Raging Illness

  Gu Ye took the chance when her Uncle-Master was diagnosing the Major General’s pulse to retreat.
She inched closer to the Major General’s side and gave him a potion that strengthens his body and cultivates his vitality.
The medicine could not only replenish qi and blood to improve physical fitness, but also speed up the healing of wounds.

  Medical Sage saw her and reminded kindly, “Apprentice-Niece, it’s not suitable for an injured patient to drink water, you should feed less of that.”

  Sage Apothecary was already simmering with anger.
What did this old chap, Medical Sage, mean? Was he thinking of robbing her patient? Was he doubting his medical skills? Never mind, just bear it! He shouldn’t take matters into his own hands at the moment.
Besides, he was teaching his disciple.
He could tolerate him as long as he didn’t say anything else.

  ”My disciple is no worse than you in nursing patients! Don’t get on your high horse just because you’re an elder.
Who are you trying to frighten?” Sage Apothecary scoffed.
“Disciple, let’s go!” Leave the rest to the Medical Sage.
We’ve rushed here for several days and stayed occupied for a few hours.
We’re exhausted.
Your body is your own.
Rest properly!”

  Medical Sage noticed the trace of exhaustion on his junior brother’s face.
The years were not forgiving, and in the blink of an eye, that naughty little junior brother has grown to a gray-haired, wrinkled old man.
Like he said, it was time for them to take a good rest.

  ”Junior Brother, I’m here to watch.
Go and rest.
If something happens, I’ll send someone to call you.” Medical Sage turned a deaf ear to his junior brother’s annoyance and instead showed an expression that spoke of his concern.

  It never occurred to everyone that between this pair of master and apprentice, the old one was fine, but the young one almost died…

  Gu Ye only felt like a monkey crushed by the Five Elements Mountain.
Her bones were stiff and frozen.
She also felt like a suckling pig on the fire.
From the flesh to the tendons, she felt stabbing pain made her wish to die in the next second.
But her consciousness was wide awake.

  ”Quack doctor, can you handle it?! It’s been three days, but my disciple is still burning hot.
She shows no sign of waking up at all, you see? If you’re incompetent, I’ll find another doctor!” In the darkness, Gu Ye heard her master’s hoarse voice suffused with tiredness.
What’s wrong with Master? Didn’t he go back to his room to rest? Why is he in my room?

  Then, the voice of the Medical Sage entered her ears: “Who are you calling a quack doctor? I haven’t given you a piece of my mind yet.
Look at how you are raising a child.
She is such a young kid, but her body is depleted.
If not for the elixir, she would have died a long time ago.
Y-You are too confident in your own medicine, even to the point of conceit.
The drained body should recuperate slowly.
Relying only on medicines can only cure the symptoms but not the root cause!”

  Sage Apothecary has lived in Qingshan Village for so long, and naturally he has heard about his little disciple.
Hearing what Medical Sage said, he wished he could fly there right this moment and beat that heartless couple.

  ”Senior Brother, how is my apprentice now? Can she be cured?” From childhood to adulthood, Sage Apothecary has never called Medical Sage “Senior Brother”.
However, at this time, the way he said the title was so sincere and anxious.

  Medical Sage took out his famous silver needles and stabbed them on the acupuncture points on the little girl’s head one by one, while comforting his junior brother who was worried to the point of collapse, “You should be glad that this running about has stirred the sickness deep in this little girl’s body, and I happen to be around.
With medicine, this little girl’s constitution looked no different from a normal person.
But over time, her illness would be exposed.
In another three to five years, let alone me, even if a Daluo Daoist Immortal were alive, he wouldn’t be able to save her!”

  It’s not that serious, right? Gu Ye couldn’t help but pout in her consciousness.
In fact, she had been careless too.
After drinking the body-warming potion for a period, her health gradually recovered, so she stopped.
It was said that doctors shouldn’t treat themselves, this statement was quite reasonable.

  ”Medical Sage, can my granddaughter’s illness be cured?” Gu Xiao asked in a tremulous voice along with tears in his eyes.

  Medical Sage was also not quite sure: “As long as her fever subsides tonight and she wakes up, there will be no problem.
I’m just afraid…”

  ”You’re better off saying nothing!” Sage Apothecary was so anxious that he jumped to his feet.
If given the change, he would take his disciple’s place and suffer this serious illness.

  ”Medical Sage, please be sure to cure her at all costs.
No matter what medicine is needed, just say the word! “Looking at the little girl lying on the bed, with her pale and thin face, Old General Chu felt a pang of distress.
If it wasn’t for his grandson, this little girl wouldn’t have fallen ill.

  Gu Ye fell ill that night.
The next day, the medicine for Chu Muhua’s wound was replaced by Medicine Sage.
The doctor couldn’t help but gasp in amazement when he saw the wound.
The legendary Hua Tuo’s divine technique of opening the chest to extract an arrow turned out to be like so!

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