plates in the food box and left.

Empress Zhao Ronglei arrived minutes after the Eunuch left. As usual, she was accompanied by four hefty guards and her maid. The prison guards opened the prison doors and stepped back silently.

Empress dowager Zhao sat on a stool silently playing with the beads of her beaded bracelets. While watching as her guard hit Xiang Ziwei with a leather whip continuously, the sound of leather hitting flesh filled the room.

After days of torture, the smell of blood had become a permanent stench. A short while later, Zhao Ronglei raised her hands, ”Enough, just hold him up. By now, he should be compliant ”, glancing over her shoulder at the prison guards, ”get out! ”

The prison guards felt a sudden chill, making them shiver, ”y-yes your majesty ”, they nearly stepped over each other as they rushed out of the prison.

Her mouth twitched at their actions but her expression quickly darken as her gaze fell on Xiang Ziweis bloody face.

”Ziwei, it has been 3 days. Are you ready to be obedient or should we continue to hurt you? Tell me where you hid the Imperial seal and I will give you a swift painless death ”, her lips curved up.

At this point, Xiang Ziwei no longer saw things clearly, everything in his sight was blood red. He was lingering at the edge of extreme blood loss.

The once calming face that he had gotten used to looking at when swamped with worries now looked dirty and disgusting. He felt nothing but the urge to kill her.

His wife of twelve years was nothing like he remembered. These last few days had been eye-opening, his lips shook as his gaze fell on her cold smile.

How could I be blind to her true nature, those men were right. I brought this on myself, I never should have trusted any of them. Now I must pay the price for that mistake ”, he held her gaze for a few seconds before looking away ”.

A wave of great anger filled her soul at that moment, she tighten her grip on the table beside her.

”Since you refuse to be reasonable, don blame me for being ruthless. You have an hour to make your final decision, after which we are off ”, She stood and held her maids hands as support as she left.

The Guards let go of his hand after she left, leaving him to fall on his face. He winced as he made sharp contact with the stone ground, he rolled into a ball on his uninjured side.

A cool breeze blew through the room, making him shiver. He hissed as the shivering made the pain from his wound multiply.

True to her earlier words, Zhao Ronglei returned an hour later. She sat on the stood and looked down at him, his current sorry state gladdened her.

”This stubbornness will only hurt you, just tell me where the Imperial seal is Ziwei. This is your end, I will never let you survive. Tell me where the seal is or I will kill your child ”.

His hand flew to his chest as he felt a sharp pain in his heart, he sat up in an attempt to charge forward but fell back as quickly as he sat up.

The pain from his stab wound intensified, Xiang Ziwei clutched his side. ”you… you would dare hurt your children just for Tingfeng! ”

”Children? please, I only care about Xiang Ru. He was conceived out of my love for Tingfeng ”, she laughed as his face stiffened,

”ha ha ha ha ha ha, you look so pathetic right now. Don tell me you thought he was yours, how could he ever be yours. He is Tingfengs son ”.

It was like he was looking at a mad woman, every word was like an arrow piercing his heart. ”How could you! why? What_ What about Mingyue? ”

”Oh, her? ” she leaned forward and whispered, ”Don worry, she is yours. ”

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