Chapter 15 – Catch the Thief Under the Moon

However, Servant Li is a loyal servant of The Prince.
Even if she sympathizes with Liu Miantang in her heart, she still will report to Cui Xingzhou what she does every day, which people she gets in contact with, and what she had said.


Prince Huaiyang didn’t say anything when he heard that there were only a few customers who visited the shop and no one came to find Liu Miantang.


After all, if he wants to catch big fish, he has to be patient enough.
For the sake of the rebel Lu Wen, he is willing to spare some time and energy.


He didn’t know much about Lu Wen, but when he was suppressing the bandits, Prince Huaiyang felt appreciation for such a person, it’s just that it’s a pity that he’s a thief.


Although the thief doesn’t follow the right path, he is a talented person who is good at planning and being in the military.
He has repeatedly forced his generals into a desperate situation.
He is especially good at attacking others and sneaking attacks.


He didn’t pay much attention to this disordered mob, but seeing that his subordinary had suffered a concealed loss, it has aroused his competitive spirit.
He went off in person, dispatched his commander, made a long-distance raid on the arrogant bandits, took their bandit’s den, and severely thwarted Lu Wen’s arrogant attitude.


The thief and his men lost their nests and were like a lost dog for a moment.
When they fled from the chase, they left Miantang seriously injured.


Although the thief evaded the chase and recruited soldiers and horses to fight back madly again, he doesn’t know if he was frightened or what.
In the past year, he has frequently made confused actions and gradually became inferior.


Nowadays, the thief can hardly disturb the stability of the State of Zhen.
However, Cui Xingzhou wanted to capture Lu Wen alive to see what kind of person he was.


For this reason, he took the trouble to arrange the chess piece of Liu Miantang.


Liu Miantang was thrown into the river.
If Cuixingzhou hadn’t gone to the Capital to report on his work and happened to pick her up, the woman would have sunk into the river to feed the fish.


Later, Lu Wen’s old subordinary who had surrendered and was offered amnesty and enlistment recognized the woman.
It was Lu Wen’s beloved wife that let Cui Xingzhou intervene in person, treated her, and took her back to Lingquan town after she could withstand the turbulence.


Such a beautiful woman, if it wasn’t for the escape from the chase, Lu Wen would have been reluctant to abandon her.


With this in mind, Cui Xingzhou felt that Liu Miantang, the chess piece, need to be kept for a while more.
The play of the husband and his wife in the North Street must continue to be maintained too.


After five days, Cui Xingzhou sees that it’s hard to continue to use the excuse of “learning chess” and not return home anymore.
Only then did Cui Xingzhou ask his young servant boy, Mo Ru, to prepare his clothes, change them up and leave the military camp.


The weather is getting warmer and the evening wind is very comfortable.
So before he reached North Street, Cui Xingzhou asked the horse-keeper to stop.
He took advantage of the night wind to walk on the streets and relax.


When Cui Xingzhou arrived at the gate of the North Street mansion, it was late at night, and the neighbors who were waiting at the door to chat all collected their stools and went home to sleep.


It’s fine as he always comes quietly and left early in the morning.


But this time, the North Street, which was supposed to be silent, was shaken by a shadow figure.


Cui Xingzhou had a good ear.
When he heard the movement, he made a signal with his hand to Mo Ru who was behind him.
He hurriedly disappeared into a corner and listened to the people talking in front of him while hiding.


“Damn it, there are no women in the whole Lingquan town that I can’t get! Looking at her manner that day and her capability to manage the business, I thought she was the family member of an official of the real state garrison! I didn’t expect she was just the wife of a porcelain merchant! If I don’t sleep with her, I will disgrace my name.”


The man who said this was the garrison nephew who flirted with Liu Miantang in the street a few days ago.


Since he was pierced in his neck with a hairpin by Liu Miantang, he has been recuperating at home and has been well behaved for a while,


Because what he did was some unpleasant matter, when his family asked him why he was injured, he didn’t dare to say.
He only asked the doctor to help him stop the bleeding and bandage him up.
He vaguely said that he was scratched by a bamboo pole on the side of the road.


But when he got well and went out, he was just in time for a new shop opening in the town.
Thus, he led his lackeys to watch the excitement.


Unexpectedly, he saw Liu Miantang standing behind the counter and tapping on the abacus.


The beauty was more charming than that day, but the garrison nephew was too scared to move forward.


The hairpin is still on her cloud-like bun.
It would be bad if he get injured by her again!


But knowing what her husband’s family manages for a living, the young master also had a basic understanding of her in his heart.


It’s just a businessman without connections.
There’s nothing extraordinary! Besides, he heard that the husband of this young lady doesn’t care about work and is always not at home.
Moreover, there was no other man in the house.


This is a piece of ownerless fragrant meat.
If he doesn’t eat it, it will be a waste!


Women always act like they are ready to die to preserve their chastity when men haven’t gotten their hands on them.
However, once the men got their hands on them and slept, they will know the taste of it and tends to entangle themselves in men.


The lecherous are very familiar with indulging in secret relations with women and sleeping with women from good families without permission.


All he had to do was to prepare a good ladder, climb over the wall, and sneak into her bed! In normal circumstances, if her husband is not at home, even if she is taken advantage of, she will not dare to make a statement about it.
She can only remain silent with tears.
Otherwise, her reputation for innocence will be lost if she cries out in the middle of the night.


Thinking that the woman seemed to have some martial art skills, two of his henchmen also prepared a pipe of smoke that cause people to fall unconscious.
After that, he will be heading into the yard and lead the pipe of smoke into the window paper.
By then, it will be difficult for her to overturn the situation even if she were to call for the help of the God and Ghost!


