ad too much credit, with his level of intelligence can he outsmart me? ”

He flicked the back of his students head and continued walking forward, ”be mindful of your words, someone might hear you. We cannot delay any longer, I must report the current situation to her majesty before we lose this opportunity. The drugs I fed the Emperor is not exactly long-lasting ”.

”Sorry master, I almost got ahead of myself ”, he replied and ran forward to light up the pathways leading to the Empress Palace.

Just as Eunuch Zhang had predicted, Shen Xiaoriu didn notice anything strange until he was surrounded by seven highly trained assassins.

Eunuch Zhang ran into the previously absent Matron Ning at the Empresss palace. he bowed as he met the Empresss gaze, ”everything is set, Your Majesty. ”

Zhao Ronglei Picked up the pouch of silver coins and threw it at his feet, she glanced at her maid, Yi Qiu who stood just below her throne, ”instruct the men to get moving, Xiang Ziwei must be gone before daybreak ”. She held Matron Nings gaze, ”you already know what to do, don leave any loose ends ”.

”Yes ”

”Yes ”

Matron Ning and Yi Qiu both replied and quickly retreated. Eunuch Zhang bent over, picked up the pouch of silver and put it into his sleeve.

He smiled nervously as his eye met the Empresss eyes, he suddenly wished to be anywhere else than here. The Empresss temper wasn the best and seemed to get worse when it came to anything that concerned the Emperor.

”Your Majesty, I will be taking my leave now. I need to be at the servants quarters to avoid any suspicion ”, he slowly looked over his outstretched hands.

He left as soon as he received a nod from her, Zhao Ronglei dismissed her guard and instructed him to stand guard outside the door. She stood and walked to the open window on the right side of the hall, a cool spring breeze blew through the window.

The loose strands of her hair rose as the breeze blew through, she felt a sudden chill followed by a slight electric-like zap as her skin hair rose. She rubbed her hand through her hands hidden inside the thin silk loose long sleeves of her night dress.

As soon as she felt a hand on her shoulder, she jumped back and looked up. ”My love ”, she smiled and stepped back into the embrace of Xiang Tingfeng.

”I didn see you when I woke up ”, he wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her close. He rested his head and her left shoulder and gave her a peck on the cheek.

”She smiled and pulled back a little, ”I needed to make sure everything was set, in just a few hours Xiang Ziwei will seize to be Emperor. Father and General Nie already arranged everything ”.

Xiang Tingfeng smiled and placed his hands under her chin. He tipped her head back and kissed her softly, things quickly got heated and her hands moved up to cup his face. He pulled back minutes later, ”the throne was never meant to be his, he stole it from me. It feels good to get back what is mine ”, his grip tightened around her waist.

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