glanced at the armed soldiers behind her and swallowed, they have worked under Commander Zhao Mingze.

The one thing they learned from working under the Zhao family was the importance of self-awareness. it was important to know ones place. They left without delay and joined Eunuch Zhang and the other guards at the entrance of the prison.

Zhao Rongleis maid brought a chair closer to her and helped her seat, She looked down at Xiang Ziwei and asked, ”Where is the seal? ”

Xiang Ziwei ignored her and looked away, he leaned his head on the wall and shut his eyes. His action annoyed the Empress who was already on edge.

Her face darkened and his lower lip twitched, she grabbed a dagger from one of her guards and charged forward.

She was immediately held back by her maid, ”Your Majesty! Hold on, you cannot go so close! it is not safe! ”

Zhao Ronglei glared down at her, ”let go ”, she whispered.

Yi Qiu tightened her grip on the Empresss hands and pulled her back, ”Your Majesty please forgive this foolish one for being too forward. I cannot let you go, don stain your hands. Your Majesty please make use of your guards ”.

Zhao Ronglei stopped struggling, ”guards? ” She blinked and looked over her shoulder at the armed guards that had followed her since she was married.

Why didn I think of that, she thought, once again looking at Xiang Ziwei, who smirked at her. She let go of the dagger in her hand, it fell with an audible clank.

”It is alright, Yi Qiu. Let go ”, she stepped out of her maids hold and returned to her seat. ”Since you don want to do things the easy way, I will make it hard for you ” she smiled and waved her guards forward.

They opened the door, dragged Xiang Ziwei up and shackled him to the wall. Zhao Ronglei nodded to the wooden box hanging on the wall opposite the prison cell. ”Don bother being gentle with him ”.

The guards took out leather whips and hot irons from the box, they whipped him continuously until his skin broke and began to bleed.

The men didn stop until Xiang Ziwei passed out, the sight of him bleeding made Zhao Ronglei feel better. After ensuring that he had passed out, she left. They left him shackled to the wall as they left.

Zhao Ronglei frowned as Yi Qiu stopped suddenly a short distance away from the prison. She opened her mouth, fully prepared to scold Yi Qiu but paused as her eyes met Zhao Haoyus eyes.

”Haoyu-ge, I did not see you there ”, she pinched her skirt.

”This a little far from your palace ”, he said glancing behind her.

Her heart still as he said that, she fisted her skirts at her side and looked down at her foot. Her elder brother was the last person she expected to run into.

She felt very uneasy, she feared what would happen if he discovered that Xiang Ziwei was still alive.

He was a lot like their father cold and unyielding, he would take matters into his hands and most likely alert their father of the entire situation.

The last thing she wanted was to get her father involved, he already did not like her relationship with Xiang Tingfeng.

She sucked in her teeth and with a straight face replied, ”I was held up in the audience hall for hours, I needed to stretch my legs ”.

”Oh ”, Zhao Haoyu smiled as she kept blinking and making side glances, ”then I will leave you to take your walk ”, he bowed and walked away

Zhao Ronglei let out her breath and placed a heart on her chest, hat was close ”, she watched him until he was completely out of sight.

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