”So before you begin this journey,just know we will put you in a area worth your abilities just to get use to them ” Souzou said to Ryu.Most of the Gods seemed satisfied with the outcome of this reincarnator and all that was left was for Ryu to be reincarnated.Sensou the God Of War approached Ryu in a serious manner and began to whisper to him ”Ryu remember to fight many battles and wars! ”Ryu smiled to himself when he heard that,Sensou got back up and sat down.Souzou the old man began to say ”Ryu we will now be reincarnating you now get ready ”,Ryu looked at all of the Gods and said ”I will see you all soon,hehehh ”, the Gods looked at him speechless and confused before Souzou sent Ryu through a portal to the New world/life he would begin.

Ryu blacks out during the process before waking up in a forest that had trees the size of skyscrapers with fertile lands and bountiful fruits.when he regained his senses fully he got up from the tree that he had been laying on and said ”Status ” before a sort of hologram appeared before him showing all of his info and Ryu quickly studied through it to make sure he had all of his skills/blessings. Just before closing his Status board he seen that under his titles it read Demi-God/Weapons Master/God Of ???/Ancient Dragons brother/Reincarnater/The Second Coming Of The God Of War and the final one read ???. He started to see what the titles meant and clicked the title Demi-God on his status board and He read the description ”After being rebirthed the user has gained aboundance of Mana, one that is stronger that most Demi-Gods and has a chance of becoming a God ”.This had been very suprising to Ryu but he kept that excitement in and read the rest before closing his Status Board and he began to look around this beutiful and green forest with fruits all over it,he had walked for about 20 minutes before hearing a sort of growl behind him he quickly looked behind him and seen a Cheetah/Panther hybrid with teeth as sharp as 1,000 knives.Ryu without thinking uses his Eye Of Truth and reads The creatures stats and its name was Superior Light Kobold and it most of its Stats were 50 or above, but what had really caught Ryus eye is The Kobolds Skill, it read Camouflage. So Ryu stopped analizing the Kobold and ran at it so quick that it couldn`t react in time and Ryu used one of his Martial Arts from his old world and used World Shaking Fist Form 1 and with using that he had punched right through the stomach of The Kobold and activated The abilities Skill devourer and Stat Devourer.Ryu put the corpse down and opened his Stat screen and seen that his abilities tripled and,his starting level was 100 because he is a Demi-God but that rose to 300 along with his other stats tripling but before he closed the menu he thought to himself ”since im a Demi-God shouldn`t i be able to do somethhing like this ”.Ryu started to try to combine his two skills with just his mana,willpower,mental strength and physical abilitie.In while doing this the ground around him began to shake,the green grass began to split and some of the trees fell before he got sort of enlightenmentand and everything stopped shaking. He looked at his menu and to his suprise got a couple of new skills. one of the new skills was called Combination Of Skills,the next one was called The Devouring Of The Stars,which was the new version of the Skills-Stat devourer and his Race specific abilitie Skill devouer.He also Got Two new Titles one read ”The One Who Devours ” the other read ”The Breaker of The Laws Of The World ”.Ryu was satisfied with these new Skills and Titles. He closed the Status board and continued on wondering through the wide and dense forest.

”How has he done this? ” Mizu says as she and many other Gods had watched as Ryu had entered the world. ”hahahhah,thats it Ryu get stronger and fight more!!! ”Sensou shouted with excitement much to the suprise of the Gods. ”Hey, how is Ryu able to do this Souzou? ” Mizu asked him, so the old man replied while getting up from his Chair ”Its most likely because of the Blessings ”. ”No it can`t be, he did`t use any of the blessings right;But i know the blessings are used autimatically however he just used mana,willpower,mental strength and his physical strength ”Mizu replied,The God Of Creation was speachless and suprised due to listening to Mizus explanations so the old man started to say ”Well the only known possibility is that he already posseses enough strength and Willpower to be able to manipulate His Unique Skills into whatever he desires,huhuhuh looks like your Disciple is doing the unimaginable ”He says that last bit while looking At the God Of War,Craftmenship and Dragons.Due to Ryus quick and swift growth there was an outrage in The Realm Of The Gods aka-FallenEdge.

As Ryu had wandered through this dense forest he had climbed this huge tree to Gaze around his surroundings he seen in the far distance a sort of Kingdom to which he then sprinted to in a matter of seconds,Once out of the forest the Kingdom was massive passing over two sort of islands but the two islands weren`t connected by land but they were connected with a bridge, with one Island having the entrance as tall as a Giant and the other being totally covered with no entrances around it and the walls around this one were heavilly guarded and massive in size;but there was only One entrance which had walls all over the island but not as tall as the other islands walls.It looked like the entrance had lower class people living in it and the other one with a Noble Or Royalty living in it bu this was only the outside,Ryu was just looking at it from a distance but it looked wonderful and he was excited because it was the First place with living people living in it however, Ryu took his time walking to the entrance by foot like he had always done.Ryu talked to everyone who had came by him and everytime there was an interaction he had asked questions mostly about this world and everything else here. The Kingdom Before him was called The Outheantis Kingdom with The King being Called King Vaemarr Outheantis The Phantom King is what he is called by many.As Ryu walked toward the entrance of the Kingdom thought to himself i wonder how strong The King is To be nicknamed The ”Phantom King ”,so when he finally got to the Very front of the entrance he asked two guards at the front of the massive gate called The Gate Of Outheantis. ”Where is the King? ”Ryu had asked the two guards the one on the left replied ”Lad he is probaly in the Daroonga Palace on the Darkest Haven or if you don`t know it by that name it is the massive palace on the second Island,you would have to go on The quiet bridge to get to the other Island and meet him there ”.Ryu said with excitement ”Thank you i will meet him now ”. ”Hey now you will have to pay a toll young lad ”, ”Toll? ”Ryu said with displeasure. ”yes you will need to pay 1 silver to get through The Gate ” the guard said this honestly. So instead Ryu used his abilitie World Shaking Fist 2 Form the collider, he used this with his unmatchable speed and broke through the Gate in seconds which after the gate had a massive hole through it began to crumble with most of the pieces falling down with immense weight and pressure this made the guards scared and ran, Ryu continued on his path to the King with ease much to his excitement until he made his way to the Quiet Bridge and jumped over the gap as big as a triple story house and made his way past all of the 1,000 guards guarding the walls and bridge into the Throne Room and he got so far into the Palace that he stumbled upon a Massive Golden and decorative Throne with many stairs leading up to it. Ryu walked up to the throne, turned around sat down until….

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