-blame filling his heart.
It was all because of him that his granddaughter, who was only ten years old, was weak.
He asked her to travel thousands of miles in the cold wind…

  Recalling how sensible and well-behaved his granddaughter was in the past, how she massaged and applied hot compresses to his injured leg every day… For his old boss, he sought her to beg her master for medicine.
In order to repay his kindness, she rushed to the frontier despite the severe cold… Gu Xiao turned his face away and wiped away the tears from the corners of his eyes.

  ”Come on, disciple! Although your Uncle-Master’s medicine is bitter, the effect is still good.
Didn’t you say that you want to surpass me and become the most powerful pharmacist in the world? Drink this medicine, get well, and I will teach you all my secrets.
My Senior Brother never even knew some of them!” Senior Brother spoke somewhat incoherently.
If Gu Ye couldn’t even drink the medicine, then her situation would be grave.

  She didn’t want to worry those who loved her, so she endured the bitter taste and swallowed the spoonful of medicine that was brought to her mouth.
Seeing that she was drinking the medicine, everyone breathed a sigh of relief.
It took her half an hour to drink all half of a bowl of medicine.

  ”Everyone, go and rest.
I’ll take vigil tonight,” Medical Sage said.
Tonight was the most critical moment, and no mistakes could be tolerated.
Gu Xiao, sitting next to his granddaughter, looked at her thinner face and felt distressed.

  Sage Apothecary said, “You don’t know apothecary skills, what’s the use of you staying here? I’ll watch over here.
All of you should rest.
Replace me in the morning when you’re in better spirits.” In any case, he knew some medicine.
If there was any accident in the middle of the night, he could also respond in time.

  ”Stop arguing, junior brother will stay until the middle of the night, and General Gu can take over afterward.
End of discussion!” Medical Sage could see how much his junior brother valued the little girl.
Although, he couldn’t see anything special about that little girl.
However, there must be a reason why his junior brother valued her.

  Everyone else left, and the Sage Apothecary sat down on the edge of the bed.
Gu Ye’s face was burning red, her breathing was slow and fast, and her thin body shivered from time to time.
Alas, this child has suffered greatly.
He hoped she could survive this disaster.

  The room was very quiet, except for the occasional fluttering of the lights.
The courtyard gradually returned to silence.
Sage Apothecary was old after all, and because of his worries about his disciple, he hadn’t slept well in the past few days.
His exhaustion soon struck.
He rested his chin on his hand and dozed off.

  Gu Ye tried her best to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed to be glued on.
Her body temperature was getting higher and higher, almost burning her body to ashes.
Gu Ye clearly realized that if this continued, her life would be gone forever.

  Ling Juechen, who was far away in the capital of the Yan Kingdom, suddenly woke up from a nightmare covered in sweat.
The searing heat of the fire in his dream felt so vivid that he could hardly breathe.
It was as if it was foreshadowing something. What happened? Did something happen to the little girl?

  In his previous life, before Gu Ye fell into that accident, he had a premonition.
The moment her body was torn apart by beasts, his heart seemed to be torn apart along with her, piercing his heart.

  However, the little girl was in Qingshan Village, and Yan Qiutong was closely protecting her.
What danger could she encounter? Ling Juechen was worried.
How could he fall asleep? The next morning, Ling Juechen, who had been sitting all night, sent a letter towards Qingshan Village.

  Meanwhile, Gu Ye was fighting the most difficult battle against a disease in history.
She tried to sink her consciousness into her space to see if she could choose a suitable medicine for her to take.

  All of a sudden, her body lightened, and she clearly felt herself falling into a pool of water.
Compared to the cold air outside, it was warm and cozy inside.
The water in the pool, emitting a faint coolness, soaked her hot body comfortably.

  She moved her eyelids and opened her eyes a bit.
This time, she succeeded.
She found herself sinking to the bottom of the pond, but she was able to breathe freely in the water, as if she belonged to the pond and was one with it.

  She stretched out her limbs and felt her body become lighter, slowly floating towards the bright light on the pond surface.
The cool pool water slowly swept away her body’s scalding heat.
After floating on the surface of the pond for half an hour, she found that she was finally able to control her body.
She gently waded with her hands and feet, swimming toward the shore in a clumsy doggy paddle style.

  After peeling off her wet cotton-padded clothes, she laid down on the green grass by the bank in a “大” shape.
She breathed the air with a trace of medicinal fragrance, enjoying the tranquility brought by the space.

  Although her body temperature was still a bit high, it was already within the controllable range.
Gu Ye lay down for a while, feeling a little thirsty.
There was no water to quench her thirst in the space except in that pond.
She had just soaked in the pool, and she expressed her resistance to drink any in it.

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