am Xu.
Old Madam Xu looked at the sisters, one in front and the other behind.
She wasn’t biased toward one of them and loved them both dearly.
However, the old lady had no choice but to admit that in comparison to the gentle and beautiful flower-like Jiang Mingyue, Yue’e’r [3] was simply like an oval-shaped sweet potato.
From face to figure, there was nothing outstanding about her.

Before Old Madam Xu even opened her mouth, Zhou-momo had called out to Jiang Mingyue first: “Second Miss!”

Jiang Mingyue glanced at Zhou-momo.
However, before Jiang Mingyue could say anything, Old Madam Xu pinched her arm ruthlessly.
It was with great difficulty that Jiang Mingyue managed to resist scowling and yelling that it hurt.

“Drop it,” Old Madam Xu said in a low voice to Jiang Mingyue: “If Zhao Qingrong was a good person, she wouldn’t have angered your mother to death! How could she possibly have been so kind as to find you a good husband?”

Jiang Mingyue sighed.
She’d already thought this matter through in her previous life.
Even if she wanted to blame someone, that someone truly couldn’t be Zhao Qingrong.
Zhao Qingrong was a true princess, but King Tushan was also a member of the imperial family.
Moreover, he was a prince with real power who led troops in defending a region.
What ability did Zhao Qingrong have to ensure this was a good match? Besides, the marriage of the two people involved paying close attention to making sure their families were well-matched in terms of social status.
Jiang Ruqiu was a genuine marquis, but what was the background of his family? They were originally countryside peasants! Zhao Lingxiao wasn’t merely marrying low.
This was a hit to his face, as well as that of his family.
Furthermore, this was the kind of hit that rang loud with a pa pa [4].

“Your eyeballs are rolling around,” Old Madam Xu said as she looked at Jiang Mingyue vigilantly.
Then, she whispered in a fierce and malicious voice, “What crafty plan are you scheming?”

In Old Madam Xu’s opinion, beautiful women were born unlucky in the secular world.
The heavens treated people too fairly.
If you were given a pretty face, you couldn’t be given the good fortune of having a peaceful and unhindered life.
What could be more horrible than this? To begin with, Old Madam Xu felt she had already run out of good fortune.
She was filled with too many thoughts and unbridled complaints, resenting that she wasn’t dying fast enough.
It just so happened that her Mingyue’er really did possess both a pretty face and a troubled life.
At this moment, Old Madam Xu gazed at Jiang Mingyue and suddenly felt extremely vexed.
Just why did this girl always make others worry about her?!


[1] This is a saying, which basically means that the subordinates of the people in power, can also be considered high-ranked themselves among the common people.
Specifically for the position of watchdog/gatekeeper, they have to allow you in for you to be able to even see the prime minister in his house.

[2] It’s the only way in and out of a fully enclosed residence and serves as a dividing line between the interior and exterior of the residence

[3] Nickname.
It’s the same as the ‘er’ from Mingyue’er, but because Jiang Yue’e’s name is already odd to write in English, we used Yue’e’r instead of another ‘er’.

[4] pa pa : a sound effect for slapping


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