Title: Resplendent Apothecary

Translator: Fringe Capybara
The Resplendent Apothecary ch 118 – Money Over Face (3)

“Then what about you? You said there’s not enough food then how did you and Da Zhuang get to that size? Was it all air inside of you?” said Gu Ye as she looked at her chunky body with a look of disdain.
“You really didn’t think I know it when you cooked more food for your son and yourself in the middle of the night? I knew everything you’ve done in the middle of the night because I was so hungry that I couldn’t even sleep!”

At this point, Mrs.
Gu had given up the pity card altogether.
She scowled, her triangle eyes widened, and in a high pitch voice, she said, “You damned child, if it wasn’t for your dad supporting the whole family all these years, you think you can still be alive right now? Had I known you are going to turn out to be such a spiteful white-eyed wolf, we should have strangled you long time ago and toss you out!”

That had upset Gu Ming.
Who was the spiteful one here? She was the most spiteful of all! He tossed away the axe and said loudly, “And you’ve done exactly that! If it wasn’t me who begged the Patriarch and all the uncles in the village to go look for mei mei in the mountains that very night, she probably wouldn’t…..”

Gu stared at Gu Ye viciously like a poisonous snake waiting for its opportunity to attack, “And just why didn’t the wolves ate this damned girl…”

“Enough already!!” shouted Gu Xiao loudly.
His voice sounding like a thunder in the clear sky, making everybody’s ears rang.
He looked coldly at Mrs.
Gu and Gu QIao and hrmphed, “Spill, what are you over here for? We are done talking about all the crazy talks!”

Gu nudged Gu Qiao with her elbow.
Gu QIao summoned up all his courage and looked up, but as soon as he was met with Gu Xiao’s swift and fierce look, he folded immediately like an inflated balloon.

Gu, seeing that she couldn’t count on her husband anymore, took a step up and, resisting the tremendous pressure from Gu Xiao, said loudly, “Gu Ming and Gu Ye were raised by our family.
Now they can work like an adult, we are going to need more compensation!”

Gu Xiao casted a glance at Gu Qiao and his look had even more contempt than before.
As though he was looking at a performing clown, he watched on as Mrs.
Gu jumped up and down.
After she was done talking, he asked calmly, “Oh? So what are you suggesting? Let’s hear it.”

“Give us money! Two hundred taels of silver, not a penny less!” Mrs.
Gu had completely lost her mind at this point and just shouted out a large amount.

“That’s ludicrous!” came the old Patriarch’s voice.
Everybody in the courtyard turned toward the voice and, other than the old Patriarch, a few other elders as well as the head of the village, were walking toward them.

Next to them was Li Hao winking at the siblings Gu Ming and Gu Ye.
As it turned out, Li Hao was on his way to hang out with Gu Ming when they saw Gu Qiao and Mrs.
Gu heading toward his buddy’s place “angrily”.
He figured nothing good could come out of that and perhaps they had learned about the pork that they have sent over and Mrs.
Gu was now heading over there to cause a scene.

Li Hao then rushed home to fetch his grandpa to back up Xiao Ye-zi.
He didn’t know that the old Patriarch was over at his place playing chess with his grandpa.
Hearing the news, he offered to come with them.
The old Patriarch had a pretty good idea about what kind of a person Mrs.
Gu was.
She must have heard that Gu Xiao grandfather/granddaughter pair made some money in town and now she was eyeing them and wanted to get a cut for herself.

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