The plotline was as cliché as it can get without an ounce of creativity detected.

It started out with a poor female lead having it hard to make her ends meet at the age of nineteen. She had to balance between her loads of part-time work and her university.

She had a easygoing, stubborn, and timid personality for the most part. Other than that, she was determined to work hard and an optimist.

The paragraphs went on to describe her good qualities using fancy words although they failed to impress her.

She found it contradictory how the female lead was considered ordinary— someone who would easily mix in the crowd— yet she attracted troubles left and right. There wasn even a day in her life that went non-dramatically.

Shouldn such luck be called extraordinary?

Moving on, it turned out that she wasn that ordinary after all. She turned out to be the daughter of the chairman of leading tech company in the country.

It seemed that she had been exchanged at birth by a nurse at the hospital. A coincidental situation revealed the truth, and she was brought to her family.

The family consisted of her parents and an older brother, Tyler. The family cared too much about that fake daughter, Sylvia, to let her go live in the desolated environment female lead grew up in.

As a result, the name of the female lead was changed to Alicia Campbell.

There was also another family member— her, the villainess. Her parents passed away when she was young, and the uncle, Jack Campbell, became her guardian.

For Alicia, it proved to be a challenge to integrate into the family and high society.

However, through her willpower and kindness, her light managed to reach everyones heart, making them warm up to her. She was described to be the sunshine after a huge storm by the other characters she managed to touch hearts of.

As for the characters who didn welcome her despite her constantly trying, they met with a terrible end. It was as if they weren allowed to be happy unless they were fond of the female lead.

Just how ridiculous was that?

Thats why, she died.

She, the villainess, Lilah.

In the beginning, she was indifferent to the female lead. She didn bother to put the woman in her eyes and preferred to be left alone, not interested in getting involved in the dramas.

However, the female lead was incessant in attaining her affections. She reacted harshly to each of them, but it was as if Alicia bore no pride.

That incurred disgust from Lilah.

Others might call her pure hearted, but Lilah only found her to be a pathetic loser.

Then came the arc of the story when Lilah actually acted against Alicia. According to Alicias point of view, it was out of jealousy that made Lilah lost control over herself.

It seemed that Alicia saved the male lead, Mason, when he was gravely injured. If it weren for her, he would be doomed to death.

Because of this, Mason developed an interest in her. However, Alicia didn reciprocate those feelings, wanting to stay away from him.

But apparently, her heart felt conflicted due to Mason. The game of push and pull came next.

The process sounded tedious.

Nonetheless, after countless chapters of drama, Alicia finally confirmed her feelings for Mason and accepted him, ready to begin a happy relationship with him.

But of course, things didn turn peacefully after that. Lilah got to learn of Masons infidelity although in the novel, his behavior was sugarcoated.

Sure, their engagement had been out of best interests of business without feelings involved. But even so, a formal event had been held for it, both parties making promises about loyalty.

Falling in love with someone doesn excuse his behavior. There is nothing pure about such love.

Lilah wished she could castrate the man. After all, what was the use of his reproductive organs existing when he used it to think instead of his brain?

After all that, Alicia had the audacity to think she was jealous of that good-for-nothing. From the few paragraphs that wrote his point of view, Mason bore the same thoughts as well.

Just reading those sections made blood in her veins heat up, about to burst up from the anger.

Those **ing narcissists!

It was laughable.

Why would she be jealous of Alicia?

Did Alicia look better than her or was Alicia smarter than her? She was obviously a dimwit and doormat who invited trouble every other day. She easily grovelled to others feet for approval.

She was totally pathetic in all aspects.

Should she feel jealous because she had Masons heart?

That was even more stupefying.

What kind of treasure was Mason that she should be obsessed with him?

Mason truly valued himself too much.

His looks were, well, passable. He had a boring and dull personality, considering his words to worth millions of dollars.

His lofty mannerisms made her want to beat him up. He really isn all that he thought he was.

The only part that he was great at should be at him being a criminal. After all, he was involved in the mafia, committing worst of the crimes, yet the police hardly managed to find clues on him.

He went scot-free and lived happily ever after with Alicia.

That Alicia, she was a great hypocrite.

She gave the impression of being a good person, standing against injustice with all of her willpower, but stayed with a mafia boss even after him having a fiance.

As for the matter of Lilah bullying Alicia, she did create troubles for the woman here and there. But in Lilahs books, they weren enough to get herself sentenced to death by a cruel method.

Being thrown into the ocean to either die due to lack of oxygen or be eaten by the sharks, Mason indeed lacked mercy.

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