anded on his butt.

”Wha-what! ” He checked his body for any visible rope but found none, he hit an invincible wall as he rushed forward in an attempt to catch up with the men.

He was pushed back by the same force at once again fell on his butt, this time it was much harder than before. He hissed and rubbed his butt as he stood.

”Looks like I can leave ”, he turned around at the spot but saw no one, he looked down at his hand and his pinky finger was almost fully transparent.

”It wasn like this before, what is going on ”, he muttered and walked back into the palace, he planned on walking aimless but changed his mind.

When he suddenly remembered that a servant had rushed in while he was being tortured to report that the Emperors study was on fire.

He had found Zhao Rongleis reaction to the news of a fire breaking out in there a little weird since he was not visible to them. He decided to check that out.

The fire was put out by the time he got there and the servants had already begun to clean up the scene. He looked around the scene, apart from the low-ranked cleaning maids and eunuchs.

None of the traitors was in sight, he continued moving, he paused suddenly as a low-toned conversation filtered into his ears as he walked through the household department.

He looked around and there was no one in sight as if drawn to the conversation. His head snapped up and his eye fell Im the open window at the top of the building.

His senses had sharpened since he had died. Before he could take a step, he was dragged into the room. Eunuch Zhang one of his longtime servants stood opposite his former brother-in-law and friend, Zhao Haoyu.

He had a long history with both men one was his mothers personal eunuch and raised him since his mother died while the other was his senior.

He had trained under the late Imperial tutor Nie Hong since they were 5 years old. Zhao Haoyu was his study partner and friend. They were so close that he never believed that Zhao Haoyu would ever betray him.

”Eldest Master, Her Majesty has escorted Prince Feng to her side room ”, Eunuch Zhang said.

”You did well ”, Zhao Haoyu took out a small pouch of silver coined and threw it at Eunuch Zhangs feet, ”make sure that everyone that was associated with this is taken care of. No one must speak a word of this ”.

”Yes ”, Eunuch Zhang replied, he bent over, picked up the pouch and put it in his sleeves without counting the coins.

He knew that Zhao Haoyu was not stingy with his money. He bit his lips as he remembered that the Emperor was still alive, ”er, eldest master… about the Emperor_ ”

”Don worry, I will take care of him. Just keep my dear sister in check ”.

”Yes ”, he replied bowing. He stood straight as soon as Zhao Haoyu left and hurriedly threw the coun pouch into his small save under his bed. Xiang Ziwei glared at him silently for some minutes before leaving.

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