is hands together behind his back and walked over to his old wife.

The servants of Anyuan Houfu who were in the courtyard: “……”

They had truly forgotten that the old sir had been standing there.

As Jiang Mingyue watched her grandfather walk over exasperatingly slowly, her face suddenly took on an expression of shock like that of an emoticon, 囧.
She hadn’t even noticed that her grandfather was also in the courtyard despite the fact that she’d been standing there talking for quite a while.

Old Sir Jiang—formal personal name, San Zhuang—had farmed his entire life.
When his second son developed great future prospects, San Zhuang followed his second son into the capital.
Back when San Zhuang farmed, the person who took care of all the internal and external household matters was his wife, Madam Xu.
Now that he wasn’t farming anymore, the person in charge of all the internal and external household matters was still Madam Xu.
Old Sir Jiang had an innate ability to go invisible.
If he didn’t speak, those around him wouldn’t notice him.
Even when he did finally speak, there wouldn’t be many people still around by that time to notice him.

The family of four sat down in the reception pavilion and watched as Old Madam Xu drove out all the servants and even shut the pavilion doors.

Jiang Yue’e could no longer contain herself and opened her mouth to say: “Grandma, look at how much trouble you’ve turned this into! The Crown Prince of Tushan is such a good person!”

Old Madam Xu said unhappily, “What’s the matter? Have you also been captivated by that Crown Prince?”

“Grandma!” Jiang Yue’e’s face instantly became flushed. If what her grandmother had just said were to get out, would Jiang Yue’e still be able to return to Ningguo Gongfu?

“That Crown Prince is handsome,” Old Sir Jiang, who seldom spoke without being prompted, said this.

Jiang Mingyue was somewhat taken aback.
Her grandfather was always farming vegetables in the rear garden of the Houfu all day long.
How could it be that he had seen Zhao Lingxiao?

“When I went to East Street to find Wang Er to repair my hoe the day before yesterday, Tushan’s Crown Prince was riding a horse, and he cracked his whip right before my eyes as he crossed,” Old Sir Jiang said.
He turned to look at Jiang Mingyue and repeated: “He is handsome.”

“All right, stop talking!” Old Madam Xu shouted loudly at this moment.
This blood-related grandfather and older sister—were they both wanting to match Zhao Lingxiao and Jiang Mingyue together?

“Let’s not talk about his appearance.
Grandmother, what’s bad about Tushan Wangfu (King of Mt Tu’s Manor)?” Jiang Yue’e couldn’t figure it out.

If her younger sister married the Crown Prince, she would become the Crown Prince’s Imperial Concubine.
Then, once the Crown Prince became the King of Tushan, she would become the Imperial Consort of the King of Tushan.
Which part of this marriage was even a little bad? The Jiangs’ Eldest Miss truly couldn’t figure it out.

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