The Reicarnation Of The Warrior

The Reincarnation Of The Warrior

Once Every 1 Bilion Years The Gods have to reincarnate a person/creature into another world and allow them skills that are equal to the Gods. This time it is a human getting reincarnated and this human is sort of an Mercenery with the Title, God Of Weapons by his comrades and Enemies.This is how he dies, BANG BANG ”hahhahahha, is this how i go down me, the God Of Weapons hahah ”Ryu said with bullet holes all over his body while hiding behinmd cover as 1 Million soldiers are surrounding him. But just AS he was about to get up ”Bang ” a bullet went straight past his ear but still that did not Scare him ”You think this will kill me! ” Ryu said this to the man coming through the door he was the enemies Commander and so he replies ”Ryu you need to die, orders are orders after all ” Ryu caught his breath and said no, i wont die by you i willl be killed by the gods ” ”You stil believe that crap stop and just die ”. Ryu was standing and from behind his back there was a detanator ” So commander i aint dying yet, you are hahha ” as he said this he revealed the detonater in his hand adn the commander tried to run but before he could react, it exploded it was enough exoplosives to bomb a city. and they both died or so Ryu thought until he woke up caughing his lungs out and he looked at his body ”Holy shit im not dead hahah, i told you im immortal, but how did my body regenerate ” a voice interuppted ” Ryu my dicsiple get up ” Ryu tured around to see a tall and muscular dude with scars all over his body ryu asked ” Who are you? ”the Man replied ”I am the God Of War, Ryu and while you were alive you had my blessing unknowingly ” ”Wait when i was alive, im still alive im here wait but where is here? ” The God Of War Replied ” Yes you are dead and have been chosen to reincarnate to another world, you know one of fantasies like dwarves elfs the whole package isin`t that great but follow me you need to meet The Othher Gods for Inspection ”.

Without any resistance Ryu got up and Followed the God through a really light and bright corridoer until The God said ”We are here Ryu ”. All of a sudden Ryu was in the middle of this massive room with People everywhere and so he tried to reach for his gun until One Person Exclaimed ”Young man you no longer have your weapon ” Ryu looked at his pocket and it was not in the holster, he mumbled ”Fuck! ”. The Same person said ”Hello Ryu im guessing Sensou explained on the way here, as to why your here ” The Old man said with relief. ”Yes he explained most of it, so tell me Gods why me ” The same old man replied ”Its because we have a tradition to reincarnate a person/creature once every 1 billion years, and so you werent picked randomly becasue Sensou wanted you to reincarnate, one of the reasosn was that you had his blessing and the other is Sensou said you would have much more fun and have an enjoyable life in another world, he also said you remind him of himself when he was waginging wars and fighting battles ”. ”So what do i call you old man and, Gods what do i need to do to reincarnate ”

The old Man replied witha chuckle ”hahahha, boy I Am The God Of Creation and my name is Souzou, to be able to Reincarnate you must Choose whos Blessing You want, pick Ten skills/abilities, pick a race and we will set your age to whatever you want and thats is it ”. ”Ok thats easy however Can i create a new race ” Ryu said much to the shock of the God Of Creation and many other Gods. ”If that is what you want very well, what idea do you have? ”. ”Im thinking of a human appearence with a New ability specific for that Race and that ability is, immortality ”. Souzou laughing at his idea said ”Ryu because youve had The God Of Wars blessing for so long now, one of your unique a

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