while, Jiang Mingyue rushed toward the window and drew in a deep breath from the outside.
Smelling the sweet fragrance of the peach blossoms, the Jiang family’s Second Miss hurriedly recalled her previous life.

The former name of Jiang Ruqiu, Anyuan’s marquis, was Jiang Erniu—in other words, Jiang Mingyue’s father.
Jiang Erniu had been born as a peasant farmer.
He had the fortune of getting acquainted with the current emperor, Emperor Dongsheng, when the latter was in dire straits.
Later on, this peasant followed Emperor Dongsheng all the way from the bitter cold of the frontier fortress to breaking into the capital city.
After performing the meritorious deed of helping Dongsheng become the emperor, Jiang Erniu became Jiang Ruqiu and even gained the affection of Emperor Dongsheng’s younger female cousin, Zhao Qingrong.
Thereafter, Jiang Ruqiu’s original wife—Yun, who had suffered through the hardships of poverty with him and had given birth to and raised his two sons and two daughters—died.
Then Princess Ronghua, Zhao Qingrong, became Jiang Ruqiu’s wife.

With Zhao Qingrong as the matchmaker, 16-year-old Jiang Mingyue married Zhao Lingxiao and became the Imperial Concubine of Tushan’s Crown Prince.
20-year-old Zhao Lingxiao was well-known among the noble youths as a master of both pen and sword, and countless young maidens had fallen for him.
So when Jiang Mingyue got married, she received the envy and jealousy of all the young ladies in the capital and even became an enemy whom they bore grudges against.
This was because she had snatched away the young man of their dreams.

Yet in the end…? Zhao Lingxiao had another love.
When Jing Mingyue married and moved into the Prince’s Manor, it just meant she lived alone in one of the side courtyard residences of the manor.
This continued until 11 years later when Emperor Dongsheng broke off his lineage—in other words, all of his sons died.
King of Tushan and seven other feudal kings rebelled and fought for the emperor’s throne.
Jiang Ruqiu led the troops to quell the rebellion, and Jiang Mingyue was tied up in front of the two armies by Zhao Lingxiao.

“Even if I can’t force your father to withdraw his troops, I still want him to taste the pain of having to mourn for his daughter!” This was what Zhao Lingxiao told Jiang Mingyue.

After that, Jiang Mingyue snapped the rope restraints and snatched Zhao Lingxiao’s saber.
With a single downward swing, she cut Zhao Lingxiao’s heart out of his chest right in front of his face.

“We were husband and wife for eleven years, yet you don’t even know that I can use martial arts!” Jiang Mingyue remembered that she had spoken to Zhao Lingxiao this way.

Ultimately, Crown Prince Lingxiao died without closing his eyes [7], and Jiang Mingyue was then hacked to death by the blades of the Tushan army.
As the commander-in-chief of the upper, middle, and lower army, Jiang Mingyue’s father was focused on obtaining victory, so his army didn’t even retrieve her corpse.

This was Jiang Mingyue’s previous life.

“The heavens didn't tell me to shut up!”

In the front courtyard, Old Madam Xu was still shouting angrily.
Jiang Mingyue lowered her head and gazed at her fair and tender hands.
She thought, ‘The heavens have allowed me to return and live out my life again!’


[1] Yue’e : 月娥 two different chinese characters.
Other translators might also translate it to Yue E, Yue-e etc.

[2] Pei: spitting sound

[3] Killed with a thousand knives: 骂人的话。指该受千刀万剐的人。

It's a scolding expression.
means someone who should be turned into mincemeat/hacked into pieces

[4] -momo: a wet nurse, also means elderly lady in dialect.
Additionally, in the raws, this character is ‘Xu-momo’, but we believe that this is a typo as she is referred to as ‘Zhou-momo’ in ch 2 and ch 3

[5] The [‘er] is a form of nickname

[6] Yellow Springs: in Chinese mythology/belief, it is the place that the dead go to

[7] died without closing his eyes: died with remaining grievances

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