Glancing at Lan Xiaoruo’s childlike beauty in his eyes, Jun Yilie’s heart is inexplicably pleasant.
But, thinking of the humiliation she had brought to him, his face darkened again and he murmured, “Empress, what did you say just now, is it true?”

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“What is it?” Lan Xiaoruo asked, and then quickly responded, pouting her mouth in grief.
“Well, since the emperor can’t wait to abolish this concubine, I will go to see the Empress Dowager and personally request to abolish this concubine and demote me out of the palace.
So the emperor would be satisfied.”

Jun Yilie glanced at her coldly.
“The Empress has forgotten a lot today, even didn’t remember that Empress Dowager went out to recuperate in summer resort.
In three days, she’ll be back.
You can talk to her then.” He said, and then with a brush of his sleeve robe he strode to leave.

No wonder the emperor and his concubines dared to humiliated her, the empress.
It turns out that her life protector, the Empress Dowager is not in the palace.
If the real Yu Xinruo suffered from injustice, she as Yu Xinruo now could only rely on herself.
If she had the capability, who would dare to bully her in this world?

But when she remembered that she had just won a battle, her lovely little face immediately raised a victorious smile.

When Jun Yilie disappeared, Xiaoli and Xinger immediately rushed over and cheered, “The Empress was so overbearing that she turned Concubine Lingfei’s face green.”

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Lan Xiaoruo is more delighted: “That’s right, come, come look at your master overbearing and stunning aura”

Xiaoli and Xinger looked around her, left and right, looked up and down, and said in amazement, “I didn’t expect Niang Niang will be smarter after hit the wall.
Unfortunately, if you hit the wall earlier, you would not have suffered so much before.”

After saying this, the two girls immediately shut up and looked at her in a bit of panic.

Lan Xiaoruo twitched her eyes and said with a bitter smile, “Did I ever be silly?”

Xinger shook her head cleverly: “Niang Niang is not silly, just not talkative.
Usually the concubines come to you to cause trouble.
No matter how provocative and insulting they speak, you always calm and didn’t troubled by it.”

Xiaoli thought of the scene before and said angrily: “Those concubines are too much.
Seeing that you didn’t get the emperor favor, they come to bully you every day.
You often say that less trouble was better and didn’t report it to the Empress Dowager, so they are more confident and fearless.
If this maidservant thinks of it now, they all should bow to you, as you’re the empress.” Because their master wasn’t favored by the emperor, she was often bullied by the concubines.
They could not bear this insult anymore.

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“Is it? Ha ha, if that was before, I don’t want to make trouble.
As for now…” Lan Xiaoruo went to the bedroom.
She saw a dressing table inlaid with gold and jade and went to sit down.
On the one hand, she looked at the beautiful and charming face inside the copper mirror.
On the other hand, she said slowly, “I don’t want to be bullied like before.
Anyway, our palace is still an empress palace, and supported by the Empress Dowager.
Are you still afraid that we can’t handle those little foxes?”

Lan Xiaoruo saw her reflection on the copper mirror.
A girl about fifteen or sixteen years old, a beautiful face like spring flowers, when she smile on both sides of her cheek there are two shallow lovely dimples.
The skin is white as the snow, the eyes are pitch black while bright as spring water, the two delicate black eyebrows, and a small red cherry lip is full and plump, makes people can’t help but want to take a bite.

It’s a pity that the makeup on the face is too unsatisfactory.
The powder and rouge is too thick, which makes the original delicate skin appear dry and mediocre.
The hairpin is full of beads and pearls, which is even more vulgar.
If she doesn’t put on the makeup and show her original appearance, maybe she will be ten times more beautiful then, as beautiful as lotus.

“Niang Niang is right.” When Xiaoli saw that her master had opened her mind, she was not so happy.
“Tigers don’t need to fight, they are still think our master is a sick cats.” If her master had such awareness, they would not have been bullied for so long by the ladies of other palaces.

(T/n: the empress has higher position than the concubines so naturally she didn’t need to fight for the emperor)

Lan Xiaoruo watched Xiaoli and Xinger tidy up the mess on the bed, changed it with new set of beautiful quilts, and ordered several little maids to clean the house and light sandalwood.
Soon, a delicate fragrance dazzled in the room and drove out the previous *** atmosphere.

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(T/n: I bet you know what *** right~~)

She couldn’t help admiring the cleverness of these two little girls, and secretly figured out that when she left the palace, she would take them out to serve herself.

It didn’t take much time for Lan Xiaoruo to beat around the bush.
From the mouth of these two simple little maids, she got a lot of information about the empress, and her heart was more firm.
It turned out that the empress was an orphan named Yu Xinruo.
At the age of 10, both her parents died.
She was raised and brought up by the Empress Dowager.
Then the Empress Dowager took the lead and married her to Jun Yilie, the emperor and became the empress.

Since Empress Dowager loves her very much, she will need a large courtyard and some money when she moved out of the palace.
Lan Xiaoruo believed she will not have any objection.
Anyway, the money maker is her royal family.
Lan Xiaoruo is very pleased with herself.

From now on, the 21st century Golden Eagle Group’s daughter became Yu Xinruo, the empress of the country.

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(From now on Lan Xiaoruo will be called Yu Xinruo~~)

Just then, there was a sudden commotion outside: “Empress, Seventh Prince come to visit.”

“Seventh Prince? Who is the Seventh Prince?” Yu Xinruo asked doubtfully.

Xiaoli looked at her with strange eyes and answered, “Empress, why do you ask such a strange question? How come you don’t remember that Seventh Prince has come to see you so often recently?”

“Oh, my head is still a little dizzy.
Something is so vague that I can’t remember it.” Yu Xinruo, holding a piece of ice taken by a maid, put it on her injured forehead, and sketched it lightly, passing the problem by one stroke.

Nevertheless, her head still hurts a little now.
The real empress, Yu Xinruo can’t stand the humiliation and hold the determination to die.
So when she knocked her head without mercy, she’s actually gone while Lan Xiaoruo soul transferred there.

Xiaoli relaxed and laughed, “As long as the empress has not lost her memory, otherwise the Empress Dowager will surely make trouble with the emperor if she comes back and knows about it.
Our humble slaves and maidservants will lose their lives.” I think they used to have a good relationship with the real empress, so they spoke freely, and Yuxin was happy to get along like this.
Otherwise, they would be afraid, cautious and awkward.

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