Title: Resplendent Apothecary

Translator: Fringe Capybara
The Resplendent Apothecary ch 120 – All Favors Are Gone (2)

“I don’t believe it! You have your stories straight trying to fool me! You unfamilial little fart.
You have so much money on you and here your dad and your little brother could barely afford to buy food, but all you care about is yourself.
I… I am going to sue, you little ungrateful brat!” With her hands on her waist, she shouted uncontrollably; her fatty body jittered as she talked.

“What was all the shouting about? It was so loud I couldn’t even read my medical journal.
You better watch out or I am going to poison you so that you could never talk again for the rest of your life!!” The sage apothecary was clearly unhappy that his favorite little disciple was called an “unfamilial little brat”.

She was such a nice disciple.
She has the much-treasured Compendium of Materia Medica which she’d share generously and she has mad talent in herbal medicines.
Not to mention her Hua Tuo skills that could cure the dead.
She was such a wonderful child yet her parents had no appreciation for her.
All they wanted was to abuse her day and night.
So what if her father didn’t care for her? Her master did.
He would stand up and speak for her!

No matter what time period, people usually have an unusual respect for doctors/healers.
This was also the case when it came to Mrs.
Wu had told her that Gu Ye used methods from her master to heal a dead man and worked better than a goddess.
Everybody ate and would inevitably get sick one day and would need the help of the Old Sacred Doctor.
Even Mrs.
Gu wouldn’t dare to offend the sage apothecary.

“It was only 160 taels of silver that we were talking about! A regular nourishment pill from me would cost over that amount.
Come, disciple, you don’t have time for these people.
Come assist your master! Did you say you want to learn how to make that “Fast-Acting Heart Saver Pills”? That Landlord Ding’s family paid 100 taels in down payment for 10 bottles.
Let’s hurry up and get them out so we can bring in some more money before the year is over!” The sage apothecary didn’t even bother giving Gu Qiao and his wife a look.
He just waved at his disciple and retrieved inside the house.

Gu Ye obediently greeted all the other elderlies in the backyard and pitter pattered toward the east wing of the house where her master was staying.
She even made a face at Mrs.
Gu as she walked passed her.

“Eh… eh!!! Husband, don’t you have something you want to say about that?” When Mrs.
Gu saw that the one she wanted to talk to was leaving, she quickly reached out to her husband for help.

“Wait!” Gu Qiao finally said something the moment before Gu Ye stepped inside the east wing of the house.

He looked up and looked over at the Patriarch and all the elders and finally looked at Gu Xiao and said, “Fifth Uncle, you only wanted to adopt a child to take care of you at your golden age.
All those were done by boys….
Ye-er is the only girl in our family.
I missed her quite a bit after she had left the house.
Why don’t we do this? We will have Ming-er continued to stay with you, but Ye-er goes home with us…”

“No way!!” The first one that jumped out in objection was, of course, the crazy sister-loving brother Gu Ming.
Staring at Gu Qiao with his beet-red eyes.
He gritted his teeth and said, “What do you want her back for? So you can toss her into the mountains to feed the wolves again? Or to sell her again?”

“Oh, child.
What are you talking about? Ye-er is my daughter.
I am her father; why would I do such a thing? All those were done by your stepmother behind my back.
Now that I am aware of them, how would I let her keep doing that? Don’t worry, I will protect my own daughter.” Said Gu Qiao as he looked lovingly at Gu Ye.

“Dad… this will be the last time I call you that.
And that wasn’t because I was adopted by grandpa; that was because you are not good enough to be my dad!!” Said Gu Ming slowly as tears streamed down his cheeks and looked at Gu Qiao disappointingly.

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