Chapter 59: Grandpa’s Flying Missive

 Sage Apothecary opened the bag, took a piece of cinnamon cake and stuffed it into his mouth, snorting, “Who misses you! Without you little monkey by my side, I finally felt peace and quiet!”

  He used to concentrate on pharmaceutical research, stayed alone for a few months, and never felt lonely.
Ever since he accepted this little apprentice, she had been asking questions in his ear like a little sparrow all day long.
He really couldn’t get used to it when she suddenly stayed away for a few days.

  Especially when night came and he was alone in the whole yard.
It was so quiet that he could hear the beating of his own heart.
At that time, he felt desolate deep down.
Hearing the sound of the “Little Sparrow” again, the whole yard seemingly came alive.

  ”Who did you bring back? Is that person reliable?” The Sage Apothecary was afraid that his disciple would be targeted by someone with ulterior motives.
Coveting the medicine he taught was nothing, but the secret skills of his disciples could not be easily exposed.

  Although Gu Ye also felt that the incident was a bit strange, Aunt Yan was terribly sick when she bought her, and she was at death’s door.
Nobody could possibly risk their own life as a trap just to catch her, right? Even if it was a conspiracy against her, she couldn’t bear to watch a life perish in front of her.

  In her previous life, Ice Cube once said that she was too easy to be soft-hearted, and this weakness could eventually kill her.
Still, she felt that as a doctor and a pharmacist, if she ignored human life and refused to save someone when she could, what was the point of her existence?

  Sage Apothecary asked her to tell him everything about the purchase of the cook.
Although he couldn’t find a flaw, he had this niggling feeling that something was not right.  He couldn’t help but warn his disciple, “There’s no harm in always being cautious.
You live in the same room with her, so pay more attention to her.”

  His disciple nodded obediently and seriously agreed.
Then he smiled and said, “I guessed that you will arrive tonight, so I asked your Aunt Zhang to cook more.
The food is preserved hot in the pot.
There is hot water in the other pot, so take a shower and go to bed early later on.

  At night, Sage Apothecary was still worried.
He couldn’t fall asleep, tossing and turning.
He got up, wrote a missive, and released the carrier pigeon early the next morning.
The content of the letter was nothing more than asking Ling Juechen to check the details of the cook.

  ”Master, your carrier pigeon is back! Don’t tell me you didn’t feed it enough, so it came back to ask you for food?” Gu Ye drank delicious lean pork porridge and ate two fragrant and soft rolls with the home-made pickles.

  Aunt Yan rested for a night.
Although her health had not yet recovered, she still got up early and made a simple breakfast —— spinach lean meat porridge and sesame flower rolls.
There was no doubt that Aunt Yan did have a set of cooking skills.
Simple food produced a different aroma in her hands.
Even the picky-mouthed Gu Ye couldn’t pick out a single fault.

  Although Sage Apothecary was wary of Aunt Yan, he was not at all vague about grabbing lean meat porridge with his apprentice.
He didn’t care about the heat.
He buried his head, sighed, and slurped the fragrant porridge.
Hearing what his disciple said, he looked up and saw a pigeon, which landed on the high courtyard wall.

  Strange! The carrier pigeons trained by the Hidden Soul Hall have never made a mistake in conveying military information.
How could it turn back halfway? Sage Apothecary couldn’t care about competing with his disciple for food and waved to the carrier pigeon on the wall.
He was embarrassed.
The carrier pigeon was indifferent, still standing at the wall cooing.

  Gu Ye laughed so hard that she almost spewed out: “Master, your carrier pigeon is angry and is ignoring you! I got it.
You must have recently deducted its rations, so the little pigeon is on strike! Come on, little pigeon.
Elder sister will give you corn kernels, come to sister.”

  Strangely enough, the carrier pigeon issued two “coo” calls, spread its wings, flapped a few times, and landed on Gu Ye’s arm.

  ”Hahaha…Master, your carrier pigeon has defected.” Gu Ye smiled smugly.

  Sage Apothecary took a closer look at the carrier pigeon, shook his head and said, “This is not the one I released this morning.”

  ”Not yours? Then who else in Qingshan Village can train such an obedient pigeon? “Gu Ye held the carrier pigeon and examined it repeatedly.
Sure enough, the pigeon was not pure white, with a tuft of gray feathers on its belly.

  ”How about you open the letter on its feet and see what this is all about?” Sage Apothecary swallowed all the meat porridge in his bowl in one gulp, and patted his full stomach —— He hadn’t eaten such a food that suited his taste for a long time.

  Just as Gu Ye was momentarily hesitating, her master picked up the pigeon.
He took off the letter and only read two lines when his expression immediately became serious.

  Gu Ye put away her laughter and asked, “Master, what happened?”

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