adjust to your present condition, now it is time to make a decision ”.

Xiang Ziweis nose twitched, ”a decision ”, he let out a dry laugh. He scraped his hair back and said in a quiet tone, ”does it even matter, since I am dead ”.

He glanced at the couple entwined in passion and shook his head, ”I deserve this. I should have been more observant ”.

He turned around and left the room, the mans face darkened as Xiang Ziwei left. He glared at the couple before leaving, Xiang Ziwei sat on the step outside.

He sat beside Xiang Ziwei, ”Do you believe that you deserve any of this? ”

”….. ”, Xiang Ziwei glared at him silently before looking away.

”Only a fool thinks that they have control over a mans decision. ”

Xiang Ziwei clenched his teeth and replied, ”isn it widely believed that everyones life is predestined ”.

The man chuckled, ”you control your life, Ziwei. Everything may be predestined but your decision makes it a reality ”, He stood, ”I don like reasoning with stubborn men. Call me when you are ready to be reasonable ”.

The man disappeared as soon as he said that, Xiang Ziwei glanced at the spot the strange man stood for some seconds.

His eyes snapped up to the entrance of the compound at the sound of footsteps. He stood as Grand Chancellor Zhao and his attendant, Bai Jun got closer.

Yi Qiu rushed over as soon as he arrived and fell on her knees, ”Grand chancellor Zhao! I am sorry for not escorting you inside ”, she said in a very loud voice.

Her jittery actions brought up a distant memory from the year he had gotten married to Zhao Ronglei.

Xiang Ziwei immediately remembered that during the first six months of their marriage, his younger brother had lodged in his residence.

His elder brother had cautioned against that but he had dismissed his brothers concern. Xiang Tingfeng had grown up in the Zhao family after his mothers death. He seemed pitiful and Xiang Ziwei did not mind housing him.

Zhao Ronglei was having a hard time adjusting to her life in the capital when he observed that she seemed to be comfortable in Xiang Tingfengs company.

He had been overjoyed, he even encouraged them to get closet. That was his first of many mistakes because he did not find their relationships strange since they had grown up together. Even when his sister-in-law brought it up, he dismissed it as her being too cautious.

Yi Qius jittery actions were familiar because he always remembered her acting that way whenever he came over to his wifes courtyard suddenly.

The first rank maid always reported that his wife was asleep and since they had just gotten married and were yet to get used to each others company. He always respected her wishes and went back to his room.

Xiang Ziwei glanced at the Pavillion and balled his fist tightly, his eyes narrowed as he pressed his lips into a thin line. He felt stupid as he remembered all the instances that had happened over the years.

Since he was always going on long military campaigns, he wasn always around. He did not want to imagine all that the two of them did in his absence, bile rose up his throat.

Xiang Ziweis head snapped back to his former father-in-law, as he heard the Grand Chancellor reply coldly, ”Inform them that I am here. They better get dressed as soon as possible ”.

”Yes ”, the maid replied in a shaky voice and ran to the door.

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