Neverending darkness encompassed her from all sides.

She was thrown into the ocean.

Despite that, there was no pain, pressure, or suffocation. Unconquerable weightlessness spread through her being as she floated in the space.

The atmosphere was relaxing and refreshing, lulling her to give in to the drowsiness, to close her eyes and welcome the sleep.

And she felt tempted. Her strong will started to dissipate, wanting to succumb and let herself be drowned.

But that feeling was momentary.

Despite her draining strength, although she had hardly any chances of winning, she was determined to not surrender.

Until the last strand of her consciousness remained intact, she will fight even if it yields no result.

Then, after much struggle, a bright light appeared, blinding her almost. She squinted her eyes. Only then did she start to feel her muscles.

She flexed her arms and clenched her hand. Her thoughts started to become clearer, and the strength in her body began to return.

Instinctively, she extended her hand, reaching out into the white light. Her surroundings flashed white next, and she closed her eyes reflexively.

A sharp pain pierced through her forehead.

The next instant she found her feet touch a solid ground. It felt cold and smooth against her bare skin. Due to the abrupt change in position, she couldn stabilize herself.

This led to her stumbling forward. Opening her eyes, she held the wall in front of her to support her.

She looked down. After a tedious period of time, she was finally able to see her body. The memories started to flood in her head, and she began to organize them.

Meanwhile, her emerald green eyes swept through the room. White walls surrounded her from all sides. The ceiling and the tiles under her feet were painted in white as well.

Then, from the corner of her eyes, she spotted a book. It sat on the floor. Feeling as though the book called for her, her eyes narrowed, and she walked over to it steadily.

The situation was inexplicable and confusing. She wasn able to draw an understanding. But her intuition told her that the book held the answers.

She bent down and picked up the book.

On the cover of the book, a couple was illustrated. A handsome young man sat on the chair, having an imposing bearing, and his hand held on to a gun.

His other hand was wrapped around a womans thin waist. A delicate woman sat on his lap. Her innocent appearance served a contrast to his menacing one yet it gave one a feeling they were a couple made for each other.

She found the animated art being oddly familiar, the characters representing figures she knew a lot about.

But with her memories being distorted, she couldn exactly pinpoint their identities.

However, they incurred faint disgust from her, building up to her bearing murderous thoughts.

She blinked her glaring emerald green eyes to suppress in her emotions. When she opened them next, they held cold indifference in them.

Turning the hardcover, she started reading the contents inside.


A young lady jolted up on the bed. The comforter covering her body slid down, and her golden locks fell in waves on her shoulder.

Her complexion was ashen, and those green eyes were dilated, holding immense shock in them. Her heart thumped hard inside her chest cavity.

The incessant and loud throbbing gave her the sensation of being alive.

Beads of cold sweat gathered on her forehead, trailing down her cheeks. Her breathing was ragged. And she closed her eyes in attempt to calm herself down.

Once she brought herself to composure, she pushed the comforter off of herself. Her slender and pale leg stretched out.

Standing up, she walked over to the window and pulled the thick curtains, letting the bright sunlight seep in through the glasses.

The warmth hugged her being, bringing her ease.

She closed her eyes, indulging in the addictive mellow atmosphere.

As ridiculous as it sounded, she was alive. Fresh blood flowed through her veins, pumped by her heart. She placed her hand on her chest, her long and thin fingers digging into her skin.

She was able to feel each of her beats clearly.

This felt too realistic to be a dream.

The last memory she had was of her being thrown into the ocean harshly to be killed due to suffocation or taken as sharks feed.

Her emerald green eyes opened. A glint crossed through them. Those pink lips curled up. She ran her hand through her golden hair and burst into laughter.

Too bad…

Too bad for him.

”It seems that I am favored, ” she commented.

Only then did everything start to come back to her.

No, that shouldn be her last memory.

There was that nonsensical novel she read in the white room.

Not only was the plotline stupefying and riddled with potholes, the title of the novel also made disgust crawl up her skin.

It was called The Possessive Mafias Innocent Lover.

She would never pay attention to such a novel previously, but in that white room, she felt compelled.

What was worse that novel encapsulated their world, especially revolving around the man she hated and the woman she considered pathetic.

And judging by the role she played, she should be called the villain— a calculating and menacing one. She was a figure that made the female lead cower in fear.

That was the only part she enjoyed out of that overly dramatic novel.

As for the rest of the novel…

She clenched her hand into a tight fist.

Indeed the content matched the real world highly. That wasn what she had the issue with.

It bothered how that man and woman was glamorized and glorified.

To make it worse, countless paragraphs portrayed her as a woman desperate for a lowly mans love, giving up on her pride for him. She was humiliated throughout the pages.

She sought out cruel methods simply to acquire his love only to be discarded like trash.

Her jaw tightened, and her fist punched against the glass window. Her eyes flashed, not hiding her sinister and lethal intent.

Indeed, she was an evil thing.

She wouldn deny it.

But doing that to obtain a mans love, it sounded too funny to her ears.

Was that piece of trash worthy enough?

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