and replied, “Madam is kind to others and has not severely punished anyone.”


After Miantang heard her, she turned back with a smile and said, “Since I haven’t, why is Servant Li, you are always angry with me? There seems to be some dissatisfaction?”


Servant Li didn’t seem to expect that she would be so outspoken.
After being stupefaction for a while, she bit her teeth, knelt, and said, “I was born in a rural area and my speech is vulgar.
Please forgive me if there is anything I’m lacking in consideration, Madam.”


Seeing that mother Li admitted her mistake, Liu Miantang didn’t want to blame her deeply but asked her to get up gently.


After all, I’m young and was seriously ill before.
I couldn’t take care of myself to get up earlier.
It can be understood why the servants tend to break the rules and don’t pay attention to her.


Servant Li is an old worker of the Cui family.
It is said that she grew up watching the Ninth Master.
In that case, for the sake of the husband, she can’t blame her too much.


Since she admitted to her mistake after the confrontation, this matter shall be turned over.


After preparing the whole outfit, she finishes the porridge, picks up a dress with hidden flowers on a white background that was not seriously faded in her suitcase, and puts it on.
Then, she was ready to leave the mansion and get on the carriage.


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However, Servant Li said, “When the Master left yesterday, he specifically asked me to let you walk out to the street today.
Doctor Zhao said that you have to walk more to recover better.”


It’s reasonable to say that the sun outside is just right.
It’s comfortable to walk in the fragrance of spring flowers while the rising sun is not burning.


So Liu Miantang, along with Servant Li, heads out of the green tile mansion.


At this time, it was already after breakfast.
The men in North Street left for work early and the sewing women in North Street also gathered at the door to bask in the sun.


As soon as the talkative old lady, Mrs.
Yin saw that the beautiful lady living in the green tile mansion came out, she immediately greeted her with a greeting that seemed like they had known for a long time: “How do I address you, this lady?”


Liu Miantang knows that these are all neighbors.
Even if the Cui family did not fall from the riches, they are just merchants.
They should not put on a stand and incur the neighbors to dislike them.
So she stopped, smiled, and said, “My husband’s family name is Cui.
Just call me Lady Cui.”


However, Mrs.
Yin was not quite satisfied.
She continued to ask, “What is the occupation of your husband and where is the origin?”


Miantang replied with a smile, “My husband is a merchant who moved from the capital.” After she finishes her words, she strides forward wanting to go”.


But Mrs.
Yin stood up and asked, “Since you are a merchant, where is your store location?”


Liu Miantang was unable to answer.
She couldn’t help looking back at Servant Li.


Speaking of this, she also asked the same question to Servant Li.
Servant Li said vaguely that it was in the town, but she didn’t make it clear where it was.


Now, when a neighbor asks, she naturally asks Servant Li for an answer.


Servant Li was reprimanded by her in the morning and didn’t have a good mood.
At this time, she was blocked in the alley by several gossipy women.
Her already black-faced seemed to turn blue and purple.
She just stared and chattered for a while and said, “I’ve been guarding my lady all day.
I’m also unsure where the shop is.”

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Seeing that she didn’t get to ask about the new neighbor’s family background, Mrs.
Yin was unwilling, but she still said: “Don’t think I’m talkative, lady.
We have been in town for a while and are familiar with the stores around town.
If you have any questions in the future, feel free to come to me and ask.
I will tell you everything I know…”


After saying goodbye to the enthusiastic new neighbor, Miantang can finally walk out of North Street smoothly.


Although Lingshui is a small town, it is bustling with merchants from all over the world.


But her mind was not on the stalls and what goods they sell.
People in the neighborhood all know what to inquire about.
As the lady of the Cui’s mansion, it is embarrassing that she doesn’t know anything.


“Servant Li, if my husband’s servant comes back today to retrieve his dinner, remember to ask where the exact location of the store is.
My husband has worked hard day and night.
I think it’s hard to have three meals on a regular schedule.
Cook some delicious dishes this evening, and I’ll send them to my husband personally.”


After hearing what the madam said, Servant Li seemed to have knocked over a jar of soy sauce on her dark face and hesitated: “The Master is busy and probably won’t come back these days.
Madam needn’t worry.
All the menservants around the Master are meticulous and know how to take good care of people.”


Liu Miantang smiled, stopped talking, and continued to walk ahead.


The people of Dayan are open-minded.
Most women don’t wear hoods when traveling outside.
Especially in the south of Jiangnan, they are wearing short clothes with long skirts, revealing their snowy-like necks and charming faces in front of people.


Miantang observes the customs of the place and does as the locals do.
However, her figure was tall, and with bright facial features.
In addition to the slight powder she applied today, it intrigues people in the market.
Passers-by and vendors around her frequently looked back and whispered about which lady she was.
Is it possible that a fairy in heaven has gone down to earth?


However, the arrangement store set by her husband was in the busiest place of Lingquan Town, so the people who followed behind Liu Miantang also gathered more and more.


Thus, when Servant Li was protecting her, it was difficult to move even a step.


There are many merchants in Lingquan Town, as well as many red-light alleys, and countless prodigals.
Seeing that the beautiful woman was alone and there was no man with her, it was certain that she was not a rich lady, so he boldly stepped forward to flirt.


“Where are you going, young lady? Don’t let your pretty legs swell while walking.
I have a soft sedan.
If you don’t mind, you can squeeze in with me!”

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