Title: Resplendent Apothecary

Translator: Fringe Capybara
The Resplendent Apothecary ch 104 – Robbed (1)  

The chubby Young Master Ding was smiling eagerly at them.
The fat on his cheek squeezed his features together in an odd way, making his originally somewhat elegant look looking just eerie now.

“I wonder what kind of medicine did the two of your give to my father?” Young Master Ding rubbed his hands together, asked them to have a seat, and even personally poured them tea.

Gu Xiao looked at his granddaughter and Gu Ye gave him a look.
Gu Xiao understood that instantly and said, “Let’s not talk out here.
Please, Young Master Ding, join us in our room so we can discuss further.”

After the rolls of fabric and the taels, all the customers in the lobby of the inn were looking at them.
A look of understanding crossed Young Master Ding’s face – this was no place for the discussion.

Young Master Dine has his servants brought all the items into Gu Xiao’s room and dismissed everyone else.
When he was the only one left with Gu Xiao and Gu Ye, he eagerly brought up the subject again, “Can you tell me now?”

“The medicine was called ‘Fast Acting Heart Saver Pills’ (nitroglycerin).
They help with circulation, relief pain and bruises, increases blood flow of the coronary artery, and alleviate angina pectoris…” Gu Ye went on as though she was reciting straight from a book and went over all the symptoms that these heart pills would help alleviate.

Young Master Ding listened attentively and when he thought about his father’s and his own symptoms, they overlapped almost completely! These were like pills that were custom made for them!

He paced around the room in excitement and carefully asked, “Do you have any more of those pills, Little Sacred Doctor? Truth be told, my dad and I both have heart diseases.
My dad, especially, is at the end stage.
Even the doctor in Yan said that it’s any day now.
If Little Sacred Doctor can treat my dad’s illness, the Ding’s will be willing to pay our entire fortune.”

Money and power meant so little in front of illness.

From Landlord Ding’s symptom, he was already at late stage coronary heart disease.
Gu Ye frowned, pondered over it some and said, “Landlord Ding’s illness can only be controlled by medications along with modification of his diet.
As for you, your symptoms are still like.
If you eat healthier, work out and take the pills for a period of time, the symptoms should go away.”

Young Master Ding felt relieved as soon as he heard that.
His father wouldn’t die and his illness could be controlled and alleviated.
Wasn’t that everything that he had wanted? He had never doubted the little girl standing in front of him.
So many onlookers witnessed it when she treated his dad in the middle of the street, that couldn’t have been faked.
Even the doctor from Jimin Hall was amazed.
That had clearly demonstrated how knowledgeable she was in the medical field.

“Little Sacred Doctor, the pills that you have, was that from Master Baili? Master Baili’s medicinal pills were too popular.
I have tried to buy some earlier but had never succeeded.
What a coincident that Little Sacred Doctor has some at hand.
Don’t worry, I won’t want to take advantage of you and am offering to pay you double the cost.” Said Young Master Ding matter-of-factly.

So there was already the early stage of medicinal pills in this world! Gu Ye wondered who this Master Baili was, who was able to be the first among all apothecaries to create pills.
She wondered whether Jimin Hall has his pills as she would like to be able to get her hands on some so she could study them.

“You mean… with the exception of Master Baili, nobody else would be able to create medicinal pills?” Gu Ye gave him a sidelong glance and purposefully put on a contemptuous and displeased look.

Young Master Ding immediately backpaddled, “Of course not! I have heard that the sage apothecary had came up with the idea of replacing herbal soup with pills some 20 years ago.
Unfortunately, nobody had heard from him for years.
If only he had the desires to, I am sure he could create even better medicinal pills!”

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