Chapter 1 – The Settlement in Lingquan Town

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Lingquan town is famous for its porcelain, which originated from the Dayan Dynasty.
Merchants from all over the world enter the town relentlessly to acquire porcelain every day.


The price of the local properties deed has also gone up, but it won’t stop people from coming here to settle down and make a living. 


This day, in the spring breeze of February when grass grows and Orioles fly, another carriage comes to the stone road on the North Street of Lingquan town.


In the neighborhood of North Lingquan Town, women of thread and needles gathered and looked with curiosity, wondering what kind of family had moved to the green-tiled house that had been idle for a long time.


The carriage stopped in front of some old townhouses.
A thin-looking black-faced woman took down a small stool that had plum blossoms as the design from the back of the carriage and then reached out to help a woman dressed in a light smoke silk outfit out from the curtain.
She looked as young as an 18-year-old lady.


For some reason, the woman was holding on to a bamboo stick that is used for mountain climbing.
With the help of the female senior servant, she slowly got off the carriage.


After the lady got out of the carriage, she naturally scanned the streets and observed the behavior of those around her.
This action has made people on the streets have a clearer vision of her dedicated eyebrows and her bright mesmerizing eyes.


With a glance, people can’t help but gasp in admiration! They didn’t think that such beautiful women like her still exist in the world!


Lingquan Town, located in Jiangnan, has been rich in beauty since ancient times.
However, the beauty of this lady is different from the soft and gentle beauty contained in the water-bound town of Jiangnan.
Instead, she has a thin waist, long legs, and a bright and delightful appearance that amazes them.
Especially her black bun hair that set off her looks ever brighter.


But, looking at the style of the bun, it should be that she has been married.


Although she is beautiful, people can’t seem to feel close to her when they see her.
They just thought that a charming lady like her, should either be raised in the deep palace under the sun or the golden house in the jade hall.
How will someone like her arrive in such a town that is known for its marketplace culture?


Yin, who had raised her head to join the crowd most of the time, was still immersed in the scene even after the lady led the two female servants and the coachman into the yard.
She couldn’t help but whisper to the woman sitting on the side: “Oh my gosh, this is the first time I’ve ever seen such a beautiful lady in my life.
The official of this lady must have saved the entire Galaxy in his past life to be able to have the ability to marry such a beauty!”


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The wife of the Zhang’s household disdained and said, “What else can we do? Nine out of ten foreigners who come here to buy houses are merchants selling porcelain.
Any ordinary craftsman can’t afford to buy the entire residence on the street.”


After hearing what Mrs.
Yin said, the others that have a little cleverness immediately joined this topic of gossip: “If the official of this mansion is a businessman, he is also a short-sighted one.
He is carried away after earning some money from the business.
How does he even dare to marry such a beautiful woman? If he often goes on a business trip and leaves a beauty like her alone at home, how can he have the confidence that she won’t be cheating on him!”


She said this with an allusion.
There are many merchants’ homes on Lingquan North Street.
Most of the men travel for profit from all over the world and most of those merchants like to marry some of the prostitutes they met outside as concubines.
Every merchant will stop over here on their business trip thus, most of the women whom these merchants bought over for settlement are usually the concubines.


It’s hard to guarantee that these retired officials will be able to stand the loneliness after their retirement and result in approaching these beauties.


Therefore, when one cannot ensure the walls of the mansion are high enough to detain the loyalty of a person, and with the opening of the gates and windows during the night, an affair between married women and fickle men is a common sight in town.


The mere rustle of leaves in the wind that hides under the night, cannot escape the eyes of many gossipy women in the alley.
In the daytime, they can get together at leisure and talk about the good and bad sides of their family and some ambiguous affairs in the neighborhood.


Over time, the eyes of these women have become more and more crafty.
The accuracy of their eyeing for people is barely wrong!


Although they’re unsure of what’s the origin of this new lady that has moved in today, it seems that she is also the root cause of trouble that can easily result in being a “femme fatale”.
Just wait and see, which dissolute child in Lingquan town can knock on the back door of the green tile house and become the person who poaches the lady…


For one moment, these local women began to sigh again, denouncing the bad practices of North Street brought by the foreign merchants and their family members.
At the same time, these local women were glad that their husbands had developed a sharp eye for discovering and married a virtuous wife like themselves by boasting of their chastity.
For a moment, their conversations were at the hype of chatting with each other.


Not to mention the garrulous group of women in front of the neighborhood, looking at the newly renovated mansion, the beautiful lady hesitated and frowned after entering the house.


It seems that only the outer wall and mottled gate of the house have not been repaired.
After entering the yard, there is a small pool filled with flower beds and the surroundings are all built with sandalwood furniture that looks extremely exquisite.


Liu Miantang couldn’t help but look up again at the green tile courtyard that has an individual door.
She frowned slightly and hesitated: “Didn’t the official deficit a lot in business and had to move out of the capital? Why did he buy such a nice mansion, here again, he…”

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Before Miantang finished speaking, the female black-faced servant standing at the side slightly interrupted her bluntly: “The master is a wealthy family for generations.
As the Chinese proverb says, ‘A skinny camel is still bigger than a horse’.
We are still able to afford such a small house like this.
Madam, you are overthinking.”


Miantang didn’t reply, but gently rubbed the walking stick she was leaning on with his slender long finger.


Servant Li has impertinent answers to herself many times.
She doesn’t remember how she took charge of the family before she was ill, but she

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