st one Dragon Kingdom.Skills/abilities are also given randomly during birth and can be aquired just the same but some Races have Skills unique to them with the Elves having extreme Bow Skills, long life spanand more.The Dwarfs Craftmenship are passed through there family.Demons have advanced magic but have very good combat iq,they also keep to themselves and let no-one in there Demonic Island.The Dragons Basically have the longest life span and are the highly powered creatures on the planet,They do not interfere with anyone and keep to themselves so not a lot is known and The King has only visited there once but had said,when he was ther it was great and more advanced.This is a summary of what the King Had told Ryu but said that you shouldn`t mess with the Dragons to which Ryu had smiled because he had like the challenge but is Blessed By The God Of Dragons.They continued there talk and Ryu gained even more information.Once the conversation was over Ryu went to the room thge King had prepared for him and sleped and the next morning departed from this Kingdom telling The King he would be back soon and would want to have another battle with the King to which the King had accepted this.The King took Ryu to the Gate which was still in pieces and set him off and Ryu was gone,instantly and no-one could see him anywhere.Ryu kept going straight to the island Of Dragons which was far away but not too far that Ryu couldn`t get there.So on his journey he kept killing creatures and getting more skills and Stats until on his status board he got a message from Hephaestus telling him to pick up materials,ores and much more to put in his inventory so that he could use his blessing to make something unfathnomble.Ryu accepted this and did it on his journey to the Island Of Dragons until the God Of Dragons sent Ryu a message to Ryu saying ”Since your heading to the Dragon continent you will be able to make the Dragons submit to you since we have the same name and you have my Blessing ”.

Ryu smiled at this and kept on going.

The God Of Creation told everyone that Ryu was on the level of a God and soon his Godly Power would manifest to which all the Gods were shocked at this rapid development because this is the fastest that someone had become a God. The God Of Dragons interupted the God Of Creation and Said ”There will be even more developments soon,once he reaches the Island Of Dragons! ”The Gods were now even more shocked about the Fact that the God Of Dragons had praised someone.The God Of War began to speak ”hehehe, thats my discple for you!! ”The God Of War was exstatic.

Ryu stopped when he was half way there and checked his Status Board,his stats were overflowing and he realized his title Demi-God Changed to God.Ryu had gained lots of new skills along the way and so he made his way over the sea to The Island Of Dragons.When he had arrived to The Kingdom on the Port there where lots of Dragons.Ryu jumped off the boat he had been travelling on and the Dragons began to bow until they all got up and said ”Welcome Brother Of The Dragon God ”.Ryu realised that he had the title Of Brother Of The Dragon God and smiled.

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