Border Rescue

As soon as she entered the door, a warm feeling rushed to her face, which was mixed with a pungent bloody odor.
On the heated bed, lay a handsome young man with a pale face and weak breathing.
The young man’s eyes were tightly closed, his long and thick eyelashes were curved into a beautiful arc, his nose was upturned, and his perfect thin lips were without a trace of blood.

  He was wearing only a white single shirt, with the front open, revealing his well-textured pectoral muscles.
However, Gu Ye’s admiration for a good figure was destroyed by the half-feather arrow on his left chest.
Even at a glance, she could clearly see how dangerous the feather arrow was.
As long as it moved half a centimeter to the left, it would penetrate his heart, and Hua Tuo[1] would not have been able to save him even if he was alive.

  Once the main organs of the body were damaged, the person would die quickly.
Although Gu Ye’s life-saving medicine was good, it couldn’t save the dead.

  ”Sage Apothecary, can my grandson still be saved?” An old and grief-stricken voice sounded from behind the master and apprentice.

  Gu Ye looked back and saw the old general behind her, dressed in armor.
Although he has a head of white hair, his figure was still tall and straight.
The slight wrinkles on his square face and the gleam in his eyes added to his majesty.
At this time, the Old General, like all the elders in the world, looked at the inexplicable youth on the bed with worried and loving eyes.

  Gu Xiao quickly informed Sage Apothecary of the young man’s condition in detail: “The Major General fell into the enemy’s ruse.
If it wasn’t for his extraordinary skills, he would have been shot through the heart by the enemy general.
The arrow is highly poisonous, but I gave him a dose in time.
The antidote you gave me, Sage Apothecary, eliminated all the toxins.
However, the arrow on his chest, neither the military doctors nor the renowned doctors invited from nearby dared to remove it easily.
If it weren’t for the life-sustaining potion, he would have already…”

  ”Elder Brother Sage Apothecary, although a great favor can’t be paid back with mere thanks,  When you were in the Exiled Lands, you saved my life so to speak.
This time, if it weren’t for your medicine, I’m afraid my grandson would have been long gone.
Please accept Chu Zhuanghan’s obeisance.” The Old General cupped his fists and bowed deeply toward the Sage Apothecary.

  Before he could complete the bow, Sage Apothecary stopped him.
“General Chu, you’re too serious! It is the duty of all doctors and medicine practitioners in the world to cure diseases and save people.”

  The administration of medicine to save the Old General was his credit.
As for that antidote potion to the poison or whatever, the Life-sustaining Potion, he had never even heard of it.
Needless to say, it must be the good deed of his little apprentice.
This girl, she also kept it a secret.
She never thought of reporting the matter to her master.
She came here all of a sudden.
Wasn’t she afraid of exposing her his secrets!

  However, the Old General Chu insisted on bowing down and said, “This time, I hope the Sage Apothecary will take action and save my grandson.”

  Sage Apothecary stepped forward to check the Major General’s injury carefully, sighed in his heart, and said, “This arrow has barbs.
If we pull out the arrow rashly, I’m afraid it will hurt his heart.
However, if we don’t draw the arrow, he can last for two more days at most…”

  ”Elder Brother Zheng, even you can’t do anything?” Gu Xiao’s eyes were overflowing with despair.
He knew that the Major General was the successor trained by the Old General.
Even the Duke of Zhen couldn’t compare to the Major General’s talent in deploying the army.
If he were to die so young, the Old General probably could not withstand such a blow.

  In terms of medical skills, the renowned folk doctors they invited were not as good as the Sage Apothecary.
Although he has always been at odds with the Medical Sage, he has to admit that he really wasn’t naturally gifted in studying healing.

  Just as Sage Apothecary was about to shake his head, he found that the little disciple was gently tugging at the corner of his clothes.
Right! Didn’t his apprentice possess Hua Tuo’s divine skills? If she could suture the hamstrings, allowing people to return to their original state, then maybe she has a solution, right?

  He quickly changed his mind and said, “To be honest, I don’t have much confidence.
However, I have a way.
Can I give it a try?”

  ”What method?” The military doctors and renowned folk doctors on the side all blinked their eyes wide and looked at him in disbelief.
Expectations also filled the eyes of the Old General and Gu Xiao.

  Under such pressure, Sage Apothecary mumbled softly, “We can cut his wound and take out the arrow.”

  ”No, the arrow is too close to his heart, and the tiniest slip will hurt his heart.
Even Daluo Daoist Immortals[2] can’t save him.” The military doctors and the others also thought about trying this method.
However, no one could guarantee that they could successfully avoid his vitals once they drew the arrow.



↑1 Hua Tuo – was a renowned physician during the Eastern Han Dynasty and Three Kingdoms era of China
↑2 According to references, Daluo Daoist Immortals are considered the highest entities of immortals

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