The shift in the others face didn miss her keen eyes. Although they were good at concealing their emotions, no cover was completely flawless.

When they received such an attack that contradicted the values they instilled in her for years, of course there would be cracks on their expression.

That pleased Lilah.

They expected her to not care about the business. Even it went under the ocean, Lilah should remain unmoving as long she received her dividends.

Her being enthusiastic about the business was dangerous. She posed the greatest threat to their leadership merely by the amount of shares owned by her. It was a total of fifty-one percent.

She inherited it from her parents, and this alone allowed her to support her affluent lifestyle.

Even though Jack gained a lot of connections over this period of time, in front of the number of shares Lilah held, they would mean hardly anything.

Lilah left the family to be anxious.

This was merely the start.


Lilah stared at the cup of coffee on the table. The smoke rose high from the liquid surface before dissipating in the air.

Lilah was lost in thoughts.

Although she had her determinations, that alone wouldn make her gain victory.

She didn major in business at university and hardly had any experience. For her, it would be almost impossible to snatch the position from her uncle.

Even if she managed to after pulling tricks here and there, there was an issue of maintaining a business as well.

She had to study hard first.

But how could she do that without alerting the rest?

Hearing the taps on the table brought Lilah out of her thoughts. She raised her head to find her good friend, Jamie, smiling at her.

”What are you doing here alone? ” Jamie questioned.

Pulling the chair opposite to her, Jamie sat down and arched her eyebrow at Lilah.

Jamie was one of those rare individuals who treated Lilah sincerely. There was nothing to feel sullen about.

In their circle, honest relationships were hard to make. Even Lilah faced people with a smile and sweet words when she felt completely opposite inside.

”Thinking, doing a loads of thinking. Don disturb me. ”

Jamie chuckled.

”Thinking and you? Thats an interesting match. What could this young lady have to think about? Don you have work to get to? ” Jamie teased.

”Its about time. ”

”For? ” Jamie questioned.

”For me to move out and live independently. And I thought of the perfect place. Buy the apartment for me. ”

”Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Its good that you decided to pursue living on your own, but why must I buy the apartment? Am I your secretary? ”

Lilah smiled. She reached out for the cup of coffee and picked it up, pointing out, ”I am not paying you for the job. ”

The corner of Jamies lips twitched.

Next, Lilah placed the cup down on the table gently and leaned closer to Jamie. An intimidating yet playful glint crossed through her eyes.

She added, ”I am threatening you. Mr. Wilson, I do have his number. ”

Jamie ran her tongue across her lips and laughed, defeated. Lilah always acted in such a domineering and arrogant manner.

Instead of making polite requests, she pressurized the other party to fulfill her requirements.

This side of Lilah was a part of her charm yet it irked Jamie to no end once. But years of getting along with the willful Lilah, she felt numb at this point.

She leaned against the chair and said, ”Fine. But you have to give me the reason. Why are you suddenly moving out? I don recall you having plans for that. ”

”I want to start being more economic. There is no need for me to stay in such a large mansion. Its a waste of resources. Thats why, I am planning to rent it, ” Lilah casually said as though it wasn a matter of great importance.

Although Jamie was used to Lilah making sudden incredulous decisions, she stared at her friend in utter bafflement.

”But doesn your uncle and aunt live there? ” pointed out Jamie.

Lilah smiled wickedly.

”They can either pay the rent or leave. I have been a doormat for too long. Its time to change that. Don you think so? ”

Listening to her words almost made Jamie burst out into fits of laughter, but she controlled herself well.

Lilah and being a doormat?

She didn think those two words would be ever synonymous.

”Come on. Stop talking so cryptically. What happened? ” Jamie inquired.

”Nothing. Just that even between relatives, there is a need to draw lines at times or else they will take you to be a fool, taking advantage of you. ”

Lilahs jaw clenched tightly, and a dark, imperceptible look crossed through her eyes for a second before her expression eased.

”Didn they treat you well? How did they manage to offend you, Your Majesty? ”

Jamie held more curiosity than concern.

Seeing how her friend waited for the juicy gossip material, blinking those sparkling brown eyes at her, Lilah pushed the chair back and stood up gracefully.

Her heels clicked against the tiles as she walked over to her friend. She laid her slender hand on her friends shoulder and patted it.

”Try guessing. ”

She strutted out of the café, and Jamie shook her head.

Lilah pressed the button, unlocking the door of her sleek, wine red sports car. She pulled the door open and entered the car.

The elegant yet flamboyant car drove wildly through the streets, matching well with Lilahs temperament. It stood out amongst other all colors in the cars on the street.

She arrived at her new workplace in a leisurely pace, not caring how over two hours had passed since the time to check in.

Lilah stared at the two-storey building in front of her. Indeed, the business was quite promising when it had been acquired.

But the problems in the upper management coupled with the flaws in the products and lack of creativity acted as a downfall for the business.

Currently, the decisions were kept stagnant about how to take care of the subsidiary. There were barely any profits left after the wages being paid and maintenance cost.

As time passed by, the business degraded.

Under Lilahs leadership, the business made no progress. She had no use of such small profits and hardly visited the company, letting the employees do whatever they wished.

The number of times she visited the building in her last life could be counted in her two hands.

However, when the subsidiary was almost given up on, Alicia appeared. She was handed the directors position in the company.

With her ambition, hard work, and luck, she managed to make ripples, getting the business rise at an amazing rate. This made everyone impressed, starting to treat Alicia with more importance.

Thats how her path to a success career began.

Indeed, it was an admirable feat.

But there were too many flaws Lilah found with it.

At first, Alicia was merely nineteen and had never dabbled previously in the business. Her knowledge when it came to technology was pitiable.

She didn have any connections as well. The way the paragraphs were laid out, it seemed that Alicia made the progress mostly by her kindness.

Whether or not there was someone helping Alicia without her knowledge, the woman had been too lucky.

But Lilah didn think she was at a bad position.

Even if she didn have the incredible luck Alicia possessed, she was determined to surpass that.

It will be a thrilling process.

After parking her car, she entered the building, pushing the glass door open. The first thing she noticed was the flickering light.

It made her unable to focus clearly on the surroundings, and a frown settled on her forehead at the headache forming.

Fortunately, not all the lights were faulty. There was no one at the reception. She noticed the dust gathered at the corners.

She furrowed her eyebrows, wondering how long it had been since the place was last cleaned. A corner of the desk was chipped off. The paintings on the walls had to be redone as well.

Was this place always so shabby?

She truly didn pay any attention to anything in her last life.

Looking around, she made a list of everything that had to be replaced and fixed before entering the open office area.

Her eyes swept over the desks. Compared to the amount of desks present, the number of employees were scarce.

Where were they?

The sound of her entry didn go unnoticed by the employees.

A blonde was the first one to rush over to her. She placed down the bunch of files in her hand and hung up her phone.

Lilah stared at the woman from to bottom, assessing her. Her hair was out of the place, and noticing Lilahs eyes, she acted quickly to fix it.

”Ms. Lilah, hello. I was told you will be coming today. Come on, I will show you to your office. ”

Lilah arched her eyebrows.

”Who are you? ”

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