Title: Resplendent Apothecary

Translator: Fringe Capybara
The Resplendent Apothecary ch 109 – Naturally Strong (3)  

Gu Ye turned around, covered her mouth, and smiled at the big fool, “Remember what you told me today.
If I so much as hear about you committing crimes again the next time I am in town, I will make sure you lose an arm.
Now get!”

The big fool shuddered and cowered, trying to making himself looked as small as possible.
Then he said weakly, “I… I can’t move half of my body.
My knees are too weak!”

“And you have the guts to be a robber? You are a sad reason for a robber.” Gu Ye rolled her eyes at him as she mounted her donkey.
She then turned around and said to him, “Try to move your right arm and see if it’s mobile!”

Eh? It’s fine now?” The big fool’s eyes widened and he stared at Gu Ye dumbfounded.
His mouth cracked open foolishly.
He looked at her with both fear and respect all the way until she was completely out of his sight.

“Ye-er, how are you so strong? Have you always been like that?” Gu Xiao having just witnessed his granddaughter taken care of a full-grown adult who was several times her size with merely a couple of fingers, couldn’t help but to ask in surprise.

Gu Ye thought about it for a little bit and gave him the most innocent smile, “I was weak before because I never had enough to eat.
Now that I am full every day, my strength has increased as well.
Ge ge and I are both strong like that.
Ge ge can even carry more firewood than an adult!”

Gu Xiao had noticed that his grandson had greater strength than normal, even stronger than some of the adult males.
An idea had been forming in his head, but he didn’t know what the siblings would think of it.

“Grandpa, you took on 6 robbers earlier.
That was so incredible!” Gu Ye quickly changed the subject and complemented her grandfather in an effort to change the subject before Gu Xiao could ask more questions.

“That was nothing!” Gu Xiao immediately got excited when his martial art skills were brought up.
After all, he was trained personally by the Old General.
Never mind a just a few hooligans, he could easily defeat even soldiers from the opposing army!

“Xiao Ye-zi, what do you say if….
Grandpa teachs your brother martial art.
Do you think he will be interested in learning?” It was quite obvious that Gu Ming valued his sister Gu Ye’s opinion the most, so Gu Xiao couldn’t help but try to get an idea from her first.

Gu Ye looked at him with her big and clear eyes quizzically and asked, “Why wouldn’t he? Isn’t that a good thing? The stronger big brother become, the better he can protect his sister, no?”

That’s right! Gu Ming had always put his sister above everything else; one must become strong and powerful in order to protect one’s loved ones.
Gu Ming would never turn it down when he could back it with such a reason.
Gu Xiao was so happy his eyes squinted.
Gu Ming was so talented and he was destined to achieve higher accomplishment than even his grandpa!

Gu Ye, who had turned around and headed toward the mountains, grinned like a little fox.
Her brother needed to have his own life; if he wouldn’t plan it for himself, then his sister would have to plan it for him. 

One couldn’t have too many skills.
She wasn’t too concern about whether her brother would become very successful in the future but, if he could practice martial art, at least nobody could beat up on him.
Plus, practice martial art was also good for health.
There was certainly no downside to that.

The grandfather and granddaughter pair traveled as fast as they could and was finally able to get back to Qingshan Village when the sky was dark.
They were still quite far away before they saw a familiar figure looking at their direction from the entrance of the village.
Gu Ye immediately recognize that as her brother waiting for their return.

“Ge—” Gu Ye waved her right arm forcefully from the back of her donkey.
Her high-pitch voice resounded and stirred up a lot of barking noises.

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