Today, the garrison nephew sent a servant to spy on the situation of the mansion.
He knew that the Master of the Cui family had not returned home.
So today, he prepared all things to indulge in secret relations with women.
The young servant was guarding outside the Cui family’s wall in the North Street with a ladder on his shoulder.


When it was night, he asked the servant boy to set up the ladder and get ready to sneak it.


Thinking of the beautiful woman, the young master was so excited that he gave himself a little encouragement by swearing.
He was about to sneak in and have a good time with her.


But he did not know that his activities were being seen by Cui Xingzhou, who was hidden at the corner of the street.


In the beginning, Prince Huaiyang thought it was the rebel who finally couldn’t be patient and planned to take action tonight by coming to meet Liu Miantang privately.
Naturally, he remained invisible until he climbed over the wall.


But at that moment, the secret sentry who had been lying in ambush around Cui’s mansion on the North Street had moved, whispered, and told The Prince the identity of the man.
It was the town’s garrison nephew who had been stabbed by Liu Miantang.
The secret sentries know his background very well.
He is lecherous in the town.
He loves to hook up with good family ladies, but he has nothing to do with the rebellion.


But he kept leading his people wandering outside the shop, so the secret sentry took the trouble to keep an eye on him.


Today, this man’s servant boy went to the drugstore to buy insect repellent and sleeping incense.
The two can be combined to make smoke that makes people fall unconscious.
In addition, the young servant also prepared a powerful tonic for his young master.
It is said that three bowls of water boil into one bowl, and he will be able to survive a hundred battles.
Once he drinks it, It will make a lady’s legs soft


Cui Xingzhou frowned at the secret sentry and suddenly realized what the wall climber was doing.


Although the woman in the house was not his, Prince Huaiyang’s woman, he also knew that Miantang was not a woman easy to seduce in the few days that he had spent with her.


Although the woman has lost her virginity, she doesn’t remember at all.
Now, she just thinks of herself as a lady of a decent family.
If this thief succeeds, she will be ashamed and furious, and she might kill herself because she’s not able to think straight.
Will it delay his plan to lure the enemy?


Thinking of this, Cui Xingzhou didn’t say a word.
He took the lead in rushing to the wall of the courtyard.
As soon as he raised his hand, he knocked out two lackeys guarding the wall.


He didn’t knock at the door either.
Instead, he uses his waist strength and taps lightly with his toes.
He leaped over the courtyard wall and landed in the courtyard.


When he fell to the ground, he hurried to Liu Miantang’s room.
He saw that the window paper had been pierced and a bamboo tube fell on the ground.


The door of Lady Liu’s room was wide open, and the thief had already sneaked to her bed.


Cui Xingzhou strides in with an expressionless face, ready to pull the lecherous off the bed.


But the next moment, he heard the screams of ghosts crying and wolves howling from the room.
Then a golden light flashed, and something hit him.


Cui Xingzhou used his backhand to block it and the pain in his arms made him feel that his arm had been severely burned by something, which made him frown and groan.


At this moment, Mo Ru also climbed the ladder over the wall and shouted to Servant Li.
After a while, the lights in the yard were lit.


“Husband… How could it be you?”


Cui Xingzhou is about to stretch out his feet to kick the attacker, but he finds Liu Miantang carrying a copper kettle and looking at him with tearful eyes.


The garrison nephew who sneaked in the door was jumping all over and swearing.
His face was red and steaming as if he had been splashed by hot water.


When he saw that the lights in Cui’s family yard were bright, he didn’t care about the pain.
He just hurried to break out of the door.
However, Cui Xingzhou didn’t give him the chance.
He kicked him off and landed on the table.
The sound of items dropping to the floor crushed the table.


It turned out that Liu Miantang had not slept when the thief came in.


Chen’s hand-painted paintings haven’t got any sign of a positive outcome.
The business of the shop has not improved.
It is difficult for her to sleep.
What’s more, knowing that her husband who always comes home very late at night might call for help.
Thus, she kept her eyes half-closed and lie on her bed.


As a result, she heard a rustle in the yard.
At first, she thought it was her husband who was back, so she quickly got up to greet him.
But when she got to the door, she saw a light through the window, and the window paper was punctured.


She stood still, watching the bamboo pipe stretch in, and immediately realized that there was a lowly human that sneaked in.


Her grandfather is an escort agency worker.
He wanders in the world of rivers and lakes.
What kind of fishy things had he never seen before? Miantang grew up listening to her mother’s stories about her grandfather’s walking in the world of rivers and lakes.
It resulted in she was also clear about such dishonest practices.


She looked at the smoke being blown in and wanted to shout.
She didn’t know how many people were outside the window, and she didn’t know whether Servant Li and the others had been subdued by thieves.


So she didn’t dare to act rashly and alert the thief.
She just had time to quickly turn to the back of the panel, wet the bath bucket with a towel, and veil her face, so as not to get affected by the smoke.
Then she picked up the hot copper kettle on the small charcoal stove and poured it on the thief’s head after he came in.


But someone came in behind the thief!


Miantang scalded the visitor with the bottom of the kettle.
Unexpectedly, he was scalding her husband!


After Servant Li lights up the lanterns in the yard, Mo Ru also drags in two fainting lackeys outside the door.
It was then that Miantang finds out it was her husband who returned home and happened to encounter the thieves climbing over the wall, so he jumped over the wall to save her.


Although she didn’t see her husband’s heroic demeanor to climb over the wall, his kick when kicking the thief earlier on was sharp, ruthless, and steady, full of masculinity, which made Miantang’s heart skip a beat.


Her husband’s fists and feet are not for display, they are powerful!

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