r>He wiped a hand to his face, quickly mastered the knack of spraying disinfectant solution, sprayed himself, and also helped spraying his apprentice.

  When he looked up, he saw a strange transparent bottle in his disciple’s hand, which was filled with clean water.
It also has a long transparent hose, one end was inserted into the transparent bottle, and the other end was connected to a needle.
He saw his disciple stick the needle into the back of the injured man’s hand.

  ”This is normal saline.
The patient bled too much and needed to be hydrated,” Gu Ye explained the movements of her hands, but she didn’t stop for a moment.
“In the operation later, blood transfusion may be required.
Master, please let the Old General first find a few able-bodied soldiers to come and test for blood.”

  ”Blood? You mean to channel other people’s blood into the Major General’s body?” Sage Apothecary’s eyes widened, expressing his disbelief.
“They’re not blood relatives.
Can blood still be transfused to others? “

  ”Of course! There are four main types of blood: A, B, AB, and O.
Some types of blood are more common, while others are very rare.
I hope the Major General does not belong to the Rh-negative blood type! “Gu Ye swiftly used the test strip to find out the Major General’s blood type, and was slightly relieved — Fortunately, he’s type O.

  She picked up the equipment for drawing blood, opened the door and saw the Old General’s generous expression.
He said loudly, “Little girl, use my blood! I am his grandfather.
Our blood is definitely a match!”

  Without thinking about it, Gu Ye refused, “No, you are too old and your blood is unqualified.
The blood of young people is vigorous, and the blood quality is good!”

  Gu Xiao quickly stepped forward and said, “I’m a dozen years younger than the Old General.
Ye’er, can you check if my blood can be used?”

  Gu Ye collected a little blood from him, and after checking, she shook her head and said, “No! Grandpa, your blood is type A and cannot be used!”

  ”Use mine!”

  ”Major General saved my life.
I’m willing to give all my blood to him!”

  ”I’m in good health, use my blood!”


  As soon as the news that the Major General needed blood to save his life spread, a commotion arose outside the courtyard.
More than a dozen young and strapping soldiers came in, and among them was the Adjutant General who brought the Sage Apothecary and his disciple over.

  After blood tests, three blood donors were selected.
Their blood type was the same as that of the Major General.
It also happened that the Adjutant General Huang’s blood type was O.
Like Gu Xiao, he was originally a guard next to the Old General, and he almost grew up watching the Major General.
This time, the Major General would have escaped being hurt so badly if it wasn’t to save him.
Even if he was asked to donate all his blood, he would be willing.

  Seeing his firm attitude, Gu Ye drew 400cc of blood from him.
She said to the other two soldiers, “Wait here for a moment.
If the blood is not enough, you will be needed later.”

  ”Little Doctor, how can such little blood be enough? Take a little more! Adjutant General Huang stretched out his arm and demanded earnestly.

  ”The amount of blood drawn is within a safe range.
Any more and it will affect your body,” Gu Ye explained.

  Adjutant General Huang said decisively, “I’m not afraid! Bring it on!”

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