Silky golden locks fell on her shoulder in waves, framing her fair and delicate face. A pair of cat-like emerald green eyes, shadowed by long and dense eyelash, stared at her image in the mirror.

She had sharp features that appeared alluring yet intimidating at the same time. Her slender figure stood tall at the height of over 170 meter.

She was cultivated to bear grace. Her expressions were set unsmiling, creating a pressurizing effect on the other party.

One hardly felt comfortable in her presence, having their guards up, and thats how, she preferred the matters to be.

She tapped her face with her palm, and the corner of her lips curled up.

”I am really too beautiful, ” she mumbled with a lighthearted sigh as though this was a matter that brought her great troubles.

The knocks that sounded on her door interrupted her train of thoughts. Lilah paid no attention to the noise, hoping the other person would take the hint and leave.

However, her luck was horrible. The one of the other side of the door had to be the persistent and oblivious female lead, Alicia.

She pushed the door open slowly and carefully after receiving no response, softly calling out, ”Lilah, are you awake? ”

What an annoying character!

Lilahs penetrating gaze fell on Alicia.

When their eyes met, Alicia felt a chill travel down her spine, her legs trembling for a second.

Lilah examined the other woman.

She did give off a pure and an approachable image. Her honey blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail. Although they both shared same pair of green eyes, they conveyed entirely different emotions.

Looking at those green eyes, one would feel welcomed with warmth. They reminded one of a green forest, bearing tenderness and making them feel at ease. It brought a refreshing feeling.

As for Lilah, her green eyes were cold like an expensive and luxurious jewelry. They were fascinating, but hardly anyone could afford to touch them. One didn need keen senses to feel the danger.

Unlike Lilah who was dressed in splendor from top to bottom, Alicia wore a pair of faded jeans that appeared almost worn off matched with a white checkered shirt and blue t-shirt.

She stuck out like a sore thumb in this place that paid great attention to outer appearance, and that acted as her charm.

After all, most enjoyed the feeling of novelty.

Lilahs eyes turned thoughtful.

The safest route to acquire security and good life would be to brush up the female leads favor. As long as she was on Alicias good books, she will have a smooth sailing life.

Alicia easily welcomed others, and it would hardly take her any effort to have the naive woman under her control, manipulating her strings to her hearts content.

However, that disgusted Lilah.

It wasn because Lilah had morals she preferred to strictly abide by.

Its just that for the most part, she enjoyed being candid. She wanted to express her hatred and revulsion towards her enemies to her hearts content.

She didn wish to praise and make them happy at all.

And her wish was never to lead a peaceful life.

She wanted revenge.

Her spirit burned with the desire to avenge herself.

Thinking of all them crying, kneeling down, and begging for mercy made her exhilarated.

Maybe she met with a miserable loss last time, but she, Lilah Campbell, wasn the one to ever give up.

She tried until got on the top.

The only reason she failed last time was because she couldn be evil or smart enough.

Boredom crossed through those green eyes, and she indifferently asked, ”What? ”

Alicia was taken aback for a second and answered, ”Breakfast, uh, they are calling you down for breakfast. ”

Lilah strode out of the room and ordered, ”Close the door. ”

Alicia blankly stared at her distant and straight back for a second before releasing a soft sigh. She closed the door slowly.

Lilah went downstairs and sat in her respective seat. Alicia followed shortly after.

Around the dining table, the entire family of seven was present.

”Lilah, dear, you woke up rather late today. Are you feeling under the weather? ”

Lilahs indifferent eyes fell on her aunt. There were warmth and affection mixed with concern in those brown eyes. A soft frown fell on her face.

Despite how well she took care of herself, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to maintain her looks, signs of ages were left on her face.

However, all of that only gave her impression of a caring and amiable aunt.

Lilah had to admit everything about the image she sold was very convincing. It was enough to trick Lilah once, but now grown up, she found her deception funny.

Clearly, her aunt hated her tremendously yet for the sake of staying in her good books, she had to force out that smile and treat her nicely, even showing partiality over her own children at times.

If the matter was up to her, Lilah knew for sure the first thing the woman would do will include shooting a bullet through her head.

The content of the novel had nothing negative to say about her aunt. In fact, it wrote how her uncle and aunt sincerely loved her, but the arrogant and willful Lilah didn bother to put them in her eyes.

Although she didn doubt the validity of the novel, she was aware most of the chapters were written from Alicia point of view.

And that girl had quite an odd away of viewing herself and everyone else.

”Hmm. ”

Following the short reply, Lilah began to eat her meal. All of her movements were practiced and elegant, not bearing any flaw to pick on.

The middle aged woman felt strangely uncomfortable today at Lilahs presence and couldn pinpoint exactly what she found amiss.

Nonetheless, she didn that show on her face.

”Take care of yourself well then. You should stop going to bed late at night. If you— ”

Before the aunt was able to continue her words, Lilah placed her fork on the plate, creating a sharp noise.

”If you excuse me, I have work to get to, ” Lilah stated.

”This, what sort of behaviour is this? ” asked her uncle in disapproval.

Jack Campbell.

Although he was strict to her, he had the image of a concerned and doting elder who wished for her to grow up well.

Others saw him as a hardworking and honest businessman. Although he was a chairman of the countrys leading tech company, one didn easily feel the sense of distance with him.

Even on a closer inspection, no would find a fault in them.

From childhood, ever since her parents passed away, the couple took good care of her. They were attentive and provided her with the best education.

She always had whatever she wanted handed to her, and when she did wrong, they educated her.

After her graduation, they didn hesitate about assigning her an executive position in the company no matter how much the board members were against it because of her ignorance.

One would say they treated her like their own child and sincerely, not bearing any distinction with her cousin brother or sister.

Maybe thats what Lilah would assume as well if she didn go through all those turmoil in her previous life.

The years of manipulation and gaslighting she suffered from was hidden under the mask of good person.

From the day she was taken in, they laid out her path for her. All she had to do was to study properly, become refined lady, and get married under the arrangements of her family, living as a trophy wife.

Now, looking at such a lifestyle, hardly anyone would find anything to criticize about the couples concern. After all, this was a norm in their circle.

However, the way they drilled the idea in her young mind, frowning whenever she wanted to choose something against it, made her feel irritated.

Although they were lenient with her to a great extent, there was a line she couldn cross.

The line had to do with her inheriting the family business.

Even though she was given the position of an executive, she got removed from it soon due to her apparent transgression.

Of course, it was a set up.

Her uncle did say to her that he will try his best to get her position back. Meanwhile, he randomly placed her in a subsidiary and asked her to wait patiently at home, take it easy meanwhile.

There was nothing worry about according to him.

Her aunt smiled and said, ”Its fine. This child, she should be nervous about her first day at work. I told you to rest at home.

There is no need to work at such a shabby subsidiary and inconvenience yourself. Your uncle will arrange something better for you. Why don you spend the day with aunt? We can have fun together. ”

Hearing this indeed tempted Lilah in her last life who was conditioned to hold no interest towards her business.

However, even if it was a subsidiary that held hardly any value, Lilah felt determined to have control over itself.

After all, everything will be hers in the future. Therefore, she had to handle them with care.

”Theres no need for that. I am fine with turning for work. I was immature before, but now I understand. My parents worked off their youths for Sunshine Tech. If I don care about it, who will? ”

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