tation that cannot be accepted in society.
If she helps me make great achievements, she will be rewarded with some silver.
By then, she can become a nun in the temple and spend the rest of her life in peace.”

Zhao Quan was scared by his wife, who was obsessed with Buddhist scriptures.
Now, hearing the word “Temple nun” makes him a headache.
He doesn’t know what he owed the Buddha in his previous life.
His marriage is so rough in this life.

He finally like a woman, but Cui Xingzhou had to send her to the temple!

Marquis Zhao was unhappy at the moment.
He thought that maybe his good friend didn’t understand his feelings towards the woman that he was being so cold-hearted, so he opened his mouth and said, “Ninth Master, you also have good news that will be happening soon.
You are going to marry my second cousin of the Lian family and make a beautiful couple.
Poor me for being a married man, but no one cares about the well-being of me every day, except for the lovely girl like Liu…”

It’s a pity that no one has spoken.

Prince Huaiyang leaned on the cushion of the carriage, held his forehead with one hand, and read the book carefully.
It seemed that he was not interested in talking about the good things that were coming soon.

The second daughter of the Lian family, Miss Lian mentioned by Zhao Quan, is Cui Xingzhou’s mother, the old Princess Consort of Chu’s niece.

In those days, the Old Prince was romantic by nature, but the old Princess Consort had a bad relationship with the old Prince after marriage.
She had only one daughter but no legitimate son after six years of marriage.

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The Old Prince Cui Xie was so impatient that he has gotten himself three concubines.
During the four years, he took turns in the villa, and they compete with each other, giving birth to eight illegitimate children.

In the seventh year, the fragrant oil money donated by the old Princess Consort moved the Buddism goddess, Guanyin, and became pregnant.
Now that she was pregnant, she gave birth to her legitimate son Cui Xingzhou.

Therefore, although Cui Xingzhou was named his legitimate son, he was the ninth among his brothers.

Those concubines have good family backgrounds, and they all have sons under their knees.
The rivalry and infighting are as deep as the palace, which is enough for storytellers to say.

The old Princess Consort is weak by nature, and the reason why she can stand firm in the open and covert struggle of a noble concubine, naturally comes from her father’s family background, and her brothers are both capable and strong backers.

What is more important is that her son strives for success.

In other words, when the old Prince died and Cui Xingzhou inherited the title, there were only four brothers left above him.
During this bloody period, the people in the mansion kept a secret.

Seeing the foul atmosphere in his father’s backyard, the concubines were domineering.
When it was time for Cui Xingzhou to get married, the choice of the new Princess Consort was naturally cautious.
The first factor is to be gentle and not domineering.

He can’t help it.
His mother is too weak.
He’s afraid she can’t handle a domineering wife as a mother-in-law.

He is not unfaithful, and he doesn’t want to marry a concubine.
He just wants his bride to be modest and kind.
It is even better if she can be filial to her mother and have children.

Finally, under the strong proposal of the old Princess Consort.
He chose Lian Binglan, a cousin whose temperament is similar to that of his mother.

Lian Binglan is the second daughter of the old Princess Consort’s sister of the Zhao Chu family.
Her father is Lian Hanshan, the uncle of Zhao Quan, the Marquis of Zhennan.

Therefore, the second daughter of the Lian family, Miss Lian is not only the cousin of Cui Xingzhou’s aunt’s family but also the cousin of Zhao Quan’s uncle’s family.

Cui Xingzhou and Zhao Quan are also considered distant relatives, that can’t be separated.

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In those days, cousin Lian had a group of excellent male cousins.
She was almost dazzled.
Finally, she chose such a handsome Prince as Cui Xingzhou in the end who envies other young ladies.

It’s a pity that things are not perfect.
Miss Lian’s grandmother choked on a peach two years ago and died suddenly.
Such an accident caught the children of the government unprepared and failed to avoid the funeral period and marry in advance.

So Lian Binglan and Cui Xingzhou had to postpone their marriage for three years.

Now two years have passed, and after another year, Prince Huaiyang’s residence can welcome the hostess.

However, the old Princess Consort of Chu often missed her future daughter-in-law, and because she was lonely and unaccompanied, she often took her to her mansion.

Cui Xingzhou did not question his mother’s decision, nor did he want his cousin to be criticized before marriage.
When Lian Binglan was visiting the mansion, he avoided going back to the mansion, so as not to be passed on as a private meeting of filial piety, tarnishing each other’s reputation and giving admonitors evidence.

He hasn’t returned to the mansion for half a year.
After this chess game, he will hurry back to his mother’s birthday party.

Playing chess with the hermit is very enjoyable.
Cui Xingzhou is a master of chess.
He doesn’t like the noisy wedding banquet.
He only likes this kind of entertainment without opening his mouth.

Recently, the central government has been impeaching him for supporting the army and respecting himself.
The emperor is also waiting for him to personally hand over the military token and demobilize the local army.

Cui Xingzhou was too lazy to deal with the verbal temptation of a cadre of bureaucrats.
Instead, he got along well with idle people such as Zhao Quan and Dong Quan Buddhist.

After half a day of chess play, the Dong Quan Buddhist, who doesn’t like praising others, said, “I haven’t seen you for a few days.
Prince Huaiyang’s skill in playing chess has become more tricky and poisonous.
It’s really fun to compete with you!”

As he said this, he took out a volume of fragmented chess manual and said, “I admit defeat in the game, I lost three rounds in a row today, so I will give the Lan Ke chess manual to you.
But this heirless chess manual has been handed down generation by generation.
Now, only this version is left.
If you can find the second half of this chess manual in the future, hope that you can borrow me to read.”

Cui Xingzhou smiled and agreed.

TL/ Notes: Hello everyone, just a side note, Prince Huaiyang is the King of the State of Zhen.
Because he was granted a fief by The Emperor and to differentiate The Emperor and the real Princes, I use Prince Huaiyang instead of King Huaiyang.

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