onfident in letting Zhao Haoyu handle the most sensitive tasks.

”Shen Xiaoriu isn the easiest to deal with but since you are confident that you could handle him. let us do things your way ”.

Zhao Haoyu stood and bowing replied, ”Thank you father, I won disappoint you ”


Once all the guest left, Grand Chancellor and his sons learned that Shen Xiaoriu and Minister Yin was the least of their problems.

The Empress had sent him a secret letter through Bai Jun. Grand Chancellor Zhao squeezed the letter, rolled it into a ball and threw it into the open flame of the room heater set up at the centre of the room.

Zhao Haoyu was a little taken aback by his fathers actions. He stepped forward and glanced down at the fire, he watched as the piece of paper turned into ash. ”Father, what is_ ”

”Your sister didn do a very good job ”, Chancellor Zhao cut Haoyu short, his expression darkened immediately, ”the Imperial seal is missing ”.

”What! ” his second son Zhao Mingze said. Zhao Mingze unlike his brother was more hot-tempered, He slapped the table beside him.

”She has gone and ruined our plans. I knew that we shouldn have let Ronglei handle anything, she is too weak. Women should just stick to raising children and looking pretty ”.

Zhao Haoyu glared at his younger brother for a few seconds, sometimes he failed to understand his brothers reasoning. Their elder sister played a very important part in their plan, she made everything go smoothly.

The grand chancellor ignored his second son and said to his attendant, ”Bai Jun, investigate all of his majestys aides. Find out who could have the seal most especially Minister Yin and Shen Xiaoriu ”.

”Yes, master ”.

Zhao Haoyu placed a hand on his fathers arm and stepped forward. ”we don necessarily need to search for the seal. It is most likely with Minister Yin, that must be why Shen Xiaoriu met him in secret. I asked around and Shen Xiaoriu was on night watch today. The Emperor must have gotten suspicious and handed the seal over to him ”.

”All the more reason why we should kill them both. father, I say we kill the two of them and take back the seal ”, Zhao Mingze said.

Zhao Haoyu rolled his eyes at his younger brother, ”or we stick to the original plan, we need someone to take the fall for the assassination and Minister Yin is the best option. As for Shen Xiaoriu, we can use the opportunity to test him and determine the best way to handle him ”.

”Why waste all that time, father I suggest we kill them both. Shen Xiaoriu is too loyal to Xiang Ziwei, do you think he would easily betray him. just get rid of them and avoid any future threats ”.

Zhao Haoyus nose flared and his eye grew cold. He gave his brother a sharp glare, ”Zhao Mingze! are you so dumb that you do not understand why we need to keep Shen Xiaoriu alive? ”

”What so special about him? it is not like he is an excellent strategist or have a powerful family behind him. if not for Xiang Ziwei, he would be nothing more than a village champion! ”

Zhao Haoyu glared at his brother, ”That Village champion, is the best person to keep General Nie in check. We cannot allow him to have full control of the entire military power ”.

”….. ” Zhao Mingze swallowed as his father glared at him, ”well, I hope he is worth all this trouble ”.

it took all of Grand Chancellors control to avoid backhanding his second son, he took in a deep breath before turning to Zhao Haoyu, ”We will do things your way, Haoyu. Mingze, you are already a father. Learn to see the bigger picture. Don cause a mess ”, Grand Chancellor Zhao said.

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